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Can you believe that a father kept his son locked in a dark room for 20 years and he was found by the police who was looking for some drug traffickers inside the house.

This man is so much traumatized that he is unable to speak and just nods his head for saying yes or no. He disappeared at the age of 16 and now he is 36 years old with long beard touching his knees and enormous toenails and fingernails currently in a malnourished state. He was found tied to a bed in a tiny room at the basement without any windows.

This is really shocking what his father has done to his own son and kept him in a virtual darkness for two decades in room without light and floor covered in human faces.

Police officer told that when they found him inside the basement it took him some time to get up and did not speak a word. They took him outside but still he did not say anything which made police officer suspicious about him and they thought either he was scared or drugged. Then they called for help and he was sent to the hospital.

Neighbors have told that Armando was a normal teenager when he was 16 year old who liked skateboarding and playing guitar but he suddenly disappeared and was never seen again by anyone.

One of his friend told that whenever he asked from his parents they claimed that he had moved to another part of Brazil and was doing well with good job and have also started his own family over there.

armando-captive-roomOne of the neighbor also believes that his father and step mother locked him up in the basement because he started experimenting with alcohol and they did not liked it but every teenager is curious in this age and explore things on his own this does not mean that he or she should be locked in a dark room for decades but unfortunately his family decided to take up this approach and ruined his entire life.

His father has told to the police that he left home at the age of 18 and denied the allegations; he said that his son came back last week only and asked them to lock him in the room because he wanted to get clean from drug addiction.

Police has launched an investigation and his parents have fled their home following aggression from angry neighbors.