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MISS HEALTHY WEALTHY ONE                         

Yea we often come across the gol gappa eaters who say “BHAIYA GLOVES PHNLO NA”,” DHYAAN SE BHAIYA MAKHI BETHRI HAI USPE”. Well we often come across many funny people like this who like living hygienic lessons and the worst thing …. Golgappe ko bhi nahi khate hain ye log!! They are scared of falling ill


These one’s are mine favourite too. Their greed for golgappas multiplies by many times.

They are always demanding it fast and more, and finishing a plate of golgappa is not a challenge for them!! They will say like “AUR DEDO BHAIYA”,” THOD THEEKA BANAO” JALDI KARO”

Most funny thing is demanding papdi with chutney after eating one or two plates!!


Well we know slow and steady wins the race, but these types of eaters will be like taking hours to finish a golgappa and when they are unable to finish it fast their usual favorite dialogue will be like  “BHAIYA DHEERE BANAO NA , ITNI JALDI JALDI KYU DE RHE HO”. Finishing a plate of  golpgappa is a big challenge for them.


We often see many girls asking for more chutney, more spice, more papdi more aaloo. The most funny thing about them is they never get satisfied after having a golgappa, they want some change in the other one..

“BHAIYA MASALA KAM HAI”, BHAIYA AUR TEEKHA BANAO” is their pet dialogue to speak.


These are one of my favorites, because spicy food is not a word, it is our emotion. They keep on adding more and more spice to their golgappas. They want spicy chutney (green wali chutney) spicy water and most funny thing about them is the amount of spice which increases in every ask and never satisfies them. We often find them with water coming out of their mouth and sometimes making weird sounds is one of their favorite job!!


After having a battle with a piece of Golgappa they lose their control and start coughing!!

Ahem Ahem !! I guess that it would be the biggest challenge for them to eat up a plate of golgappa without coughing in between.


While when one of the group of friends have decided the amount of spice and everything, we come across one friend who has yet not decided what kind of golgappa/ panipuri he/ she would like to have … they are confused till the end and at the last they are like “ YAAR TERE VALE MAI SE HI KHALUNGA”