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tae hot bath to relieve stress


Easy and simplest way to boost your mental and physical health to take a hot bath yes! it is a very good way to relax after long working hours and not just this any activity which you do daily that soothes your nerves is also good for your mental health.

According to some researches done in this regard hot baths have very positive effects on your physical health too by burn those extra calories and balancing blood sugar, improve sensitivity and detoxification of body.

For best results take longer bath and burn some more calories. It is proved by physiologist Steve Faulkner who suggested that when the body temperature increases more calories are also burned.

In this research participants were asked to take a hot bath in a tub and they sat for an hour until their body temperature hit an average of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Then they completed an hour long workout on an exercise bike.

And the results were amazing which suggested that just sitting in a hot bath for an hour burned 140 calories. Although this is significantly lower than the 630 burned on the exercise bike, so it means that the bath used as many calories as a half hour walk.

Let us checkout how a hot bath can balance blood sugar

Faulkner’s research examined the effect of a hot bath and exercise on blood sugar and glucose release following a meal. The participants in this study ate same meal before and after a hot bath and secondly after an hour long session of exercise. Lower levels of circulating blood sugar should be taken as an encouraging sign which means better insulin sensitivity which is also linked to a lower level of diabetes.

Surprisingly the blood glucose levels in the volunteers were lower after the bath condition. This means that a hot bath may also be responsible for positive effect on blood sugar regulation than exercise.

Having hot bath is have immense benefits especially when you wake up in morning and feel depressed then having good hot bath will ease your nerves and also make you feel light so that you can plan your day with confidence and energy.