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Torturing them by showing their ugly pics and threatening them by saying “TU RUKJA YE GANDI PIC TO COUNTDOWN MAI DALUGI”

Tagging them in birthday meme’s is one of our favorite job’s

We keep reminding them to have a treat “that is is worth in our words” other wise “DOST KO TO PTA HAI USKI BAND BAJNE VALI HAI”

Calling them with stupid names that can only be understood by them and this thing scares them so much because they know us very well that we can make them feel ashamed in front of anyone.

Editing their funny pictures and posting it on various groups is the thing we actually like, and what we come to hear in return is “MERE PHOTO KO SEENE SE YAAR CHIPKALE SAIYAAN FEVICOL SE” because we are mad over their funny pictures.

Making weird voices to irritate them and then what happens is MAI KYU HO TERA DOST KAUNSE PAAP KIYE THE MAINE”.

Telling their siblings the dangerous birthday idea to make their birthday a blast “BECAUSE WE NEVER WISH THEM GOD BLESS YOU WE ALWAYS SAY THEM MAY GOD BLAST YOU, IDIOT”.

Reminding them that they are totally gonna be dead on their birthday because they have such a nice friend to give perfect scary surprise because they know how much we love them.