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While during the demonetisation phase there were several casualties in various parts of the country, after the GST implementation, the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand also witnessed a horrifying and anguishing incident of a sad demise of a trader namely Prakash Pandey in the Janata Durbar of the Uttarakhand’s agriculture minister Subodh Uniyal in protest against the implementation of the GST and its subsequent repurcussions , implications and negative fall outs by consuming suicide in the public. This is the first incident in the history of the 17 year old incident when any individual has committed suicide in a Janata Durbar of a monister in his very presence.

The victim was addmitted in the private Doon hospital but unfortunately could not be saved due to various reasons, may be because of being inordinately late in taking him to the hospital or due to the negligence of the hospital staff in not giving him proper, adequate and timely emergency treatment.

This most tragic news of suicide by Pandey in public has spread like a wild fire in entire Uttarakhand, particularly in front of a responsible cabinet minister of the ruling party of the state. The questions being asked are: Why was the victim not taken to the hospital in time despite having consumed poision publicly and how come that the so called high profile private hospital not able to deliver adequate treatment to Pandey to save his precious life and what were the onlookers doing who preferred to take his picture and make vedios than to save his precious life.

The questions are infact genuine, transpatent and require adquate answers. Just imagine what would be the condition of the the most aggrieved parents of the deceased who’d lost their young son hardly below forty ? Now, the whole issue seems to have been embroiled in politics giving it a political colour to derive political advantage from this episode. It may be recalled that the Uttarakhand cabinet minister was holding his Janata Durbar as a routine practice hearing peoples’ grievances.

Meanwhile the state’s main opposition party Congress is trying to exploit the situation to its advantage while the ruling BJP government has taken a defensive posture. However, the news and political analysts say that though the demise of Pandey against GST’s aftermath implications, repurcussions and negative fall outs for small and medium traders and Pandey himself being its supposed victim, has sadly led to his tragic death through suicide but the state agriculture minister Subodh Uniyal is in no way responsible directly or indirectly for this tragedy and GST implementation is a central subject, directly under the jurisdiction of Union Finance minister and ministry. Moreover no right thinking person would ever support or subscribe to an act of poision consuming or suicide usually considered to be an act of cowardice as written in one of the facebook posts by an enlightened writer of eminence.

Conclusively, while everyone in Uttarakhand has fullest sympathy with the family of the deceased all are equally perturbed over this act of suicide and the negligent and complacent attitude of the onlookers and the hospital authorities who have not taken enough pain to save the life of the young trader Pandey, who otherwise have been in our midst. Our heartfelt tributes to the departed soul and condolences to the bereaved family.

Meanwhile, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum and Uttarakhand Third Front expreses its deepest anguish over this sad incident and demands an impartial enquiry into the entire episode by the honble retired high court judge to nail the culprits responsible for Pandey’s death for negligence in his treatment and adequate financial compensation to his wife with a job to his son or daughter in the state government.

It may be recalled that the main opposition party of the cpunyry and its leader Rahul Gandhi have been ising the issues of demonetisation and GST in his campaigning in the preceding elections in all the states including Gujarat but could not succeed as BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi have been on the winning spree since 2014 after cpming to power at the centre.The tragic incident of Prakash Pandey however has given the Congress party a powerful anti government propaganda tool in Uttarakhand which was till now in the defensive as the BJP in the Himalayan state in in absolute majority with no risk of any kind of instability.


Approximately 70% of India’s population is engaged in agriculture. But, do you really think Agriculture is a successful activity every time? Well, no! It has proved to be a life-taker of millions of farmers in our country. So, what according to you are the major factors encouraging the farmers to take such a stringent step? Hunger, family issues, debt, unsupportive weather conditions and also the change in the various government policies have proved to be the reason behind the deaths of farmers.

More than what they earn every month was spent on clearing off the previous debt claimed on them. Their family was dying of hunger but the first priority for them always needed to be the debt payment. The cost of cultivation has been high for the farmers but on the other hand, the returns that they get are too low. They are never able to compensate on this. Even, the moneylenders charge double rate of interest on the debt and at the end what do they get? They only get to listen their name being responsible for an agrarian’s suicide.

According to the records, over three lakh agriculturists have been in the news due to their suicides from 1995. Undoubtedly, the crisis has always been faced by our agrarian community but this problem is just deepening day by day. This just has to be looked upon and taken care of. Our country can’t let the deaths of farmers happen as they are the ones who are letting a common person survive. They are the breadwinners of their family and also our families if they won’t cultivate we won’t eat and thus won’t survive. Agriculturists do everything to let us and our family eat but what do we give their families in return? We return them their dead bodies. Ever thought what would happen to a woman seeing his husband hanging with a fan or what would happen to the children seeing their father’s body hanging with a fan? Moneylenders truly have to stop this scariest system of loan payment. Just see their condition, feel some pity and let them pay back only your loan and not the double rate of interest fatal for their lives.

Unfortunately, the Agricultural market structure is so bad in functioning that the farmers are even failing to perceive the actual returns they are worthy of. What was the Agriculture Produce and Market Committee meant for? It was meant to ensure the fairest of the fair prices to the farmers, and what is it doing? Just ruining their families, their lives. The corrupt middle men are the real spoilers of this whole system. They just buy the produce in the rates lesser than what our agrarian deserve.

This depressing trend needs to be discouraged and thus, stopped anyhow. Taking a farmer’s life doesn’t stand out to be the solution of any of the problems in our agriculture system. Policy’s reorientation needs to be done, various reforms have to be introduced having a sole purpose of the betterment of farmers in our nation. Farmers really need our help. They need some financial help and our Government needs to do this no matter what.