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This year so many student have joined colleges and they are going to start a new life where will feel free after completing schools and moving into a different environment where the restrictions are very less and it’s up to them that how they want to shape up their future.

Well college life is interesting and full of fun but there are some stressful situations which student should be able to tackle as the life in college is more practical as compared to school and they should learn how to tackle the stress and enjoy their teenage life with studies.

An assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, David S Yeager has been turning attention to help shore up their resilience at an earlier stage. He has done a research and he found a very good technique to cope up with stress as when the student begin with the first semester in colleges they also participate in several activities which helps them to handle stress easily.

It was found in this study those students who engaged themselves in activities like reading and writing were less stressed and also became more confident as knowledge is the key to success.

Students also have social stress and it becomes very important for them to free themselves from this stress otherwise they will not be able to focus on their studies so it is advisable that they should start participating in any kind of activity which they like and it is no necessary that only focus on reading and writing. They can play sports and do some research on their own so that there is no time for stress and mind is always focused and used in some productive activities.

Professor R Weisz said that if you re an adolescent and you experience social harm, it is not fixed that you always be a target. You can change and over time others can change too.

In this research, students were asked to read short, engaging articles about brain science and describing how personality can change. Later they were asked to read articles written by their seniors how they tackled the stressful situation in their student life and move on. Finally, the students were asked to write encouraging advice to younger students.

Nine months later it was found that the prevalence of depression they reported was 40% less which is very surprising result.