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Badminton has become a popular sport among all ages and it is fun to play this game which will make you shed those extra pounds and become fit and the best part is that you can play it anywhere with or without net. Here some benefits of playing badminton which will it your favourite sports activity and you might also quit other sports activities and gym to enjoy this awesome game.

It is the easiest way to lose weight

When you play badminton for an hour then you will burn nearly 480 calories which is highest count of calories burnt as compared to any sports and if you will play on daily basis then you can lose upto 4 kg in a month. This sport allows your body to use all muscles in the body and due to this fact calorie burning is more.

Tone up your body and muscles

Whenever you play badminton you use all muscles in the body so in turn a regular playing of this port will tone all body muscles and will help you in maintain your physique. If you want to cut the extra fat then this is the game for you as after shedding the extra you can work on your abs hamstrings, calves and quads.

Increased rate of metabolism

It is one of the best cardio exercises which make you sweat a lot naturally and the harmful toxins leave the body through sweating and make you feel light and free of toxins which results in increased rate metabolism.

Increases concentration

It helps you to focus and concentrate on the work at hand  so you start doing better in personnel and professional life as your mind get used to complete the task at hand and succeed in that.

Good for heart

By playing badminton heart muscles strengthen and cholesterol level decreases by burning extra fat. Even people who already have some heart problem can play this sport but under supervision of doctor.