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The himalayan state of Uttarakhand despite adequate greenery and forest cover is reeling under acute water crisis, particularly due to the large sized dams constructed at the cost of environment and displacement of the local populace. While the Uttarakhand himalaya is the largest source of Ganga and Yamuna it’s surprising and shocking that the state itself is reeling under acute water crisis particularly during the summers which is also one of the main reason leading to the large scale influx of the people leaving their villages and thronging the cities, towns and metropolises of the country.

There is a general saying and the established fact that if the science plays with the natural flow of the rivers by constructing huge dams and blocking the uninterrupted natural flow of the river waters emnating from the Himalayan glaciers like the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi that finally meet each other at the main confluence point at Devprayag, at Garhwal, Uttarakhand to make it pious Ganges, the rivers become narrow and dry gradually as majority of its water is stored in the dam for the production of electricity. Sounds shocking that the natural rivers of Uttarakhand have been disturbed by these huge dams resulting water crisis and the environmental imbalance in the himalayan state of Uttarakhand.

A recent shocking instance of the Alaknanda river flowing uninterruptedly and seamlessly from the Himalayas and passing through Srinagar town in Garhwal Uttarakhand has lost its maximum water capacity because of the storing of the excessive water by the large sized Dam built at Srinagar, Koteshwar producing 330 megawatt of electricity. As per the latest reports pouring in, due to the excessive storing of the water of the running river, Alaknanda the same has lost its maximum water and has tremendously squeezed in shape and size with literally negligible water even during the peak winters at Srinagar, resulting in acute water shortage for lakhs of inhabitants of Srinagar Garhwal.

The shortage of water has also led to dying of aquatic creatures like fish etc in large quantity. The environmentalists are therefore badly concerned on the disturbing state of the seamless flowing river since centuries with complete water pressure and full of capacity. It may be recalled that a huge hydropower project had been constructed by the union government with the concurrence of the state government few years ago at Koteshwar, Srikot near Srinagar, Garhwal, Uttarakhand to produce 330 megawatt of electricity.

The environmentalists and the local populace had objected to the construction of this mega Dam but the authorities continued with the project which finally got completed three to four years ago. There is a huge pipeline and high capacity pumps of Garhwal Jal Sansthan installed between Srikot and Srinagar to supply adequate drinking water to the residents of the area. But due to the Alaknanda having been squeezed and subsequent water shortage, the water is not reaching the supply pumps of Jal Sansthan resulting in acute water crisis to lakhs of people of Srinagar, Garhwal.

Not only this but it has also invited people for illegal fishing on vast scale. The aquatic life of the river has also been affected by the water shortage in the river Alaknanda at Srinagar Garhwal. The authorities are now approaching the Dam management to release the water in the Alaknanda river so that the water shortage problem of Srinagar could be resolved and aquatic life of animals in the river is not affected further. In Uttarakhand about 598 large sized dams are said to be in pipeline for construction but have been prohibited by the Supreme Court of India for the time being.


India is filled with large number of beautiful hill stations with beautiful landscapes and rivers flowing. Here are some of India’s beautiful hill stations which are most spectacular and filled with natural beauty.


Darjeeling is in northern regions of West Bengal and is a beautiful place against the Himalayan peaks and surrounded by amazing slopes and green tea plantations which is famous and known to everyone who drinks tea. If you want to explore something different then Darjeeling is the place where you can enjoy the Toy train ride which is the great way to explore the Himalayan ranges and magnificent nature. It is one of the popular hill stations across India.


Shillong is the capital city of Meghalaya and one of the most beautiful places in the World as it sits amidst the Khasi hills and also if you enjoy rainfall then this place is for you because it receives the highest rainfall in the World.


It is spread across the Western Ghats where acres of lands are used for coffee, spice and tea plantation. It is also referred as the Scotland of India where so many varieties of spices are grown which is not found anywhere else.


Next hill station where you can enjoy your holidays is Ooty in Tamil Nadu which is also nicknamed as Snooty Ooty. It is a delight to visit this place because of beautiful landscapes and scenery. It is awesome to be there and enjoy your stay in pretty cottages with flower gardens, old churches and terrace gardens. It is quit place to enjoy and if you like to connect with yourself then this is the place where you can spend some alone time with yourself and rejuvenate the energy.


Manali makes the perfect destination for the honeymoon goers who can enjoy lots of places around Manali like Rohtang Pass, Manikaran and many more places which can be explored as it depends on your time. You can enjoy lots of activities like trekking, para gliding, rafting, and boating. It is a beautiful place surrounded by mountains.


It is close to Ooty hill station but comparatively a smaller and quieter place surrounded by the Nilgiri Mountains with coffee and tea plantations around it. It is famous for its scenic spots and cantonment area of Wellington.


Srinagar has been attracting visitors across India from the beginning and famous for its houseboats, beautiful gardens situated around the Jhelum river. It is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir resting around Kashmir valley.


Shimla is also one of the oldest hill stations and capital of Himachal Pradesh which is famous for its old buildings of colonel era and old towns having lower bazaars filled with spices and fabrics.