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The humongous victory of the Bhartiya Janata Party in 14 out of 16 municipal mayoral elections and also the landslide victory in majority of the municipal councils under the leadership of the Uttar Pradesh Chief minister and a saffron robed saint turned politician Yogi Adityanath who represented Gorakhpur for five terms as an elected member of parliament in the Lok Sabha has made one thing unambiguos that even after the demonetisation and GST the Modi factor is still relevant in the Indian politics at grassroots of Uttar Pradesh and those at the lowest ebb of the society including the farming and trading community including the government servants and those in private jobs are happy and pleased with the leadership of Yogi Adityanath who is at the helm of the affairs in the largest state of the country for the last eighth month or so.

These election results with a resounding majority in the Ayodhya Faizabad municipal corporation also reflects clearly that the electorates are fully under the influence of saffron effect and the factor of majoriatarianism did played a pivotal role in voting in favourof BJP wedded to the cause of Ram Lala and subsequent construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya despitethe fact that the matter is still subjudiced. Though it is a known fact that the elections of municipal corporations and councils are usually fought on local issues of development but the way Uttar Pradesh Chief minister has made these elections a prestige issue and campaigned extensively through more than 136 public meetings and also assured the electorates on development plank apart from other significant issues it’s now absolutely clear that the voters at the ground level have for the second time reposed full fledged support to his leadership compounded with Modi charisma.

In a way the mandate in the UP municipal elections to BJP has been the mandate for development, law and order improvement and the dynamic and dashing leadership of PM Narendra Modi as well as the UP CM Yogi Adityanath. This victory therefore is bound to have a positive impact in the ensuing Gujarat elections going to poll on 9th and 14th December as well where the Bhartiya Janata Party has almost concentrated fully with more than fifty ministers and myriad number of national and regional leaders relentlessly campaigning to counter the ongoing influence and political jaggernaut of Nehru Gandhi scion Rahul Gandhi, Patidar leader Hardik Patel, OBC and Dalit leaders Alpesh Thakur and Bhavesh Jignesh. The way the BJP has established its overwhelming majority in majority of the Uttar Pradesh Corporation and Council elections winning mayoral seats in 14 out of 16 municipal corporations and keeping the Congress at distant third with SP and BSP second and third clearly speaks of the fact that no single anti BJP opposition party can counter the latter in any election singularly till the entire opposition do not unite together forgetting their political and ideological differences.

This election result is definitely a dangerous signal for Congress and other UPA partners of the country for 2019 general elections. If the trend of pro BJP voting continues unabatedly in the same manner as are the results in the largest state of the country, UP then there is no doubt that the ruling party at the centre and Uttar Pradesh is all set to win the national elections of 2019 as well.

Keeping in view the incessant triumph of the BJP right from the elections of the various states starting from replacing Congress from its citadel in Assam to repeating in Rajasthan and Chattisgarh to badly defeating the ruling party SP and BSP from its strong political haven UP to Uttarakhand, again compelling the  Congress  to bite the dust and forming BJP governments in GOA and Manipur despite losing at the hands of its permanent bete noire Congress and finally the landslide victory in UP municipal elections it has now become absolutely clear that Narendra Modi’s streak to win has in no way lessened but has instead gained a further momentum making everyone shocked, astonished and surprised. If the victory streak still continues in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh as well where results are expected on 19th December it would almost be confirmed that 2019 will also be Modi’s way, repeating again the top slot for the second time in succession after his assuming the most important office of the the prime ministership of India, the world’s largest democracy in 2014 against all odds and heightened challenges. What’s your take on this friends?







After the lynching of the left oriented progressive and outspoken journalists like Gauri Lankesh of Bengaluru and Shantanu Bhowmik of Tripura in a short duration of a month including brutal killings of KJ Singh, news editor of Indian Express, his old mother and a journalist of a Hindi daily in Bihar, the country has witnessed a widespread national outrage amongst the right thinking, intellectual and the media fraternity of the country against the right wing and fanatically fundamentalist ideology thus directly or indirectly pointing fingers at the political parties and ideologues believing in politics of religious faith and majoritarianism.

In this war of opposition to right wing ideology the entire United Progressive Alliance led by Congress have given fuel to fire to the protests of the media fraternity, intellectuals of left leanings and the Communist parties, particularly the CPM. The direct head on collision between the Communist Party of Marxists in Kerala and the Bhartiya Janata Party has already started after the latter’s untiring efforts to make solid and concrete inroads in the traditional political bastion of the CPM in this southern state and West Bengal where the Communists (the CPM) had incessantly and unreluctantly ruled for 34 protracted years.

After seeking absolute historic majority at the Centre by prime minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah taking over the cudgels of BJP nationallyinto his own hands as itsnational chief, the party high command has devised a special strategy to take on the CPM strongly exposing it nationally for the 12 murders of the BJP and the RSS leaders and workers in Kerala allegedlyat the behest of CPM. The way a massive national outrage erupted after the lynchings of few people of the minority community in the name of cow vigilantism right from Akhlaq in UP to Chotu Pehalwan in Rajasthan to young Junaid in Haryana followed by the despicable killings of Gauri Lankesh and three others against the ruling dispensation of the BJP at the centre allegedly accusing the right wing environment of poisioning the otherwise secular fabric of the country and the increasingly deteriorating law and order situation compounding with attempts to stifle the freedom of speech and expression, it’s quite obvious for the ruling political dispensation to react strongly and credibly.

The Bhartiya Janata Party chief who’ve proved himself to be invincible after the party’s resounding victory in several states of the country including Uttar Pradesh, compelling the powerful SP and BSP parties and their supremoes ‘ Mulayam Singh Yadav, his son Akhilesh and Mayavati, all former chief ministers to bite the political dust, is now ferociously after and against the increasing onslaught of the left wing ideologues, the CPM, CONGRESS and the entire NDA against it, on the anti UPA, particularly the CPM campaign spree to effectively and credibly counter their anti BJP, RSS and anti right wing propaganda. While in view of the fast approaching 2019 elections, AMIT SHAH is already visiting various states of the country to re energise and activate the BJP and RSS cadre in order to strengthen the party cohesively but after the recent dramatic enhancement of an incessant anti right wing campaign of the left particularly the CPM, worried AMIT SHAH have involved the complete party’s top brass to tighten their belts and nationally counter the poisionous anti BJP, RSS campaign by exposing it on the issue of the lynching of 12 right wing leaders and volunteers in Kerala who happened to be fromthe BJ and RSS, where the Communist Party of India (MARXISTS) are on the ruling political saddle. While flagging off the HINDU RAKSHA YATRA of the BJP from Jantar Mantar on 8th October, BJP supremo Amit Shah blamed the CPM government of Kerala for killing 12 BJP and RSS activists and also protecting the killers as they belonged to the former party.

He emphatically announced that the BJP will expose them nationally and demanded immediate arrest of the culprits who all happen to be the hard core CPM activists. Amit Shah’s anti CPM tirade mission is expeditiously on the move with Kerala to to be his next immediate target.









Its really shocking, anguishing and disheartening to note that despite so much of national and even international outrage on the despicable murder of an outspoken journalist with left leaning Gauri Lankesh in Bengaluru recently, the attacks on journalists in their line of duty are still on the incessant rise. Just a day after this gruesome murder a journalist of a hindi daily was attacked with guns in Arwal district of Bihar but was lucky to save himself. But what now? Just yesterday i.e. on Wednesday in Tripura another journalist working with a news channel Din Raat having left leanings was killed in broad daylight by the Indigenous Peoples’ Front of Tripura with police literally doing nothing except playing the role of mere onlookers.
The name of the 27 year old young journalist is Shantanu Bhowmik who was working as a reporter and had gone to West Tripura tribal dominated Mandwai district to cover the clashes between Indigenous Peoples’ Front of Tripura and the Communist Party of India Marxist cadres. Tripura is being ruled by CPM government for years together with its current chief minister Manik Sarkar counted as one of the most honest chief minister of the country who travels by Rikshaw and donates his entire salary in the party fund thus surviving on the monthly stipend of Rs 5 to 8 thousands given to him every month from the CPM party fund.
Both the journalists Gauri Lankesh and Shantanu Bhowmik were killed in non BJP ruled states and both had progressive communist leanings stridently opposed to the right wing ideology and ideologues. According to the police the volunteers of the Tripura Rajer Ganmukti Parishad were stationed at a bus stand to board the bus for the state capital Agartala in order to participate in the CPM rally. On seeing these left cadre the IPFT members got infuriated and attacked them with lethal weapons.
Journalist Shantanu was covering this development live and was targetted on the spot. In India shamefully more than seventy journalists have been brutally murdered in their line of during the last few years such as Bakshi Teerath Singh of Punjab Kesari on 27th Feb 1992, Shivani Bhatnager of Indian Express, 1999, Irfan Hussain Outlook, March 1999, Adhir Rai, Freelance, March 2000, V Silveraj, Nakeeran in July 2000, Journalist Thounojaam Brajmani Singh Manipur News, August 2000, Ram Chandra Chatrapat, Pura Sach, Nov 2002, Rajesh Verma IBN 7, 2013, Sai Bandhu, Desh Bandu 2013, December, Tarun Kanak TV, May 2014, V Shankar, Jagendra Singh, Sandeep Kothari, Sanjay Pathak, Hemant Yadav, Rajiv Ranjan( all journalists) and finally Gauri Lankesh and Shantanu Bhowmik in 2017. The moot question is what are the governments doing to stop the blood bath and the increasing murders of journalists in the country.