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Just as the mind is important to help us grow intellectually, our body and physique is necessary to help us maintain our health. One of the easiest way to keep ourselves fit is by delving into sports, be it of any kind. Sports is of undeniable significance in our daily life, as it hones the body just like a good book helps the mind. Indulging ourselves in sports is not only advantageous to our health, but also helps us in leading a more disciplined life. Therefore, by practicing any sport, processional or as a form of leisure activity, we are only going to gain in some way or the other.
When an athlete runs towards the finish line or when a batsman waits patiently to face the ball coming at him at 70 km/h, he/she has only one thing on his/her mind, and that is, to be better than every other player on the field for that one moment. This competitive spirit can be involved only through sports, and it is of utmost value for the development of one’s character. Sports is the lifeblood of life, and it is directly proportional to the essence of a man’s behaviour, and how he leads his life. Physical activities have more to do with the conclusive good traits that are invoked in a man due to practicing a sport, than the winning or losing of the game itself. No matter what the end-result of one particular game, man is always rewarded by playing, it’s a win-win situation ultimately.
Sports is not just important for physical strength it also improves the mental and emotional strength of an individual. This is one of the reason why sports is made compulsory in many of the schools and colleges. Sports should be given as equal priority as education.


Lawn tennis is a glamorous sport with its magnificent history. All the tennis players enjoy the stardom due to this sophisticated sport. Well! All those players who hone their talent at every hour of their life have a desire to play and win on Wimbledon’s Centre Court. Wimbledon is unique from its name to its character, and hence, this tournament has gained popularity all over the world.
Herein, we present some reasons making this tournament unique and special not only to the tennis stars but also to the viewers:-
1. Wimbledon is regarded as the oldest tennis tournament on the planet earth which is constantly played since 1877. Due to the elegance and an old foundation, it is regarded to be the symbol of prestige like all the other three Grand Slams but it is always given a higher rank.
2. Wimbledon tournament, has safely protected its authenticity and originality because it is now also played on grass thereby, protecting the name of the sport Lawn tennis unlike, the Australian Open, US Open and French Court which have now switched over to hard court, hard court and clay court respectively.
3. According to the strict rules and regulations of the tournament, the players are required to wear all cloth accessories even, hats, socks and shoes in white color. In the case the rule is not followed, the player stands disqualified. Even Roger Federer was once disqualified for wearing shoes highlighting orange soles.
4. Both the audience and players relish over the strawberries and cream, which serves as the typical stand food during the tournament. According to the librarian at the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum that this tradition remains the same, right from the beginning since 1877 and strawberries and tennis are regarded as the signal informing that summers have arrived.
5. In this tournament, the players are referred to Mr, Miss and Mrs according to the marital status for the women. Though, the flexibility during the match is reported when the chair umpires address the male players with their names. However, the usage of Miss is still prevalent.
6. During the tournament of Wimbledon, the ball boys and girls who are called as BBGs have a significant role in the conduction of this elegant tournament. Ironically, the BBGs are ought to hide and not appear publically. They are supposed to fulfill their duties silently. From 2005, the BBGs are six in number at each court wherein, two of them serve at the net, and four are at the corners. These BBGs’ teams undergo rotation with one hour at the court followed by a rest for another hour.
7. The Wimbledon Centre Court tragically suffered destruction during the World War II. Accommodation section which catered to 1200 audience was destructed and the tournament was also suspended for some years. The roof of the new court is good enough to prevent hindrance in matches due to rains.
8. Wimbledon is symbol of prestige and idol of elegance. After all, it is the only Grand Slam having a distinction to get patronage from the Royal Family of Britain. The Royal Family has reserved accommodation in the Royal Box. It was a tradition previously that the players had to pay courtesy to all the royal family-members however, in 2003, this practice was halted by the Duke of Kent, the President of the All England Club and now players ought to pay courtesy to only Prince of Wales and monarch.
9. This tournament which lasts for a fortnight consumes several tennis balls which are ought to be rendered as a waste afterwards. However, the Wimbledon authorities never dispose them directly rather they are sent to serve as a ready-made home for harvest mouse, a threatened species of mice. The slit is cut in the outer surface of the balls and they are ready to serve as a shelter for the little creatures.
10. Wimbledon tournament has maintained its elegance and uniqueness throughout. It represents royalty and prestige. It is the only tournament wherein the sponsors do not advertise their products thus, originality of the tournament is not violated by the commercial strategies.
So, due to these known and unknown facts, Wimbledon tournament is special and unique telling its known story never influenced by any kind of circumstance.


TECHNOLOGY– a thing without which our life is incomplete. Our present generation cannot imagine anything without technology. How about sports? Are sports possible without technology? Well, nowadays, sports do everything with its help. A technology helps transform a sport from the better to the best.

Technology made this possible!

You might have heard about Donald Lippincott, the fastest man in the world 100 years back who ran a 100-meter race in 10.6 seconds and also about Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the present era with a time lapse of 9.58 seconds. So, how are we able to differentiate between these two? We got to know this accurate time through the technology.

Oh! Is this also a kind of sport?

Everything ranging from the clothes, the sports persons wear to the training they get, that all is technical. Technology facilitates accuracy in the decision making. Hey, readers! I hope you all will agree upon the fact that if there would be no technology, I don’t think we would have known that such a wide variety of sports do exist in our society.

Have a Happy time at your home.

No need for you to go to the stadium and sit there for hours while watching the game in such a scorching heat. Why go there, when you can see the sport live and that too with much close up at your home with your air conditioners on? All this has become possible with the help of the technology. Through the working of the satellites, you can now watch live streaming sports on your laptops and television.

Yes! You can expect much from Technology.

The sports-fans now expect the technology to take all the decisions. For example, you might have noticed this while watching the game of Cricket. Whenever the batsman gets out, even after the decision taken by the umpire it is confirmed by the technology/ tracking software whether it is an out or not out.

On Concluding,

The contribution of the technology to the sports is marvelous. It can’t be listed or talked in a few pages or words. Sports would not have come such a long way without the support of the technology. Ranging from the small lights in a stadium to the satellites in the space for broadcasting the sports live coverage. Technology has been always acting as a pillar.


Sometime ago, almost everything the kids did was physical. They walked a lot, they had no video games, didn’t have cell phones either, they lifted heavy things and played those kinds of sports that demanded some form of physical fitness. Kids nowadays just don’t get a chance to move around freely.

Even with all the playing and physical games we did as kids, not all of us ended up with great health. Almost all of us have fallen prey to diseases in the last few years. The disease could be heart disease, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, obesity, or physical fatigue which. We have brought such diseases on ourselves. We certainly don’t want our kids to end up like us. If we want them to grow up fit and healthy we would need to make health, fitness and exercise a part of their lives. Children nowadays need to learn moving as frequently as possible and eating sensibly, because these are the necessary requirements for a healthy life which we wish for them.

kids fitness 2A lot of kids play some kind of sport or the other and that’s great. But that’s certainly not enough. The type and nature of sport might make him healthy in a certain way, but full fitness is a basic necessity. Strength, speed, endurance and mobility are all crucial for one function of the body or the other. These are the foundations of movement and all have to be developed in order to lead a happy and healthy life.

They must know how to be healthy and fit because that will have a major impact on the quality of their life. We must encourage our kids to do more physical movement and improving their diet right now, so that they are equipped to grow into active and physically healthy adults.

Physical activity is the only solution to the problem. It doesn’t matter what sports they choose, they must be fit enough to play. Kids do need to move more, and if it doesn’t happen naturally, we would have to put our efforts to enable that.


With launch of Goods and Services Tax (GST), the Indian sports industry feels the heat from a heavier tax burden in the near future. Tickets for sports events such as the Indian Premier League (IPL) will include a tax charge of 28% approx., which will boost their prices. The impact of GST will be clearly visible with the rise in the prices of sports goods and equipments as well price hikes of tickets for premier sports events.

Sports goods set to be costly

The manufacturers in the industry had been paying a 2% excise duty on goods, after the charge was imposed in 2011. Now, under GST, these goods will be taxed under the 12-28% slab, a steep rise from the previous charge. While most of the manufacturers had called for sporting equipment to be placed under the 5% slab, debating the industry still falls under cottage industry category; the GST Council decided to set with a much higher rate.

The council doesn’t consider a number of products such as sports helmets, sports kit bags, training bags, boxing headgear, etc., as sports goods. These have been placed under categories from 12-28% slabs. While the sports gloves will be charged at 12%, the athletics, gymnastics and table tennis equipment will be taxed at 28%. Essential fitness items such as sports shoes, skipping ropes, etc, will also feel the heat of GST reform, as the category has been placed in the 28% slab.

“To make high quality equipment, we need support from the government. The current move might have a negative impact on the growth of the industry. There are more than 1000 registered units and another 1500 cottage units in villages,” Rakesh Mahajan, chairman of All India Sports Goods Manufacturers’ Federation.

Pay more for IPL tickets, events by NSFs in 18% slab

Tickets for the events organized by National Sports Federations (NSFs) and of course BCCI-organized cricket matches will be taxed at 18%. Tickets for Indian Premier League (IPL) as well as Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), will even go higher as they will be taxed at 28% under the new GST regime.Tickets priced below Rs.250 will be exempt from GST.


(A compiled report)


The Bangladesh Cricket Board has fined two cricketers for entertaining females in the hotel rooms. This is a serious breach of discipline considered by the Cricket Board of Bangladesh. They have been fined around $15000 for breaching the discipline during the ongoing Bangladesh Premier League 20-20 tournament.

The BCB has not given reason why these two players have been fined but the Prothom Daily has reported that they had taken female guests to their rooms during the tour. As a national players they have been reminded their duty and have also been warned that any repetition of similar acts of indiscretion in the future will result in harsher penalty.

The BPL is similar like Indian Cricket League and there were some allegations made for match fixing which prompted the authorities to suspend the meet for 2 years and in the current 7 franchises are playing in the current edition which also have Chris Gayle from West Indies, Shahid Afridi from Pakistan and Kumar Sangakkara from Sri Lanka.

This time the BCB has imposed highest fines on the Bangladeshi players on disciplinary grounds. In case of Al- Amin’s he will have to pay 50% of his total BPL contract money and in case of Barisal Bulls he will have to pay 30% of his payment from the Rajshahi Kings.

And not just this BCB has also fined Sabbir and Afghan cricketer Mohammad Shahzad 15% of their match fees over in field bust up. Shahzad is even banned for two matches because he nudged Sabbir with the bat when he was celebrating his dismissal during a match.