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The confrontation between the Lieutenant governor Anil Baijal and Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has again started with AAP lawmakers on the directives of the latter seizing the LG’s office on 29th August on the issue of opening of the polyclinics network in entire Delhi.

The chief minister has via a tweet requested the Lt. governor to grant immediate go through to its expansion project of AAP clinics in various other parts of Delhi as it concerns the health question of about two crores Delhiites. Reminding of the previous confrontational situation with the former LG Najeeb Jung appointed by the then Congress government, the recent spat with Anil Baijal, the BJP nominee speaks of the fact that after the defeat of the BJP in the Bawana bye-election intentional bottlenecks are being created in the way of AAP.

There are accusations by AAP lawmakers on BJP that since its polyclinics project distributing free treatment and medicines including several diagnostical tests to the poor patients of Delhi has gained tremendous momentum and success the BJP is worried and as such wanted to close them. It may be recalled that according to AAP the Delhi government has sent a file relating to opening of several polyclinics in Delhi to Lt. Governor Anil Baijal but since there were certain complaints of corruption it was sent instead to the vigilance department which literally sat over the file and the project has been delayed by over five months. After the success of AAP in Bawana bye-election, Delhi CM wanted to expedite various developmental projects in view of the fast approaching Delhi elections and as such this polyclinics project holds tremendous significance for AAP.

But due to the file being stuck in LG office or the vigilance department the AAP leadership, the CM and the entire lot of lawmakers are furious who on 29th went to Anil Baijal’s office and literally stationed themselves for 6 hours in the conference room in order to apply pressure on the LG to give immediate clearance to this pro people project.  It seems that AAP and its CM who were silent for the past two,-three months and has not raised any voice against the LG Delhi for his cooperative and helping attitude on various other projects such as phenomenal increase of 100%  in the salaries of the teachers and workers of  Anganbaries etc, are now again up in arms to put the LG office in quandary on this important issue of polyclinics supposed to give AAP government a tremendous political mileage.   

Sunil Negi