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When Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, the scion of Nehru Gandhi family while replying to one of the questioner in University of California, Berkeley on the question of dynasty, few days ago replied that this is the way things move in India with almost all political parties and sons of Ambani and Amitabh Bachchan too following their father’ s legacy like him, suddenly all hell broke and the union minister of I&B vociferously came down heavily on the Nehru Gandhi scion saying that neither prime minister Modi nor Amit Shah belonged to any political legacy and that they have reached the top by the din’t of their hard work, dedication amd professional honesty. WOW.
But where is she now when just yesterday the BSP supremo Mayawati has publicly declared in a large gathering in Meerut that her party has nominated her brother Anand Kumar as the party’ s national vice president and foreign returned management expert nephew as an active functionery. There is not a single word of resistence from the BJP or eloquent Smriti Irani who was so vociferous few days ago in addressing the media in a hurriedly convened press conference as if something highly unusual has happened.In India politics, unlike in several foreign countries dynastic politics has taken a front seat whether it is the Congress or BJP or any other party.
While it’s true that the politics of dynasty has started first from the Nehru era itself when late Indira Gandhi joined his father’ s cabinet as the the I&B Minister to lateron become the country’ s PM and continue for a decade and a half. During Indira’ s tenure, her son Sanjay Gandhi cropped up as a political heir quite expeditiously but died in a plane crash. After Indira Gandhi’s brutal assasination an uninterested Rajiv Gandhi came in ascountry’ s PM to be followed by Sonia Gandhi and now her son as well.
The anti dynastic plank has been the major factor of opposition politics emerging on India’ s political horizon as the ruling parties at the centre as well as in the states. But what shockingly surprises the countrymen is the fact that those who’ve been opposing dynatic rule and political legacy, tooth and nail, all their lives are today themselves promoting their own sons and daughters in politics thus making an open mockery of the democratic system and institutions of the country.
Now take Congress’s example they have Rahul, Deependra Hooda, Abhishekh Sighvi, Sachin Pilot, Jyotiraditya Scindhia, Abhimanyu Singh, Anand Rawat, Mirli Deora’s son etc etc who’ s fathers’ have been union ministers or CMs earlier. Similarly the biggest opposer and critisizer of Congress’ s dynasty BJP has umpteen examples of dynasty promotion. Jayant Sinha’s son is minister in union cabinet, Chairati Lal Goyal’ s son Vijay Goyal is union state minister, Dhumal’ s son Anurag Thakur is several time MP n former BCC(I) Chief, cutrent UK Minister Arya’s son is MLA in the state,former CM Vijay Bahuguna’ s son Saket Bahuguna contested twice as MP, his sister Rita Bahuguna Joshi is cabinet minister in UP, Home minister Rajnath Singh’ s son is MLA in UP assembly and there are unaccounted examples as such.
The harshest opponent of Indira Gandhi and Congress, Ram Manohar Lohia’ s party Samajwadi Party too is the biggest proagator of dynasty. Mulayam Singh’ s son Akhilesh Yadav, his wife Dimple, brothers, uncle, cousins etc in all 22 members of the family are MPs, MLas and had been several times chief ministers n ministers while in power. Lalu Prasad Yadav, a so called socialist and democract and crusader against dynasty is a biggest dynast himself with both his sons having been deputy cm n minister in Nitish government and his fifth class passed wife Rabri Devi the ex CM.
The former PM Choudhary Charan Singh’ s son Ajit Singh who was minister in the union government several times has now passed on the political baton to his son as the Lok Dal chief and is an MP.
The Lok Jan Shakti Party chief and union minister Ram Vilas Paswan now with BJP has his son as MLA in Bihar.
Even the communists are not away from this accusation of dynastic politics.
In South India as well while the AIADMK founder and renowned actor MGR brought Jayalalitha to the fore in politics the DMK chief M Karunanidhi obliged all the sons and daughters of his 2/3 wives to be his political heirs. Today all of them are active DMK politicians, formerly MPs, ministers and state lawmakers. The former General secretary of CPI(M) Brinda Karat too had been the RS MP.
Similarly in several regional parties of the country the trend of promotion of dynastic politics continues unabatedly. If this trend continues one is afraid to say that the day is not far when half of the parliament will be filled by the dynasts or family members of the politicians and political parties.What do you say friends?