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smoking from puberty can increase asthma in future kids


When we were children we may have experienced swanking and spanking and sometimes we also do this to our children. But now we have to think about the effects of spanking and its influence on our kids.

A new research was done which reveals that occasional smacking of kids has much bigger effect on their mental well- being and also has an impact on their personalities into adulthood than originally thought.

This study was done by the experts of the University of Texas and the University of Michigan which recently published its results in the journal of Family Psychology detailing the analysis of 50 years of research which involved 160,000 children. The consequences of spanking and it affected children to adulthood.

Shockingly spanking induces anti-social behavior in kids when they grow, in some cases mental health issues also occur with aggression. In some children cognitive difficulties were also found and which is a major cause of concern. So, spanking and smacking is equal to punishment which can distort the natural personality of the kid.

An associate Professor at the University of Texas in Austin, Elizabeth Gershoff said “Our analysis focuses on what most Americans would recognize as spanking and not on potentially abusive behaviors. We found that spanking was associated with unintended detrimental outcomes and was not associated with more immediate or long-term compliance, which are parents’ intended outcomes when they discipline their children.”

Is it right to compare spanking and physical abuse?

Yes because when the child grows to adulthood we may do not know but he or she develops aggression which is not right and must be avoided. Not just this the chances of spanking own kids are also extremely high showing how the cycle of actions experienced at a young age are carried on to the next generation.

Bad father is smoking and holding baby. A lot of smoke around.

According to study men who smoke since their adolescence may have chances of heart attack and nut just they also put their future children at more than 3 times higher risk of an early onset of asthma.

In this study more than 24,000 children were observed and it was found that father’s early smoking habits and smoking duration before conception increased non allergic onset asthma in kids. So it is advisable that if you a regular smoker than quit this habit else chances of asthma in your future children would be more and i am sure that no one want this situation to occur.

Professor Cesilie Svanes  at the University of Bergen Norway said that the greatest increased risk for their children having asthma was found for fathers having their smoking debut before age 15. Also time of quitting before conception was not independently associated with offspring asthma.

It was also found in this study that the mothers who smoke during their pregnancy period had more chances of having asthma in offspring. However, no effect of maternal smoking only prior to conception was identified in the study and the difference from father’s smoking suggests effects through male sperm cells.

Cecilie further said that smoking is a known for causing genetic and epigenetic damage to spermatozoa and these are transmissible to offspring and also have potential to induce developmental abnormalities.

So it is advisable to men to quit this bad habit if they want their kids to be asthma free and have healthy baby. This study also investigated whether potential parental exposure to welding influenced asthma risk in offspring and the results suggested that they do have effect so smoking and welding both independently increased offspring asthma risk and any mutual adjustments done may not have any effect or did not alter the estimates of either.