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smartphones making us lazy


A lot people have suggested especially our parents who have been continuously saying that we should not rely on smartphones as they are doing the thinking part of us and we do not use our brains much even for simple tasks.

GPS is responsible for degrading memory

Yes it is true and also proved  by a research in which it was found that when we use the GPS it reduces the hippocampus and it is a part of brain which remembers things and when it starts getting effect we rely more on smartphone GPS.

Another reason why it effects the memory power is because when you use GPS you totally listen to its instructions and rely on it in this process you do not remember how many traffic signals you have crossed or how many turns you have taken so next time also you will have to use the GPS for directions.

Ruin multi- tasking power

This has also proved by a study which suggests that when we use smartphones it gradually starts affecting our multi-tasking skills. We think that while working on a smartphone, surfing internet, watching TV and other activities at same time is multi-tasking then it is a mistake because in this study it was found these types of multi-taskers were less able as compared to the average person to focus on task.

Reduce reasoning power and laziness

We have become so much dependent on search engine that we do not want find any other way to find a solution or answer to a problem rather than typing in Google looking for answers in it. We also believe that whatever is present over web is always right and do not check outside and do practical things instead do online shopping just by comparing some sites and quality of the product and services.

Children using smartphones

Children start using smartphones at age of 2 years and on top of that they spend their most of the time on social networking sites and make friends over there. So they are not living in a practical World and instead focusing more on virtual World where you do not even know the person personally. Then how they will understand the relationships and their importance in our lives if they are not much connected to the real world?