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While majority of Indians hail and respect Armymen on duty for saving us and our nation from the enemy countries, foes, dreaded terrorists and anti nationalists within the country and outside by way of safeguarding our borders and exercising vigilantism 24×7 in the terrorist and insurgency infested areas, risking their precious lives, there are some desperate, insane and ruthless elements who hate them to such an extent that even go on slapping a jawan for no fault of his.
A shocking incident of 9th September is still fresh on everyones’ mind all over the country, the day when a desperate divorcee of a son of an Army officer repeatedly slapped an army jawan near Hazrat Nizamuddin where he was going to see off his five Army friends, driving the Army truck.

While he was driving, he noticed a women in an Indica car over taking his truck and driving in a jig jag fashion who after some time stopped her car in front of the truck. The Army truck driver also came out to enquire as to what has happened. While he was likely to politely ask her the reason for her wrong driving , she, without any provocation started slapping the innocent driver for no fault of his, in the broad daylight.

The Armyman exhibiting decency and respect towards women maintained calm n composure and instead of retaliating, came back demoralised in his truck. But the angered woman at fault, continued to abuse the army truck driver. In the meanwhile, while the situation was hot and woman was busy in the slapping spree, somebody in the public recorded the sequence of the event on his mobile and loaded it on Facebook. It went viral in few minutes inviting the attention of the attentive electronic channels, who started showing the news incessantly with viral vedio, thus inviting the peoples’ interest all around, nationally. The vedio unambiguously showed the healthy woman slapping the Armyman repeatedly without reason.

The next day it was also carried out in the print media. The guilty woman who was living at Lajpat Nagar was thereafter arrested on the Armyman’ s complaint 15th September on the charges of physical thrashing of an armyman while on duty but was simultaneously released on bail. Sounds anguishing and disgusting that a person particularly an Armyman is slapped so badly by a desperate woman for no fault of his in a broad day light and is released immediayely after arrest on bail. Where is tolerence these days, is a moot question? The name of the guilty woman is Smriti Kalra.