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Mansour Anis, a schoolboy studying in class IX at Delhi Private School in Sharjhah has made India proud by becoming the youngest pilot to fly the single engine aircraft. It is notable that this boy of Indian origin has broken the record of the German and American pilots who had flown the single engine aircraft after a training of 34 hours at the age of 15 years. With the training of 25 hours, Mansour achieved this spot at the age of 14 years only thus, setting up a world record to become the youngest pilot to fly the single engine aircraft.

Mansour’s journey was of ten minutes. He flew a Cessna 152 in a solo flight which took off from the Langley Regional Airport and returned back in 5 minutes thus, setting up a world record. Since the minimum age to fly a plane in India and UAE is 18 years while that in UK as well as US is 16 years, Mansour with his mother Munira went to Canada wherein he underwent the training and flew the solo flight.

It is notable that Mansour not only passed the Flying Test but also a Radio Communications Test along with 95% in the PTSAR test which is an eligibility test for transport in Canada. Now this young pilot has obtained the Student Pilot Permit. According to the flight certificate issued by the AAA Aviation Academy of Canada on August 30, Mansour Anis had a solo flight in a single-engine aircraft at the age of 14 years.

The source of inspiration for this young pilot was his elder brother Qaid Faizy who is a pilot with the Jet Airways in India. Apart from this, his parents have been his support pillars. It is notable that his father Ali, who is a Civil Engineer at Sharjhah, sent him along with his mother Munira, who is a Chemistry teacher to pursue the flight training in Canada after meeting the necessary requirements.

It is a matter of appreciation that their efforts bore fruits and Mansour became the youngest pilot to fly a single engine aircraft at the age of 14.

Hope this young pilot will bring many accolades for himself and all those who are associated with him thus, making everyone proud for his deeds. With the dedication and perseverance of the youngest pilot to fly the single-engine plane, Mansour is the source of inspiration for the younger generation thinking about careers in aviation world.