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It was indeed an extremely soothing, entrtaining and mesmerising evening of melodious songs amid chilling cold, based on the impressive lyrics and voice of the legend of Garhwali, Kumaoni Uttarakhandi songs late Chandra Singh Rahi sung and the music accorded by his highly talented sons and grandsons namely Veerendra , Ravindra Negi and old n new music fusion expert, Rakesh Bhardwaj amid aplauds and tumultuous appreciation from the over enthusiastic audience at the open theatre at prestigious India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi followed by a super duper hit CHAIT KI CHAITUli song presented by renowned Uttarakhandi and Bollywood singing star AMIT SAGAR with audience dancing on its tunes.

The ocassion was the commemoration of the second death anniversary of the iconic singing personality of Uttarakhand late Chandra Singh Rahi who in his whole life time has done wonders in folk singing, ghazals in Garhwali dialect and mesmerising music. Chander Singh Rahi who hailed from a tiny village of Garhwal Uttarakhand worked in MTNL Delhi but his immense and untiring devotion and dedication towards PAHADI FOLKS, preserving the local dialects, music and singing ( hundreds of interesting, serious aswell as humorous songs depicting the Uttarakhandi culture, folk and traditions) accorded him the best reputation in the Uttarakhandi community globally.

Chandra Singh Rahi performed in hundreds of programmes and cultural events in India as well as abroad and won several recognitions. While he was alive, the government, the successive chief ministers and the concerned cultural ministry n its ministers never recognised his talent as a lyricist, singer and a musician of outstanding callibre and never gave him any respectable position in either its cultural or film bodies but after he died the same politicians throng his functions and events organised by his fans and family to shed crocadile tears.

Today late legend Chander Singh Rahi’s entire family which include his three sons and even grand children are outstanding singers, musicians, lyricists and organisers of great shows who are carrying forward their father’s enriched cultural legacy. Chander Singh Rahi was not an individual but an institution who will continue to inspire, guide and encourage the present and the incoming singers of Uttarakhand. Just imagine, a person who devotes his entire life and entertains people from Nazibababad Radio Station decades ago and then through his umpteen and endless songs and music leaves this world empty handed without any recognition from the government of Uttarakhand during the last 15 years, sounds shocking. I on behalf of the Uttarakhand Journalists Forum and Uttarakhand third Front convey my heartfelt tributes to this great Uttarakhandi singing legend of his time and advice the present and the incoming singers to follow suit from his ideals, outstanding songs, lyrics, music and extraordinary voice.

The uniqueness of this cultural evening was that all the Rahi’s song which once used to be sung on simle musical instruments like harmonium, tabla and ” “hudki” were blended with modern orchestra in a fusion mode of old and new western music though the legend’s original songs were also sung in the traditional mode.
SUNIL NEGI, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum


Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat of Garhwal Rifles who laid down his precious life while fighting the Chinese Army alongwith his two compatriots in 1962, Indo China war is an outstanding example of exemplary patriotism, bravery and fearlessness who single handedly fought hundreds of Chinese soldiers, exploded their post and martyred himself after the incessant 72 hours colossal fight.

Even after nearly fifty years of his martydom, surprisingly, as a mark of reverence to this great valiant soldier who was posthumously awarded the second higest award of the land MAHAVIR CHAKRA , late Jaswant Singh, now promoted as Major, even after death is served bed tea at 4.30 early morning, breakfast at nine and dinner at 7 in the evening. About five soldiers of the Indian Army have been permanentally deputed in his service at the Tawang post, Arunachal near Indo China border post on 24×7 basis.

His bed is arranged, boots polished with exclusive shine and neat and clean uniform ironed regularly. Though he has passed away in 1962 but his exemplary sacrifice has been a source of immense inspiration to the Armymen and officers at the border post. Rifleman Jaswant Singh was in Garhwal Rifles of Indian Army who was martyred in 1962 in the war of Nurarang at Indo China border after bravely and intelligently fighting the huge Chinese brigade and clandestinely going near the Chinese post under heavy risk to throw the hand granade inside the post killings good number of Chinese soldiers who’d created havoc on the Indian side by their bombardment and incessant firings.

He was deputed near the turn of the Sela Top Road. The ruthless Chinese attacked his Post repeatedly but Rifleman Jaswant Singh never left the post and continued fighting the enemy soldiers valiantly. Courageous Jaswant Singh and his colleagues Lans Nayak Gopal Singh Gusain and Trilok Singh Negi planned to destroy the Chinese bunker from where they were firing incessantly and killing Indian soldiers. All the three while cladestinely amid firing reached the Chinese bunker and threw a powerful grenade inside compelleing the Chinese soldiers emerge out of the bunker.

They killed them with their Rifles butts, fighting them physically and also firing on them. All the three in the melee physically brought the Chinese machine gun to the Indian  Side and turned its direction towards the Chinese soldiers killings hundreds of enemy troopers and destroying everything on the Chinese side. After leaving the battle field the Chinese who were in large numbers again fired on the post manned by Rifleman Jaswant Singh but he being alone bravely continued to fight the Chinese for 72 hours continuously finally succumbing to the bullet. It is said that when he found himself under the Chinese capture, he fired a bullet on his tample and died.

There is a saying that despite being asked to turn back by his seniors Rifleman Jaswant Singh disobeyed the orders and continued to look after the post single handedly. He was helped and assisted there by two local girls Saila and Nura. However, a man dealing with ferrying Ration to the post revealed to the Chinese about Rifleman Rawat being alone in the post as rest of the soldiers had either died or left the post.

On hearing this the Chinese who earlier thought that there were a huge batallion there, starting firing on the post. The Chinese were so angry and furious with Jaswant Singh who caused so much of casualties and killed Chinese soldiers single handedly that they chopped his head and took it to China. The Chinese commander and the government however was so inspired of the exemplary bravery of Rifle Jaswant Singh that after the ceasefire the Chinese side made a bronze statue of Rifleman Jaswant Singh and presented it to the Indian government with a request that he should be accorded the highest honour of the land for his outstanding bravery.

Today the same statue has been converted into his memoir where Armymen offer prayers and laud his tales of bravery. The place where Rifleman Jaswant Rawat had fought war with the Chinese and killed hundreds of them has now been converted into the temple where the armymen, senior officers and the general public offer prayer. He even after his martyrdom gets regular promotion and increments at par with other soldiers who are alive and on line of duty. He got promotions posthumosly and is designated with the Major post. He was awarded the highest coveted award for his outstanding bravery the Mahavir Chakra and two of his associates Trilok Singh Negi and Gopal Singh Gusain Vir Chakras. In the above picture Jaswant Singh is seated in the middle. His old aged mother just died last year. Salutes to this great soldier who just at his youth laid down his precious life for the nation.



Our heart goes (to) with the grief stricken anguished familes of our Jawans and officers who lay down their precious lives while guarding our borders and relentlessly fighting the enemies to keep the 135 crore Indians safe and sound.

We can simply write JAI HIND OR PRAY to God FOR THE DEPARTED SOUL TO REST IN PEACE AND TO GIVE THEIR FAMILIES ENOUGH STRENGTH TO BEAR THIS MOST IRREPERABLE LOSS. That’s it. But, what else can we do in this hectic materialistic world. Sounds shocking indeed but are helpless, when we incessantly hear the anguishing news of our brave soldiers being martyred one by one while fighting the dreaded terrorists in the line of duty.

While the whole nation mourns for a while but we have no choice finally to become busy in our daily chores waiting again for another tragedy to occur and thay’s what is unfortunately happening since the never ending Kashmir imbroglio commenced. The government claims about the army killing 160 terrorists during the last few months but what about the precious lives of our precious jawans dying at such a young age having seen nothing of the blossomed life.

Today, it was the turn of another 27 year old young boy of Indian Army who was martyred at Pulwama, Kashmir while fighting the dreaded terrorists. Suraj Singh Topwal of GARHWAL, UTTARAKHAND. Suraj hailed from village FALOTA , KARNAPRAYAG, GARHWAL. He was the only son with four sisters, all married with younger sister pursuing her graduation. Inspired to join Indian Army and serve the nation from his ex armyman(Subedar) father, Suraj was posted in Sambura, 50 Rashtriya Rifles.

He joined Indian Army seven years ago at the age of twenty. His family, whole of Uttarakhand and the nation is in tears and me to. My heartfelt tributes to this great pious departed soul with the earnest hope that his sacrifice for the nation will not go waste with a simple question: After all when will this chapter of blood bath end. Is there really any hope in the near future? Jai Hind









A ten member delegation of various journalists organisations led by the Press Club of India met the union home minister Rajnath Singh at his North Block office and submitted him a detailed momorandum, drawing his attention towards the incrasing attack on journalists in several parts of the country.

They demanded the enactment of a legislation safeguarding the lives of journalists while discharging their professional duties. Expressing their serious concern over the mysoginistic targetting of journalists and threat to their lives the delegation sought the union HM’s intervention in preparing the status report by his ministry of the pending cases of murders and attacks including of fatal injuries all over the coutry during the past decades.

The journalists pointed out that during the past three decades there had shockingly been no conviction of the culprits involved in such cases of assaults and murders of scribes. The memorandum said that the incidents of perpetration of violence and murders have increased manifold and even scrible writing in social media are not being spared with incessant threat to life going on.

It may be recalled that according to the statistics of National Crime Records Bureau over 70 journalists have been killed from 1992 t9 2016 and around 142 were attacked with grievous injuries. There had been no conviction during the last three decades. This anguishing and terrorising trend is still continuing and in August to September 4 journlists have been killed in a row after Gauri Lankesh of Bengaluru, Karnataka. The memorandam further adds that since journalists have to play an important for the functioning of a healthy and vibrant democracy it is imperative that there should be no impediments like intimidation and violence in the discharge of their professional duties.

The home minister Rajnath Singh was urged upon to safeguard the lives of the journalistic community of the country since he is the overall custodiun of the internal security and law and order situation of the country. This would amount to restoring confidence amongst the journalist fraternity of the country.

While demanding the authentic status report on the attacks and murders of the journalists and the action taken by the law enforcing agencies during the past one decade the memorandam also requested Rajnath Singh to help expand the ambit of the working journalists act of 1966 by suitable ammendment in order to accord the protective cover of employment to all journalists including in the electronic and online media.

It also urged for making amendments for adequate monetary compensation to the family of the deceased, the injured journalists and those who become disable in the line of duty. The home minister gave the delegation a patient hearing and assured them to fulfill their grievances.


Uttarakhand, in the eyes of BJP high command dosen’t hold any political relevance and it has been reflected by the fact that this Himalayan state has got only a single representation of the state cabinet rank whereas in the past it was represented by several ministers.

Anyways, but being a separate state it does hold significance in other contexts, at least to be counted as a state in the BJP’ s list of ruling provinces amongst other. Uttarakhand is especially contributive to BJP poltically as it not only gave all the five MPs’ into its lap in the general election last time but has also accorded a historic tally of 57 lawmakers’ out of total seventy ammounting to a historic majority, never ever witnessed during the previous years in the last 17 years after the state achieving separate statehood.

The present CM incumbent Trivendra Singh Rawat a politically not so experienced administrator, though soft and affable in nature, but BJP chief Amit Shah’s stooge was sworn in to the utter surprise and shock of everyone in the BJP. After six months of his assuming office nothing much of peoples’ expectation has been achieved resulting in tremendous factionalism and silent opposition within the party.

The crucial issues such as construction of permanent capital Gairsain, formation and appointment of State Lokayukt and crushing of land, sand, illegal liquor and mining mafia has taken a back seat whereas other unimportant and less relevant issues are being taken care of.

Though the low profile chief minister of RSS background,Trivendra Singh Rawat has publicly announced about eradicating corruption being his first and foremost priority but the way liquor is being allegedly supplied to the door steps of the people in order to generate economy to tide a pain of the whopping fiscal deficit of Rs 40 or more thousand crores, the electorates of the state seem to be disenchanted.

People want employment, better schools and fully equipped hospitals including roads, civic facilities and food items at resonable rates with other basic options of free treatments and decentralised socio economic, agricultural, horticultural and employment oriented economic development. But things seem to go awry on all these fronts.

As a sequel to his preparations to strengthen the BJP organisations of the BJP and non BJP states, the party’s hard working and dedicated NATIONAL CHIEF Amit Shah is visiting Dehradun, Uttarakhand to take stock of the poltical situation in the context of the state BJP government’s and organisations ‘ functioning. The entire Dehradun city is being given an upside down face lift with a special cleanliness drive and erection of life size hoardings of Amit Shah and Trivendra Rawat welcoming the former and highlighting the achivements of the state government.

Amit Shah will stay at Dehradun till 21st,Sept for two days, and is expected to examine the CMs performance report card by interacting with the rank and file of the party. There is tremendous factionalism in the state BJP with separate factions of former CMs Bhagat Singh Koshiyari and Dr. Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank not ready to see each other eye to eye, come what may and both are also CM Rawat’s detractors as well. Similarly, both Harak Singh Rawat and Satpal Maharaj who were themselves’ eyeing on the CM’ s chair are Trivendra Singh Rawat’ s bete noire and hardly attend his cabinet meetings. The chief Secretary of the state who is too much into controversy as a result of his misdoings has also gone on leave pre strategically to avoid controversies, and would be back on duty a day after Amit Shah leaves’ Dehradun.Though CM Rawat’ s choice of the present tainted CS is also a root cause of Chief Minister confronting the wrath of his detractors within his own party andthe government.

Let’ s see what comes out of BJP CHIEF AMIT SHAH’S Dehradun’ s visit being looked by political analysts very keenly. Let’ s keep our fingers crossed till then. What do you say friends?