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X is the major problem threatening us. No one will ever get how to find the value of X. It will always  be a suspense for everyone, as if X is our enemy and it didn’t want to reveal its true identity.

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The biggest punishment for children is having a strict mathematics teacher. Their language is hard to understand. Sitting in front of a maths teacher is like KARELA KHANE SE BHI ZYADA MUSHKIL. But the best part is one experiences a good nap always during a maths period.


Biggest enemy of maths students – RD SHARMA. Vaisi hi sharma ji ke bete ke naam ka kya kam taane padte the jo RD SHARMA aur aagaye ek! No one can ever understand the type of questions that book has. Getting homework from RD SHARMA is like “kidnap karke firauti mangna”


Life of a maths student is like – we are taught “ALL IS WELL” in the classroom and asked “DESPACITO” in the exam and we write “LOLIPOP LAGELU” In the answer script! The pain of answering all the questions is no less than participating in a world war.


Sin cos is always a big challenge for a mathematics student. We can remember our 1 year back conversation with friend but can’t remember the value of sin cos tan etc. “KYUNKI MATHS IS ALWAYS RAM BHAROSE”


World problems are like speaking a foreign language i.e impossible to understand and solve. “It is not a world problem – it is the problem which destroys our whole world”. Students are like “BAiTHE BAITHE DUNIYA HILANE KA EXPERIENCE HAI HUME”


I can relate to these things because i too hate maths as a subject! To all the maths students “WE SHALL OVERCOME ONE DAY” but but but vo din kisi ko nai pata dosto…