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The zig zag and unreliable attitude of the current government on the pivotal issue of Gairsain capital despite being in power at the centre and Uttarakhand carrying more than absolute majority is something not expected from the BJP on whom the people of Uttarakhand have shown and exhibited so much of faith and confidence by according it a historic majority for the first time in the history of the seventeen and a half year of seeking separate statehood.

The issue of Gairsain capital is a passionate demand raised for the first time by the eminent revolutionery veer CHANDRA SINGH GARHWALI who revolted against the British and himself belonged to Dudhatoli, Gairsain, Garhwal, Uttarakhand to be later on followed by the regional political outfit of Uttarakhand, the Uttarakhand Kranti Dal. Even Baba Uttarakhandi Mohan Singh sacrificed his precious life for this pivotal demand that represents the sentiments and passions of millions and millions of UKites in and outside Uttarakhand.

The issue of Gairsain as the new capital of Uttarakhand is significant primarily from the point of view of the philosophy of the decentralized socio – political, economic, industrial, agricultural, cultural, horticultural and health related development of Uttarakhand which has been the basic brain child of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi and political stalwart late H. N. Bahuguna who always favored development of the last village of the country and Uttarakhand. What’s happening today is : by sidelining the pre election promise of GAIRSAIN as the integral and only capital of Uttarakhand which is equi distance from Kuman and Garhwal, the politicians, contractors, mining mafias, builders, landlords and the corrupt bureaucrats ate ruling the roost. In case Gairsain become the actual capital of Uttarakhand the profits of these interested people would come down drastivally in all sectors and will habe to move into the distant interiors devoid of all facilities, comforts and luxuries.

Hence those at the political and administrative helm seem to be negligibly bothered to implement this long pending demand despite the unambiguous fact that the BJP is powered at the centreas well in the state and as such has no dearth of funds as well to develop the new infrastructure of the would be state capital.

It is learnt that at the stretch a capital of 10000 crores would be required for the new state capital. In the meanwhile, the Vidhan Sabha bhawan of the new capital and its administrative secretariat is already ready which started its work in the year 2012 during the tenure of the then Uttarakhand chief minister Vijay Bahuguna who took the initiative on the popular peoples’ demand and to politically counter the onslaught of his then political detractor, the former CM Harish Rawat. What seems to be shocking and astonishing is the fact that the successive governments of both the Congress and BJP have been putting this pivotal demand on the back burner as ninety percent of the lawmakers, former CMs’, ministers and bureaucrats including the land, mining and building mafias have managed their palatial bungalows and properties in Dehradun and are not, least or negligibly interested to acede the peoples’ demand for GAIRSAIN as the permanent capital. So many committees like Kaushik committee on Gairsain were intentionally extended by every CM so as to arbitrarily pull on the matter to finally reach a dead end.

But the recent public furore, demonstrations, protests and hunger strikes in support of this demand seem to have reached a final saturation point compelling the BJP governments at the centre and the state to do something concrete and credible to declare GAIRSAIN as its permanent capital. To be very honest, the bJP has a golden opportunity to register its name in the annals of Uttarakhand’s political history as the party responsible for giving GAIRSAIN. Of it does do it will not only re establish itself in Uttarakhand next time but will also make a permanent mark in history as a political party to be trusted upon, failing which no power on earth can stop it from losing the Himalayan state from the grass roots.

Now the choice is theirs? Do they want to come back or become a history as a loser. I am sure it’ll choose the first option.


Salutes to the judge of the city court wh’ve sentence the rapist of an eight year old girl to fourteen years of rigorous imprisonment with a fine of Rupees twenty thousand saying that sexual assaults and rapes are offences which are the result of perverted and evil minds of people (criminals) who not just lacked sensitivity and emotions but are the carriers of animal streak in them who ravish anyone who come to their sight, irrespective of the victims age.

The case is of 2014 registered by the mother of an 8 year old girl in Adarsh Nagar Police Station who was confined by the 40 year old rapist to a secluded place and raped repeatedly. The victim was also given a compensation of Rs 3 lakhs. Such stringent punishments are necessary to deal sternly with such animal beasts prevalent in our society in the shape of termites thus demolishing women’s dignity and their right to exist with dignity.

There is no dearth of strict laws favouring women but the criminals seem to have no terror of police, the law enforcing agencies or the laws of the land. It’s therefore necessary and inevitable that rapists are awarded stern, stringent and rigorous punishment in order to send across a strong signal to forthwith desist persons or criminals with perverted minds from commiting such obnoxious horrifying acts in the near future. Rape cases in Delhi, and also in other parts of the country are on the steady rise, with rapes of children and adoloscents being the subject of immense concern.

Sounds shocking that till 2014 more than 36 thousand cases of rapes have been reported nationally and the number could have been much higher but for the fact that majority of the cases go unreported as the victims family avoid going to police stations to register FIRs because of social stigma, fear of police, their complacense to cooperate or due to fear of reprisals from the rapists and the criminals.

Even though the Delhi police claimed that registration of crimes against women dipped marginally in 2016, Delhi reported six rapes on an average every day , indicating that much more is needed to be done to bring the numbers further down. However, it sounds surprising that in 2017 the rape cases in Delhi have shown a decreasing trend in the month of last january, with the Delhi police showing the rape cases registration figure as merely140 as compared to the previous year’s same month’s statistics of 140 cases.

However if we believe in the figures of 2015 and 2016, the figures showed an extreme uprising i.e. , 2155 and 2199 cases, respectively. However if  the Delhi police authorities claim of rape cases having come down is really true then we can definitely pat their backs  for their increasing contribution in tackling this most obnoxious and dreaded crime. But these figures are the one displayed by the police in their annual review of crime against women in the capital in the advent of the year 2017. The Delhi Police officers claim that the dip in crime rates is the result of proactive policing measures. “We conducted street plays, self-defence programmes and awareness campaigns over the course of the year,“ said a senior officer.

In the annual review of the cases of crime against women, police said that of all rape and molestation cases registered, 85.09% of rape and 70.60% of molestation were solved within 48 hours. The chargesheets in these cases were also filed within 20 days. The police attributes majority of these rapes to have been committed by the neighbour, near or dear ones or the close accquaintances and gives their figure as 90 to 94%. In 2016 total cases of molestations were 4,155 as against the 5,367 registered in 2015 whereas 3,033 cases of molestation were solved in 2016.

Till few months back in 2017 over 238 cases of molestation have been registered while by now many more must have come in the record. What sounds anguishing is the fact that despite the tall claims of governments and law enforcing agencies the cases of rapes and women molestations need to be tackled on a war footing and a wide campaign of awareness through the co ordinated efforts of the police, NGOs’, schools, institutions, women organisations, media and National as well as the Delhi Commission for Women, corporates under social corporate responsibilty and the ministries of women and child of central and state levels need to be executed on a war footing because the malady is more or less connected with perverted and psycopathic minds and people who are required to tackled accordingly including the most vulnerable women community to apprise them of their rights as well as physically train them  to defend themselves in such critical situations etc.

The law enforcing agencies on their part too should keep themselves attentive and vigilant to counter such ill concieved designs and notions as stern actions and penalisation of the culprits is also necessary  to sends a strong across a strong message that the people with criminal bent of mind and antecedents would not be spared at any cost, come what may. What do you say friends?


The flagrant incident of assault of a young women journalist including an other woman at the ITO metro station last Tuesday, being third in a row in a week’s time has shaken the confidence of the women metro commuters of Delhi.

Such an outrageous incident of a young journalist’s assault at a metro station just less than fifty metres away from the police headquarter definitely puts a strong question mark on the claims of women’s security in the capital and its metro stations.

If a woman in the heart of the city surrounded by police headquarter and newspapers’ offices of repute is not safe at 9.30 PM and that too a journalist, who showed exemplary courage to bravely counter the assault attempts and lodge an FIR despite being alone, having to wait for one hour just imagine what would be the fate of those shy and insecure women who daily face such assaults and stalkers but fail to report matters of constant harrasments due to the apprehension of repraisals of these goondaas or the tardy action taken procedures of the authorities concerned.

Hats off to this courageous journalist who not only fought with the criminal valiantly but also acrimoniouly chased him making him badly frieghtened who was later on caught after two days of police’s serious investigation, procuring the CCTV footage and enquiring from hundreds of nearby vendors and strangers.

The culprit who was a local tea seller is now in 14 day police custody under the relevant sections of the law. The Delhi Commision of Women has taken a suo.motto cognisance of this serious matter and have issued notices to the DMRC to submit it the detailed report about such shameless incidents of women assaults and harrasment till date.

Sounds shocking and anguishing that a station like ITO dosen’t have police petrol in the nearby vicinity as well a inside the station to check the antecedents of such anti social elements frequenting in and out at times in inebriated condition with a bad intent to molest women and young girls.

Delhi metro despite having CCTV cameras all over fails to monitor such serious act of a women’s molestation and no policemen or the para military trooper comes to her rescue, sounds unusual and definitely reflects on the poor vigilantism inside the stations where women seem to be vulnerable.

Metro ferries 25 to 30 lakh passengers daily to different parts of the capital and the NCR and is considered to be the lifeline of the Delhites but unfortunately over the past two years, while its fares have been increased manifold, putting extra burden on the squeezed pockets of its commuters it has been felt and visualized that incidents of pick pockets, mollestations, eve teasing are on the rise.

May be the reporting pattern by women complainants is not very encouraging due to different compelling reasons and circumstances. There have been incidents when male commuters enter from the women compartment ruthlessly and stand in close proximity which is higly objectionable and uncalled for.

Even in general compartment some youngsters try to deliberately rub shoulders with girls and women and on objecting either say sorry pretending to be gentlemen or retaliate. This is because there is dearth of police petrolling inside trains and in the station premises.

In order to check and counter such dubious elements the security apparatus including those manning the CCTV part should be made more alert, attentive and answerable and petrolling increased manifold.

If the metro authorities have the guts to increase the fares of its commuters manifold, twice in just past six months, despite repeated opposition and criticism by the general public and the Delhi government it should also exhibit and ensure its performance on security front and well as looking after the convenience of its valued commuters.

Today, you go in any metro station, except few, in majority of the stations one or two token counters function and the queue of the token seekers in long and unending but the staff seems to be least bothered for the convenience of its valued commuters.

Majority of the pedestrian escalaters are out of order. This is so because the Delhi metro has never valued its commuters’ inconvenience as it perhaps thinks that it’s the cimpulsion of the Delhites to travel by it, despite all odds.

The CMD of the DMRC is urged upon to take serious note of all these lapses on the part of the metro and ensure the fullest safety and security of its commuters, particularly the most vulnerable women community using its services. WHAT DO YOU SAY FRIENDS?



IN the absense of the decentralised socio economic, educational, industrial, medical , agricultural and health related development during the last seventeen years though the conditions of the local towns must have improved to some extent, the large scale influx to the tune of about 32 lakh inhabitants of Uttarakhand from villages to state capital Dehradun, Haridwar, Rishikesh etc and metropolises like Delhi and Mumbai have undubtedly led people to believe that the successive governments of this Himalayan state have indeed not responded to the expectations of the rural electorates and instead promoted the interests of the plain areas and those residing here enjoying all facilities and comforts.

Lot and lot have been said and written about the plight of the hill people who had been constrained to leave villages enmasse in view of the lack of basic health and educational facilities including options of job avenues. Health and education apart from sustenance through agriculture are the prime basic requirements of human beings. But unfortnately the governments of Uttarakhand which have ruled this 17 years old state have drastically failed on these fronts though they do claim of doung tremendously for the peoples’welfare. Now the situation has gone to such a sorry pass that deliveries of ptegnant women are taking place on swinging bridges as happened just a few days ago in Tyuni Chakrata in a constituency of the state Congress president and five time MLA but under the rule of the BJP government.

One can just imagine the plight of the women in view of the lack of health n medical faciities. Similarly on the educational front two while the state is already witnessing closure of about25000 primary and middle schools and new order by the state’s education minister Arvind Pandey has further added to the vows of the remaining villagers of Uttarakhand. According to the new order the schools which has the capacity of less than 10 students willbe either closed or merged with the other school situated within the periphery of one kilometre. This means thousands of other schools are now on verge of closure in addition to the already shut down schools thus adversely affecting the educational career of thousands of poor village students of primary, middle and intermediate schools. According to one of the reports out of several blocks in Uttarakhand Bironkhal block in Garhwal will witness the closure of such 55 schools. Bironkhal development block has 135 primary schools.

But due to the complacense and ignorant attitide of the local teachers andthe officers of the department of education the status and standard of education is not improvising as a result of which the students participation in primary schols is decreasing day by day. Therefore the poor parents are worried of their childrens’ academic future. Similarly is the condition of schools in almost all the blocks of Uttarakhand. The teachers use their political clout or after allegedly bribing senior officers get themselves transferred to the plain areas near their hous and majority of the schools in the interiors are without teachers thus affecting the career of the students.

Same is the condition of the local hospitals and health centres where doctors are conspicuous by their absense. Such disturbing and shocking status of schools and hospitals in the interiors and even towns of Uttarakhand bereft of teachers, students and doctors have ultimately led villages to leave their respective villages and migrate to the plains in search of adequate and better job, educational and health prospects thus literally undermining the concept for which separate Uttarakhand state was created after the loss of 47 precious lives. It’s not that the government is not doing anything. They are definitely doing but the thrust is required in the interior villages not in towns.



Intolerance is the root to every crime and it can lead a man to commiting something very bad and unexpected. The majority of the crimes committed in household and domestic violence may they be against women or anybody else the reason behind them is intolerence. Intolerence makes a person an animal and compels him to do such brutal crimes that lead him finally behind bars repenting all his or her life. Majority of the crime committed have the factor of intolerance behind and has to be curtailed.

Well if the hardened criminals commit any act of brutality or horrendous killings or physical assault they are dealt with severely through the law of the land. The society though giving damn to them think that since they are criminals nothing more than brutal crime can be expected from them and as such they are left to the mercy of the law enforcing agencies to be dealt with severely under the strictest sections of the law.

They are counted in the catagory of psycopaths and mad men who could’nt control their anger and criminal bent of mind and hence commit these criminal blunders and acts of grusome murdrs or physical assaults.
But what if the educated, literate and the teachers on whom the prime and primary responsibilty of shaping the educational fate and carreer of students is rested themselves act as intolerant human beings and thrash their studends most callously and brutally inflicting injuries of serious nature.

Though of late such traumatic shameful acts have been happening in various parts of the country time and again inviting the peoples attention but unfortunately the teaching community is some cases go heywire and commit such undesirable acts of inhuman nature showing rebuff to the law enforcing agencies and the norms of decency of the society.

Unfortunately in the recent past incidents of intolerable teachers brutally beating their students even girls have become viral on social networking sites, thanks to the FB and have been punished under the strictest sections of the law but unfortunately this dreaded menace still continues unabated in the schools situated in the remote corners of the country.

The recent such shameful incident of the teachers badly thrashing their student with cane repeatedly happened in the school of AUGUSTYAMUNI TOWN of Garhwal, Uttarakhand where the latter was the victim of repeated lashes because he burnt crackers in the school vicinity. About four teachers ganged up and lost no time and opportunity to teach him a tit for tat lesson by mercilessly canning him reminding us of usual police torture of a criminal.

The picture of the student with lashes on his back clearly visible lashes with blood clots have become viral on facebook inviting the attention of facebook users followed by all round condemnation. Uttarakhand Journalists Forum condemns this inhuman act of teachers of AGASTYAMUNI in strongest possible terms and urges upon the authorities to punish them with adequate counselling not to repeat such undesirable inhuman acts in future. The student should be accorded financial compensation and best possible free treatment.  CORPORAL PUNISHMENT SHOULD BE DISCOURAGED AT ALL COSTS AND DEALT WITH SEVERELY.

Sunil Negi for newsviewsnetwork.com