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shameful act in football match


A bizzare incident occurred in a football match held between Bosnia and Greece in the World Cup Qualifier match where Bosnia’s player, Edin Dzeko suddenly pulled down the shorts of his opponents Kyriakos Papadopoulus.

pants-pull-down-by-footballerThis weird incident took place in the last ten minutes of the match when Edin’s team was leading the match with -0 and suddenly Edin decided to pull down pants of Kyriakos.

This friendly wrestle turned ugly when this short pull down incident happened and players from both teams, including the technical staff and the referee soon intervened to break down the embarrassing moment in the football history.

After this shameful act Edin received yellow card in the series while Kyriakos Papadopoulos received red card. In fact this friendly wrestle episode started by Kyriakos and referee did not budge from handling him the red card.


Kyriakosis was upset after this incident and said “The referee says I started the whole thing, but I was the only one ending on the floor, so how could I have started it?”