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Rape is the most extreme and extremely violent form of control over female bodies and their personal space.

The mind-set in India regarding rape tends to put the blame on women. Many women do this too, because that is what they have been conditioned to do. The suggestion that female dress and behaviour ‘cause’ rape is outrageous. And more outrageous is the fact that this argument takes place in developed countries like the U.S. also.

Men sometimes try to judge a woman on the basis of what she wore, or ate, or drank, or where she was, etc. This judgment is then turned by men into surveillance of women’s bodies. Sometimes it converts into ‘male’ rape mind-set, which is basically a struggle for about control. Rapes do not to occur just because a man cannot ‘control’ himself, they occur because some men want to control women. Rape is the most extreme and extremely violent form of the control over female bodies and their personal space. Most disgusting is the fact that this is generally practised by many men in ‘moderate’ and ‘peaceful’ atmosphere of their everyday lives.

Most cases of rape take place because some men can’t accept the fact that women should have equal rights to dress, move, work, play or enjoy. Sometimes they take place because some men can’t accept a ‘no’ by a woman. Throwing acid is a common strategy adopted by ‘Romeos’ on a girl who does not show interest in him, or on a woman who rejects her lover. This is a very common part of this continuum of sexual assault.

The only way to stop rapes is to empower the agency of women and not hinder it at all. This includes, above all, the freedom to do with their own bodies what women wish in terms of dress, food, and even sexuality. Only then we will be able to free our society from this curse.


The Delhi Police has arrested 52 year old bank employee who molested a young girl of Delhi University while giving her a lift from Vishwa Vidalaya metro station. The girl has been sent for medical examination to confirm the horrific crime.

The accused has been identified as Devender Kumar, who met the girl in the bank located next to her college. He helped her in withdrawing money during the demonetisation drive by completing formalities after her father’s recent death.

The girl said that she used to reach her college by taking metro from Moti Nagar and after reaching Vishwa Vidalaya metro station she used to walk to her college.

On Wednesday when she was walking to her college, Devender saw her and offered lift as she already knew him so she accepted the offer and boarded the car then Devender started talking about personal things  with her and when she protested he stopped the car and tried to force himself on her. In order to save herself she even scratched his neck and face with nails.

Luckily she managed to come out of the car but he followed her and threatened her to harm her if she did not get back into the car. She ran towards her college and narrated the whole incident to her friends who took her to Maurice police station and registered a complaint.

So far the police have arrested Devender and the girl is being counseled. The Police told that they will also question Kumar to ascertain whether he had sexually assaulted women. His phone is being checked to find out if he had been harassing the girl.