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In chapter 9-26 of revered Bhagwat Gita Lord Krishna says to his devotees, “ Whoever offers to Me, with love or devotion , a leaf, a flower, a fruit or water that offering of love of the pure self-controlled man is willingly and readily accepted by Me.”Similarly , the incarnation of Lord Krishna and Vishnu Sai Baba of Shirdhi is also ambivalent and generous towards his devotees, particularly towards the ones who venerate at his feet every day and make the offering with total dedication and surrender. If we cast a glance at Him for a moment, He destroys the sorrow of our previous births and generously confers immense bliss on one and all and if He looks at us with grace, our bondage of Karma is immediately snapped away and we are led to complete and perfect happiness.

As per Hemad Pant, the author and Baba’s close confident and follower, vide chapter 22 of Sai Sad Charitra , Sai Baba’s everlasting divinity and blessings on his each and every follower without any distinction of stature, caste, creed or religion makes everybody so comfortably relieved from the incessant worries and complexities of life that they feel a sense of everlasting bliss and total security in their respective lives. Sai Baba in short is a quest jewel of the saints, the true people and devotees. We prostrate ourselves before and take refuge at the lotus feet of Sai Baba, Who besets all animate and inanimate things in the universe- Who pervades all creatures equally without any differentiation, to Whom all devotees are alike and Who knows not honor and dishonor, like or dislike. If we remember him with full dedication, honesty, devotion and surrender to HIM,

He fulfils all our wishes and makes us attain our goal by all means. How to meditate on Baba? This is a main question for those who are desirous to be his ardent followers and want to seek his valuable blessings. It’s a hard and true fact that no one has till date been able to fathom the nature or the form of Almighty. Even the Vedas and the thousand tongued Shesha are not able to describe it fully, the devotees also cannot know but only look at the form of Lord, for they know that, HIS FEET are the only refuge for ultimate solace and salvation. They know no other method of attaining the supreme goal of life except meditating on the Holy Feet.

Therefore meditate on Baba but let’s first see His Baba’s form. Look at Baba’s posture, how fine it is. He is peacefully sitting with His legs folded, the right leg held across the left knee. The fingers of His left hand are spread on the right foot. On the toe are spread His two fingers- the index and middle ones. By this posture Baba seems to say- if you want to see my true form, be egoless and most humble, and meditate on My toe through the opening between- index and middle fingers and then you will be able to see my light.
Similarly, now let’s turn to Baba’s life.

Shirdi has become a most significant place of pilgrimage for Sai Bhaktas who come here from all around the globe, on account of the fact that Sai Baba once lived there physically and is even present there today to bless us . People from all quarters began to flock there and both rich and the poor began to be benefitted in more ways than one. Who can describe Baba’s boundless love and His wonderful knowledge including His all pervasiveness? Blessed is he or she who could experience these. Sometimes Baba observed long silence called Maun Vrat which was in a way, His dissertation on Bramha, at other times;

He was Pure Consciousness-Bliss Incarnate, surrounded by His ardent devotees. Sometimes, He spoke in parables and at other times, indulged in wit and humour. At times He was quite peaceful and calm and at time he seemed badly enraged. Sometimes He gave His teachings in nutshell, say precisely while at other times he argued at length. Many a times He was direct. In this way He gave varied instructions to many, according to their requirements. Sai Baba’s life was therefore inscrutable, beyond the ken of our mind, intellect and speech. Our longing to see His face, to talk with Him and hear His Leelaas, was never satisfied; still we were overflowing with joy. We can gauge the showers of rain, capture the wind in the leather bag but who can measure His leelaas?

Now we deal here with one aspect of them viz how He anticipated or forestalled the calamities of His devotees and warned them in time.
Balasaheb Mirikar, son of Sardar Kakasaheb Mirikar was a Mamlatdar of Kopergaon. He was going on the tour of Chitali. On the way he came to Shirdi, to see Sai Baba. When he went to the Masjid and prostrated himself before Baba, the usual conversation, regarding health and other matters commenced, when Baba sounded a note of warning,’’ Do you know our DWARKJAMAYEE?’As Balasaheb did not understand, he kept quiet and Baba continued saying further, “This is our Dwarkamayee where you are sitting.” She wards off all dangers, ill conceived notions and anxieties of the children who sit in her lap.

The Masjid mai ( its presiding Diety) is very merciful , she is the mother of simple devotees whom she will save by all means in calamities. Once a person sits in Her lap, ALL HIS OR HER TROUBLES ARE OVER. He who rests in Her shade, gets bliss. Then Baba gave Him Udi and placed His hand on his head , with the intent to bless Him. When Bala Saheb was about to depart. He again said, “Do you know the “Lamba Baba”,( Long gentleman) viz. serpent?” And then, closing the left fist He brought it under the right elbow and moving His left arm lie the hood of a serpent, said” He is so terrible, but what can he do to the children of Dwarkamayee? When the Dwarkamayee ( its presiding Deity) protects, what can the serpent do?”
All who were present there were curious to know the meaning of all this and its reference to Mirikar, but none had the courage to ask Bab about all this.

Then Balasahe saluted Baba and left the Masjid with Shama. Baba called Shama back and asked him to accompany Balasaheb and enjoy the Chitali trip. Shama came to Balasaheb and told him that he would go with him, according to Baba’s wish. Balasaheb replied that he need not come, as it would be inconvenient to both of them. Shama immediately returned to Baba and told Him what Balasaheb said. Baba said,” Alright, do not go. We should mean well and do well. Whatever is destined to happen, will happen. In the meanwhile , Balasaheb thought it over what Baba had said again and calling Shama, asked him to accompany him. Then Shama went again to Baba and after taking His leave started with Balasaheb on the Tonga. They reached Chitali at 9P.M. and encamped in the Maruti Temple.

The office people had not come so they sat in the temple, talking and chitchatting. Balasaheb was sitting on the mat, reading the newspaper. His Uparani ( upper Dhotar) was spread across his waist and on it a snake was sitting unnoticed. It began to move with a hissing sound, which was heard by the peon sitting there. He got terrified and brought a lantern, saw the snake and raised the alarm,” serpent, serpent.” Balasaheb was badly terrified and frightened. He began to quiver. Shama too was shocked and stunned. Feeling badly feared he and others moved quietly and took sticks, clubs etc. in their hands. The snake, however slowly came down the waist and moved away from Balasaheb sending shivers down his spine. The snake was immediately done to death.

Thus this calamity, which was prophesized by Baba, was averted within no time and Balasahebs’s devotion in Baba confirmed. There are numerous other miracles of Baba in Sai Satcharitra that clearly show how Baba saved His devotees from calamities, danger and adverse situations by coming to their rescue as and when His devotees felt the need for the same by remembering Baba honestly and from the inner core of the pious heart.


Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been rolled out. From 1st July 2017, as the prices of goods and services are going to change, it will impact every Indian. The GST Council has fixed the tax rates for 1,211 items, keeping a majority of these in the 18% slab.

Below is the list of the goods and services that will become cheaper from 1st July, as GST goes LIVE:


Milk powder, Curd, Butter milk , Unbranded natural honey, Dairy spreads, Cheese, Spices, Tea, Wheat, Rice, Flour, Groundnut oil, Palm oil, Sunflower oil, Coconut oil, Mustard oil, Sugar, Jaggery, Sugar confectionery, Pasta, Spaghetti, Macaroni, Noodles, Fruit and vegetables, Pickle, Murabba, Chutney, Sweetmeats, Ketchup, Sauces, Toppings and spreads, Instant food mixes, Mineral water, ice, Sugar, Khandsari, Biscuits, Raisins and gum, Baking powder, Margarine, Cashew nuts.

Items of daily use

Bathing soap, Hair oil, Detergent powder, Soap, Tissue papers, Napkins, Matchsticks, Candles, Coal, Kerosene, LG domestic, Spoons, Forks, Ladles, Skimmers, Cake servers, Fish knives, Tongs, Agarbatti, Toothpaste, Tooth powder, Hair oil, Kajal, LPG stove, Plastic tarpaulin.


Notebook , Pens, All types of paper, Graph paper, School bag, Exercise books, Picture, Drawing and coloring books, Parchment Paper, Carbon paper, Printers


Insulin, X-ray films for medical use, Diagnostic kits, Glasses for corrective spectacles, Medicines for diabetes and cancer.


Silk , Woollen fabrics, Khadi yarn, Gandhi topi, Footwear below Rs 500, Apparel up to Rs 1,000


Diesel engines of power not exceeding 15HP, Tractor rear tyres and tubes, Weighing machinery, Static converters (UPS), Electric transformers, Winding wires, Helmet , Crackers and explosives, Lubricants, Bikes, Movie tickets less than Rs100, Kites, Luxury cars, Motorcycles, Scooters, Economy-class air tickets, Hotels with tariff below Rs7,500, Cement, Fly ash bricks and blocks