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Delphi Corp., a global supplier of high-technology automotive solutions joined BMW AG, Intel Corp. and Mobileye in their previously announced partnership to co-develop an automated driving platform.

Under the partnership, Delphi plays a crucial role of a system integrator. It has already delivered a prototype computing platform and ensures that it will function not just for BMW vehicles, but for cars made by other manufacturers as well.

According to BMW experts,  the consolidation of autonomous car technology is gearing up in the industry and it is expected that a few number of platforms will define the market in the long-term. Therefore, it was important to not just build an exclusive BMW solution, but really to open this approach to as many OEMs as automakers would want to join. By collaborating on self-driving technology, automakers and their technology allies can achieve greater scale, lower costs, and an answer to safety and legal liability.

Production operations are expected to commence by 2021, and BMW plans to have an autonomous vehicle on the road by then.

Delphi produces computing platforms, electrical wiring architecture and autonomous driving software. Mobileye, an Israeli company, provides software that integrates cameras, radar and other sensors and offers artificial intelligence and mapping. Intel has computing hardware and data centers and mapping that will help cars make decisions, while BMW makes autos and has its own autonomous car technology.