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Baidu says partners can now access latest obstacle perception technology and high-definition maps, among many other features.

Chinese search engine Baidu Inc. on Thursday, 21 September 2017,  announced a 10 billion yuan ($1.52 billion) autonomous driving fund which is a part of a wider plan to speed up its technical development and compete with its U.S. rivals. This newly christened “Apollo Fund” will invest in 100 autonomous driving projects over the next 3 years.

After years of internal development, in April, Baidu decided to open its autonomous driving technology to third parties. This move it hopes will accelerate development and help it compete with U.S. firms Tesla Inc. and Google project Waymo.

In its latest update, Baidu says partners can now access latest obstacle perception technology and high-definition maps, among many other features.

This comes amid a wider reshuffle of Baidu’s corporate strategy as the company is looking for new profit streams outside its core search business. This had resulted in loss of a large chunk of ad revenue in 2016 following strict govt. regulations on medical advertising.

Baidu now has 70 partners across several fields in the auto industry, it says. Existing partners of Baidu include microprocessors firm Nvidia Corp and mapping service TomTom NV.

Despite rapid growth in its partner ecosystem, Baidu faces several challenges like negotiating local Chinese regulations, which have in the past, stopped the company from testing on highways. In July local Beijing police said it was investigating a complaint that the company had broken city traffic rules by testing a driverless car on public roads as a part of demonstration in a press event.

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Are you a blogger? If yes, then I am pretty sure you all might be struggling every day on how to choose the topics that would be suitable for your blog to write on. Well, I must say “Maintaining a blog on your own is not at all an easy task.” A simple yet decent blog can surely be a hit depending not on the so-called “beautiful blog” but by maintaining a commendable quality of your content in it.

For you to be a successful blogger, trust me there is a lot of work involved in it and you need to keep the key aspects in your mind for the generation of an amazing yet interactive stuff. Here I have enlisted some of the major points for you to keep in mind while trying to get a catchy and trendy title for your blog:

  • Get un-common!  Yes, now is the time to try something new and unique i.e. getting un-common. You already know this well that there are many websites doing the same kind of work that has become too common nowadays and the audience is now striving to get something different. So, be that “something” the readers are looking out for. Include such a content in your blog that it stands out uniquely in the market. If you don’t want to get your views stumbled then be something different and “Be Unique”. Image result for be un common
  • Research! Research! Research! Research is the key to writing. You have to “know well, to write well”. Know your target readers’ preferences, choices and the taste. Surf the Internet, read books, watch the news, listen to the discussions and debates and you know what? THIS IS IT. You will get many topics to write on that the audience would prefer leading to the increase in the views of your blogs. The research will not only increase your knowledge but will help you in providing the valuable content to the readers. Related image
  • Social Media Platforms are a great helper! In case you are seeking for a valuable, knowledgeable and also a not-so-boring way to get the topics then you try looking on the social media platforms. These may include Facebook, Twitter, and various other majorly renowned Social Media Platforms. Facebook is known as the most densely populated platform will make sure that you are getting the information of many books, courses, news and the trendy topics as well. Connect with people, communicate with them, know their needs of what they want to read and write accordingly. However, as compared to Facebook Twitter is not much densely populated but is surely known as the “King of trending topics”. It facilitates the users with the use of hashtags to make your content popular and be a part of other discussions as well. Apart from these many other social media platforms like Google+ and Pinterest are an add-on to your helper’s list for getting a great content’s topic.Related imageSo, the above were just a few things that will surely help you get a content an the topics to be picked up by the vase audience apart from the millions of bloggers already being there in this highly competitive market. Irrespective of the niche you are specialized on, “Blog writing” needs accurate knowledge and research for you to start on”. A trending article gives you good views, a better reputation that is praiseworthy and also makes you one of those top rated bloggers in the Google Search Engine. Hey Blogger, what are you waiting for? Open your laptop, follow the above steps and get instant and too positive results at the very same moment. Good luck and Happy Blogging!