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The way, the sad demise of the first woman super star Sridevi in a Dubai hotel is being sensitised and given dubious angles by some of our electronic channels definitely sends across a wrong message.

It seems, it’s either being deliberately given an out of proportion blow in terms of sensitivity to sideline the core issues of the massive PNB scam involving Nirav Modi and others or its a well orchestrated ploy to twist the story giving it a sensational look to increase their TRPs for inviting maximum advertisements.

The way Sridevi issue has been blown out of proportion giving it an angle of supposed foul play directly or indirectly allegedly pinpointing the suspicion towards her producer husband Boney Kapoor with not concrete evidence, unambiguously speaks of the fact as to how badly the journalism of some TV channels have stooped so low thus throwing to winds the values and ethics of free, fair and credible journalism.

You open any channel for the last two days and you’ll find the Sri Devi matter being twisted every hour giving it a different suspicious angle of heavy sensitisation/ sensationalisation whereas the autopsy/post mortom reports have clearly indicated it as a transparent case of unambiguous accident with Sri Devi’s blood samples showing the traces of alchohal.

While everybody in the country is immensely shocked and anguished over the sad accidental demise of this legendary actress the TV channels are busy giving the story allegedly the murdurous angle pinning fingers of suspicion towards her husband Boney Kapoor, says former MP and a veteran journalist Santosh Bhartiya.

The chief editor of a Hindi weekly, Chouthi Duniya and ex MP Santosh Bhartiya is extremely furious, angry, annoyed and concerned over the lowest standards to which the present day journalism is stooping to, particularly the owners, editors and reporters of some news channels who cook stories out of their immature and irresponsible imaginations and put the already traumatised and aggrieved families into more trouble as is the case with Sridevi’s anguished and aggrieved family.

Santosh Bhartiya asked who gave these so called scribes permission and license to point finger of suspicion towards Sridevi’s husband Boney Kapoor and what legal right do they have to draw conclusions out of their false and biased imaginations. Who are they to ask as to why Boney Kapoor came back to India and why did he go back to Dubai, the day the first woman super star and his wife died.

While catagorically deploring the irresponsible acts of such journalists calling them fake, inefficient and even foolish, Bhartiya said that it’s because of few such producers, editors or reporters of some channels that the already anguished families are put to more trouble and trauma as was the sad case of the former union minister Kalpnath Rai’s death out of the humiliation he suffered for writing a letter of an unwanted element unknowingly but was jailed due to the excessive media hype.

The former minister could not bear the humiliation and died of tensions thereafter. Similarly, some interested elements are bent upon giving Sridevi’s death an angle of murder on false grounds which is totally unacceptable in a free democratic society, without any credible evidence. He added: making mountain out of the mole without any credible evidence is highly uncalled for. Bhartiya aired his views on the subject on his facebook vedio and can be seen in You tube.

In a Diwali Milan celebration today at Bhartiya Janata Party’s Ashok Road headquarter in New Delhi while the prime minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah have exhibited a grand gesture to merrily mix with the journalists of the national media, electronics as well as print including its photographers, particularly those covering the the BJP and government affairs for a long time on the other hand at the Press club of India several journalist organisations were vociferously deploring the arrest of the former BBC journalist Vinod Verma terming it as arbitrary and attack on the freedom of the press.

It was just a coincidence that while a section of the media men and photo journalists were busy interacting, merrily shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries with prime minister Modi who voluntarily mixed with journalists at BJP headquarter, another section of media men were worried and concerned over the arrest of one of the scribe of their fraternity from Delhi yesterday on allegedly false and fabricated charges as pronounced by them in the protest meeting at Press Club of India, Raisina Road just less than a half a kilometer away from the BJP’s national headquarter. Sounds interesting.

Prime Minister Modi while addressing the leaders , workers of BJP before posing for photographs with the media men and photographers, majority of whom he knew personally said the internal democracy in political parties is utmost essential to strengthen democratic values. He spoke extempore and also remembered his old days when he functioned from the BJP headquarter and looked for journalists for the political briefs and publication of his point of view.

He spoke at length on strengthen the inner party democracy in political parties and praised the media for outrightly supporting his flagship initiative on Swach Bharat Abhiyan and stressed the need for maintaining better, cordial and trustful relations between the fourth estate and political parties despite differences in opinion. He also touched several other significant issues particularly how the BJP has accorded bright opportunities to young party cadre in the oganisational hierarchy as compared to the dynastic promotion in rival political party without naming the Congress.

Prime minister Modi merrily mixed, interacted and shook hands with journalists and press photographers and also posed with them for pictures. Some journalists and press photographers seemed to quite happy and eager to pose with the most popular prime minister of the largest democracy of the world while at the press club of India the senior journalists held a protest meeting against the arrest of the former digital editor of Amar Ujala and BBC terming it arbitrary and on fabricated and concocted grounds to stifle the free voice.