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salman Khan in Bigg Boss 10


Be ready for Big Boss 10, Salman Khan who has now become a integral part of Big Boss would be giving many more surprises which would be bizarre and strange. This time it is common people’s turn to give weird surprises and not by the celebs.

This is the seventh time Salman Khan is hosting the show and now the third promo of Big Boss 10 is out in which Salman Khan is seen as entering into the lift where the security guard tells him about a neighbor who has also applied for the entry in the Big Boss 10 show and the only problem with this neighbor is that he walks in sleep with sandals in his hands. Later Salman Khan says that if he will not handle the Bigg Boss show than he will have the same sandal.

So this promo shoes that this common people are also invited to live in the Big Boss season 10 but with something weird or strange habits. This could be one of the criteria for choosing common people and let’s see what more spice going to be added in this popular and controversial show.
The new promo of Salman Khan is out and it has answered many questions raised by new ones. We all know that Big Boss is the biggest entertainment show in TV and Salman Khan is best host for it. It is expected that Big Boss 10 will be landing in mid-October with some more twists for its huge fan base.
This time common people will also have entry in this show which is going to be a new trump card for the producers.