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sakshi chopra in short dress


sakshi-chopra-in-short-bikiniRamnanand Sagar is a well-known name in the Indian Television Industry who created the famous TV serial Ramayana and now his granddaughter Sakshi Chopra is getting famous after she posted her hot snaps and become a video blogger who is attracting millions of traffic and people are also following her.







sakshi-chopra-sexyShe has been posting her sexy and hot photos on Instagram account which she recently opened and she is also very popular on YouTube channel. Her grandfather Moti Sagar has told to the media that Sakshi Chopra has to take the family legacy ahead and it is her responsibility.






sakshi-chopra-in-bikiniFew days back grand Daughter of Amitabh Bacchan became very famous after posting her hot photos on social networking sites and even Amitabh Bacchan supported her by drafting an open letter to her and his granddaughter in which he clearly stated that not to worry about people and wear whatever they like to.







Now granddaughter of Ramananad Sagar is making raves on the social networking sites by posing photos in bikinis and hot bod suits.







Earlier Sakshi Chopra had a fight with daughter of Pooja Bedi and after that incident she even filed complaint at the police station and under POSCO act Pooja Bedi was arrest and Sakshi Chopra became famous and came to limelight for the first time.







Now it seems that she is not going to stop and will become more famous with her hot videos and photo shoot.









cleavage-of-sakshi-chopraIn this photo she look very relaxed and enjoying nature to the best.







sakshi-chopra-as-baby-doll She is looking goo din this pink dress and  unique hairstyle which usually girls do not make nowadays.








Again so much attached to her smartphone which seems to be her favorite gadget.