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Ever-strengthening rupee is also a significant challenge to the domestic industry as cheaper imports flood the country.

It looks as if the growth rate will be below 7% this fiscal year which translates roughly to a loss of ₹1.5 lakh crore of national income. What it signifies is millions of jobs not created.

Ever-strengthening rupee is also a significant challenge to the domestic industry. Since January the rupee is 7% stronger compared to the American dollar. It is stronger than its Asian peer currencies too, including China, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. This directly hurts our export prospects.

The strong rupee also hurts the domestic industry since cheaper imports flood the country. The GST regime has given an extra advantage to importer traders since the countervailing duty that they now pay as GST can be offset against other taxes.

Demonetisation has its adverse effects as well. Investment and consumption spending which were postponed due to cash shortage might recover but jobs that are lost are lost forever.

The agriculture sector GDP shows nominal GDP growth to be lower than real GDP, which will mean depression in farmers’ incomes.

Solution to these problems is a big pick-up in manufacturing and private investment spending. Structural reforms of GST, the new insolvency code, the new monetary framework and Aadhaar linkage might show better results in the medium to long term.


You have been working very hard to earn and save money after retirement but you that if you follow some simple tips then you can become billionaire at the time of your retirement. So if you want to spend you’re after retirement life with peace then you have to work out on few things which will help you to save lots of money.

Do savings

It is the most important thing to do and make it a habit to do monthly savings and it does not matter whether the amount is small but you should start saving as soon as possible.

Open separate account

Open a separate and dedicated account in which you can transfer your money dedicated for savings. You can select the best bank which will give you maximum rate of interest in your savings.

Save some money for emergency

Keep some amount separately for emergencies in your life but remember that these emergencies should not have any impact on your main savings account.

Pay Credit amount before due date

Always pay your credit card bill before the due date and if possible pay the full amount as it is not wise to pay Emi or any other interest levied by the bank.

Invest wisely

Start investing Mutual Funds or for a safer side in SIP which most of banks are providing for a long term with small amounts. Also do not invest in money schemes quickly first do all your studies and check the authenticity of the scheme.

Increase saving amount

If you’re monthly increases then also increase the savings in your account.

Make new  sources of Income

If you have job than try to make other source of income so that more inflow of money increases your savings.


Festive season is coming around and it seems that the E commerce companies have already started preparing for it and Flipkart has shown some signs that it will replicate its strategy of selling mobile phones through exclusive partnerships to its white good and large appliances business.

Flipkart is one of the largest E-commerce companies which re-entered the white goods market about 2 years back and has brought several big brands online with competitive pricing to lure consumers and take away the share of Amazon.

Some Chinese brands have come forward with Flipkart to sell their products online and these brands include BPL, LeEco, Sansui, Vu and more. Flipkart is a Bengaluru based startup firm which is having a tough competition with Amazon and working very hard to be on top position of E -Commerce Company in India.

Sandeep Karwa is the director of product management at Flipkart told that a broad range of these products, would be offered at around Rs 3,000 0 Rs 4,000 cheaper as compared to any other online E- commerce platform.

He feels that the correct implementation of the strategy they used for smartphones could result into appliances becoming a big grosser for them.

Large appliances give more margins as compared to mobile phones which so far have been a major source of revenue for Flipkart.

Flipkart has already worked on mobile phone selling last year through Big Billion day and they saw 50% of GMV from mobile phones category only and now they want to try out other big appliances which will give 2 – 3 percent more margin and who do not want make margins?

But it is also observed that large appliances penetration is still very small and currently no one knows whether they will see jump in big appliances sales or not but for the time being Flipkart is trying to crack the large appliance segment and hopes that it will become successful.


New Delhi: Petrol prices have again gone up today by 58 paise a litre but on the same hand diesel prices have been cut by 31 paise per litre in line with International standards.

Now petrol will cost you Rs 64.05 a litre from midnight tonight against Rs 63.47 and Diesel will cost Rs 52.63 a litre as compared to RS 52.94 a litre.

In this month this is the second time that the prices of petrol have gone up while in case of Diesel it wipes away.

Last time the price for both was changed on 1st September which was a deep cut in the pockets of consumer as the hike was Rs 3.38 a litre for petrol and for diesel it was RS 2.67 increment.

The prices of both Petrol and diesel are both controlled by the International oil market rate and the movement of prices in the International oil market should be monitored very closely because the developing trends of the market will be reflected in the future price changes.

One of the largest fuel reseller has told that the current level of International product prices of petrol and diesel and rupee- US dollar exchange rate warrant increase in selling price of petrol and decrease in selling price of diesel, the impact of which is being passed on to the consumers with revision of the price.

The prices of both fuels should come down because consumers cannot bear further increase in the prices as it will keep on adding burden on them and make it very difficult for them to drive their vehicles.