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Awkwardly Akhilesh Yadav who is Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh is of opinion that Black money is good for our Nation and even said that according to some economist due to black money our Country was able to survive difficult times of recession. This opinion clearly shows that he is in favor of those people who have immense black money and maybe because elections are coming in Uttar Pradesh and due to this he is worried that he will not able to use cash money in the elections.

His frustration can be understood very well because everyone knows about the role of black money during the elections.

Even the apex court has refused to put stay on the demonetisation ofRs500 and Rs1000 currency notes but it said to the central Government to take steps to ensure the general public do not face much problem in depositing and taking out money from the banks.

It is really not clear that why Akhilesh Yadav has made this controversial statement but he further told that he is very clear that black money should not be generated but on the same hand he supports those economists who are of the opinion that because of black money economic crisis were not felt in India

He feels that Bhartiya Janta Party has troubled the poor and the masses will show doors to the Government in the next elections. He is of the view that demonetisation wil not help to check black money instead it is only creating problems for the poor and instead of this step Government should stop the corruption and people become aware that there should not be any corruption. He is sure that this step will not cure the problem of corruption as those people who have kept Rs500 and Rs100 notes are eagerly waiting for new Rs2000 notes.

He has also requested Narendra Modi and Arun Jaitely to allow Rs500 and Rs1000 notes in Private hospitals and medicine shops till 30th November because those people who are already availing private hospital facilities are facing lots of problems due to this ban.

To support foreign tourists he has opened extra exchange counters for them to exchange currencies.