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As mercury levels are at the peak, staying healthy becomes primary concern. As the outside temperature is high, it is better to avoid food that generates heat inside the body. Excessive heat puts the body under strain and causes irritability, exhaustion, lack of concentration and sleeping disorders. Hence, it is suggested to increase liquid intake and fresh fruit consumption. Below are the list of foods that one should avoid in summer.

Non Vegetarian food

Non-vegetarian foods like red meat, prawns, egg, crab and squid generate excessive heat. They produce excessive heat and can cause stomach upset or diarrhea.

Spicy food

Spices such as chili, pepper, ginger, cinnamon and cumin seeds are body heating ingredients. They boost the rate of body metabolism and have a thermogenic impact on the body. 

Roasted food

Roasted or tandoori foods items are popular Indian cuisine, but they are also known to generate heat and can create gastric problems specially during the summer. 

Oily Junk food

French fries, burgers, pizzas and other oily junk food can test digestive ability and increase the possibilities of food poisoning. 


Chapati or rotis, a primary food in many parts of India but wheat is not an easily digestible food and moreover it generates considerable amount of heat. So, it is better to avoid during the day time and eat rice instead. 

Dairy Products

Daily milk products intake such as milk, cheese, yogurt etc. are heat generating foods. Hence, during summer the less they are consumed the better it is.

Ice creams & Cold drinks

Ice creams and cold drinks are chilled food items but they produce heat inside the stomach.

Tea & Coffee

Hot beverages like tea and coffee tends to heat up the body.  So it is better to better to stay away from these during summer. 


Yes mangoes!

The fact is, mango is a body warming fruit and eating too many mangoes can develop heat pimples among teenagers and children. 

Dry fruits

Dry fruits generate a lot of heat. So, it is recommended to minimize the dry fruits intake in summer.