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Allama Iqbal had once said ” If you wish to become public leader you ought to know how to flirt with dame public. Entertain her with platitudes and if neccessary with lies”.

These words of Iqbal are very much true in the contemporary political discourse. Politicians are often found ill quoting frequently and spreading havoc against their rivals. These are often done with the motive of maligning their characters and images in public order.

This could easily be seen in the political turf which has been created after the dissolution of “Mahagathbandhan” in Bihar. The Mahagathbandhan which was a couple of year old coalition between the RJD and JDU to stop the illusive emergence of communal power in the state. This was mainly done to stop the emergence of saffron votebank in state by harnessing the consolidated vote bank of both these secular parties. But the Achilles’s heels of this coalition was the issue of corruption which was also the nightmare for Yadav family. This issue had also become the the albatross arround the neck of clean and clear image of Nitish kumar.
But suddenly after the breakaway Mr Kumar has accepted the support of BJP and taken the oath as CM. Both the jdu and rjd has been involved in the stiffed debate over the reason of break-up. Nitish on the hand justified the breakaway as his uncompromising attitude towards corruption. He has also alleged the rjd for using term secularism just to protect their corruption. Contrary to this rjd is blaming Mr. Kumar for shaking hand with communal power. Both the factions are entertaining public with their platitudes.

All the factions with their 24×7 cyber team are busy in creating a favourable political culture and fake rhetorics totally undermining the public intrest they vowed to serve. Many of the developmental work of vital public intrest are struck in amidst of this jargon. Also their is need of creating public awareness in this chaotic environment of GST rollout as public is facing lots of difficulties. Thers are also need to ponder upon the issues of inflation, crime, unemployment and illiteracy.

Deepesh chaturvedi