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river rafting in rishikesh


If you think that river rafting is the only which can be done in Rishikesh then think again as there so many more options available which can make you trip memorable. The various sports which you can play in Rishiskesh are river rafting, Bungee jumping, camping, trekking, Yoga, Air Safari, and Paintball.

River rafting in Ganga River

The best time to do river rafting is between September to April because temperature is cool and monsoon is also over so that water level is also not high which is perfect for the rafting sport. Millions of people every year reach Rishikesh to do river rafting where several gushing rapid points make it more adventurous.

Bungee Jumping

Yes you can do this sport and remember it for whole of your life as this is the best sporty thing you can enjoy in Rishikesh. The Bungee jumping is the right thing which is suggested for anyone who likes adventure. The platform is 83 meter from the ground which will chill you out.


You can go for a camping on the beaches of Ganga River instead for going in regular AC hotel. Enjoy bonfire in the night and spend some quality time with your friends and family. There are various options available for these camping tents and you can choose according to your need and budget.


You can do trekking in Rishikesh if you are nature lover as it will you time to reconnect with Mother Nature. Just try to escape from the daily mundane life and enjoy your own time in Himalayas by trekking.


Best place to do Yoga is as there are best Yoga trainers who can guide in the best way because Rishikesh is Yoga capital of the World. There are number of ashrams, schools, institutes which will help you to reconnect yourself through Yoga.’

Air Safari

This sport has recently been added in the list and very interesting sport which will take to Himalayan heights and from there you can see the Himalayan ranges and Rajaji National Park from open air.