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The day since the present government achieved power at the centre with a resounding majority the system of rhetorics and public assurances has become the order of the day with the main opposition party of the country Congress being still not able to counter these false assurances. For any country of the globe running under the system of parliamentary democracy the existence of the strong opposition is mandatory as its only the opposition parties who actually apply brakes and regulate the wrong doing of any government at the centre as well as the states.

Unfortunately in India the main opposition party has only 44 MPs and the rest of the anti BJP opposition is completely fractured with some of its leaders like Laloo Prasad Yadav going to jail on the charges of serious corruption componded with his other family members likely to follow suit. If we talk of the single largest opposition party, the Congress, its leader Rahul Gandhi who has recently been crowned as the president of this 132 year old party is alone fighting the entire government of the BJP lead opposition with no other opposition leader of any party matching his outstanding capability of relentless anti BJP opposition. The recent Gujarat elections has brought home the point that a singular oppsition leader Rahul has finally compelled the BJP that ruled Gujarat for 22 long years come down by 16 lawmakers despite the prime minister and the entire party campaignibg day and night to counter the former’s political jaggernaut. If we go by the recent analysis published in few papers of the country, had the BSP and NCP not contested in Gujarat elections who actually had no political influence directly affected the Congress’s chances in 10 seats as the margin with with the Congress lost in ten seats in Gujarat was just half in numbers in every constituency in terms of votes procured by the BSP and NCP candidates if clubbed together.

This means that had the NCP and BSP not contested on these ten seats the entire anti BJP vote in all these ten constituencies wold have gone to Congress and the tally of this party would have further increased by ten more means 87 seats and the BJP would have come down to to 89 than 99 and adding 3 independents the Congress would have won by one seat more and would have formed the government by now. Anyways, apart from all this, the present political dispensation seems to be more interested in issuing and expressing rhetorics than actually resolving peoples’ issues.

There is total disenchantment on employment front with more than 6.5 crores deserving educated and highly qualified youth unemployeed and desperately looking for jobs while the process of retrenchment in private and public sector is still on the rise. What has happened to the pre election promise and assurance of prime minister Natendra Modi of providing 2 crore jobs every year is any body’s guess as 3 years and 7 months have already passed by now. About 580 farmers have already committed suicides by now and the agrarian economy of the country is in extremely bad shape.

The prices of essential commodities and rates of petrol and diesal and therefore the prices of entire construction sector is on the rise. The aftermath effects of demonetisation and GST have been extremely disastrous with no signs of black money having been retrieved except the commen men’s money of 14.5 lakh crores that came back in the government treasuries. The youth of the country is running from pillar to posts but all in vain and so is the middle and lower middle class people crying to control inflation in all the essential commodities. The government has till now failed to bring the petro products under the GST and despite of the prices of the crude being so low in internationational market the rates of petroland diesal are still on the uncontrollable rise.

This is shocking and absurd. How long will the people of the country be betrayed and fooled in the name of the so called saffronisation and influencing the illeterate electorate of the country in the name of religious and faith fanaticism. People need results for better employment, bringing down of inflation, reducing farmer suicides, improving the lot of the countrymen and creating conducive atmosphere for business and threat free commerce. What’ s your take friends?



As we all know exams are the biggest stress in one’s life, in fact it’s the biggest challenge a student agrees to face! But there are some students before an exam who are never satisfied with their preparation and act like a cry baby in front of everyone.

One of the famous dialogue said by them is “YAAR KUCH NAHI PADA FAIL HO JAUNGA”. They are mostly the “TOPPER STUDENTS” who think every time they will fail but their result is the biggest shock for everyone!



These kind of students are mostly boys because they are never worried about their exams and feel like they will just pass and that’s more than enough for them. These kind of people mostly have a care free attitude towards exams and in fact they are even bored of writing the exam paper and leave the exam hall early!!




Kyunki ek Chatur Ramalingam bhi life mai hona zaruri hai!! Well these kinds of people are like  “KHUD PADLO PAR DUSRO KO MAT PADNE DO”. These are very annoying types of people who get pleasure by irritating everyone before exams!! Their main motive is to try short cuts and at last top the exams! “Kyunki life is a race and we are a broken andaa”




Well there is a RAJU RASTOGI  in every group who thinks Bhagwan ji ko rishwat deke pass hona is left hand ka khel!! Their attitude is always like  “BHAGWAN IS BAAR PAAS KARADO AGLI BAAR SE PAAKKAA PADHUNGA”  and at the end – this day never comes for them. Instead of studying hard they believe in taking short cuts and bribing GOD!




Well these are the kind of students who are top level cheating experts!! Instead of having friendship with books they have a good knowledge and further catch up with latest cheating tricks! Whether it is preparing chits or writing on exam board or on water bottle and many more things are there in their kitty so that they can cheat successfully! Their attitude is like “HUME ROK KE DIKAHE JISKI BUM MAI HAI DUM”



These kind of students are never tired of reading books, they can study day and night and still are on high energy power mode. For them books are their “best friends” their main tagline for exams is



These are the kind of few students we are surrounded with during exam time. Guess you too have a friend who belongs to any of these categories!!!