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You might be representing any ideology or hailing from any political party but I sincerely think that all will agree that a strong opposition and a dashing, dynamic, well read, conscious and eloquent lawmaker whether in state legislatures or parliament, playing vital role to apply checks on the ruling dispensation is utmostl essential as this not only strengthens democracy but also applies brakes to the autocratic and dictatorial attitude and practices of the political establishments ruling in states as well as at the centre.
For a healthy democracy we ought to have a strong and united opposition and also eloquent parliamentarians who through their knowledge and commitment add glamour and seriousness to the debates and apply counter checks to the wrong doings of the governments at the helm. We have had strong and powerful veteran opposition leaders like Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, Tarkeshwari Sinha, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, LalKrishna Advani, Mani Ram Bagri, Raj Narayan, Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna, Jai Prakash Narayan and several others in the past who’ d always kept the ruling political establishments on tenterhooks and under checks but this time the Rajya Sabha would be losing a highly eloquent, intellectual and well-read parliamentarian of the opposition benches who was not only the credible collective voice of the entire non BJP opposition but had always through his intelligent and outstanding oratorical skills always kept the ruling political dispensation on tenterhooks.
He is non other than a one time dashing and dynamic left youth leader of JNU decades ago and two times Rajya Sabha MP Sitaram Yachuri, currently the general secretary of CPI(M) as well – the party that is ruling Kerala and Tripura at present and was in the political saddle in West Bengal for three and a half decades. According to the CPI(M) Polit Bureau norms and party constitution, a two time Rajya Sabha MP is not allowed to continue for the third time. Moreover, since Yachuri is the chief of the CPI(M), giving a third Rajya Sabha term to him would result in immense loss to the party at the ground level as involvement in parliamentary functions and debates requires lot of time and Yachuri being the CPI(M) chief will have to devote time to strengthen the party at the national level.
Highly vociferous, firebrand and eloquent in parliamentary debates in the upper house Sitaram Yachuri have been keeping the Modi government on tenterhooks on vital issues such as inflation, GST, surgical strikes, land reform bills, controversial JNU imbroglio, foreign policy matters, PMs foreign tours, education, health and other significant policy matters and on ordinances brought forth by the NDA government. Though he belonged to CPM in actuality, he was the collective voice of the entire non-BJP opposition in the Rajya Sabha. Yachuri’s term is expiring next month and despite being his arch rival the Congress Party has accorded its outright support to ensure his entry for the third time in RS from West Bengal, (which is outstandingly unique) but sources say that due to internal party squabbles in even CPI(M) Yachuri is not being allowed to continue for the third time by its polit-bureau under the garb that his services are required more on the ground to strengthen the left party than in Parliament. Sounds shocking that for the first time in several years the upper house will lose a most outstanding, intellectual, eloquent and pro-people parliamentarian who was the collective powerful voice of the entire non-BJP opposition who always kept the ruling NDA on tenterhooks. The electronic and print media covering parliamentary proceedings will also miss him badly as Yachuri was not only an eloquent speaker but a knowledgeable source of information to the media as well.
The Bhartiya Janata Party and its leaders are the happiest lots on Yachuri’s would be absence from the Rajya Sabha in the days, months and years to come. The question is not whether Yachuri belongs to opposition CPI(M) party, having not much relevance in the nation’s politics but what is important is the fact that the people of the country would be definitely missing a good debater, fantastic orator and a dashing parliamentarian of absolute fighting spirit and prestige. What do you say friends?