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The most controvertial movie of the recent times produced by the controvertial film maker and Baji Rao Mastani fame producer, director Sanjay Leela Bhansali has finally been released all over the country after so much of rampaging, public outrage, annoyance and burning of hundreds of vehicles nationally, including fifty in Gujarat and myriad number of motor cycles, malls and what not. While the chief ministers of Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Gujarat were not at all interested to get the film screened in ther respective states fearing extremely deteriorating law and order situation and increasing vadalism but the Supreme court’s direct intervention asking the states to maintain law and order at all costs and allow the release of the films with total security to the audiences, theatresand the staff, the states have no option but to submit to the courts pressure.

But what was more surprising, shocking and anguishing is the fact that despite the Apex courts orders the four states of the country witnessed the maximum amount of vandalism and open violation of law by the Karni Sena volunteers and the over provoked volunteers. In Guru gram yesterday a school bus has been stoned badly leading to the students being terrorised. Today several schools have been closed in Gurugram.

In Noida the prestigios DPS school has been closed in view of the launching of the controvertial film Padmavat. In Rajasthan, MP, Bhopal, Goa and Patna the film has not been released despite the supreme court’s orders as the theatre owners are not ready to risk their lives as well as the theatre. Recent reports pouring in, in the morning showed vandalism in Ghaziabad still continuing.

In Rajasthan, the state from where the Karni Sena chief belings namely Mr. Kalvi, the main organisation behind the entire episode has in all 270 film theatres and auditoriums but the movie, Padmavat despite its, today’s all India premier, not a single cinema has screened the movie apprehending large scale vandalism.This sounds horrible and also indicates that the government of Rajasthan is in no mood to confront the local Rajputs who form the large and massive part of its vote bank.

However, in the prime minister’s contituency Varanasi the movie has been released. The police force is actively involved in maitaining law and order outside all the theatres nationally. The maximum advantage that Sanjay Leela Bhansali got is, his film got free publicity of billion of rupees out of the entire controversy through newspapers and channels and the audience in crores seems to be quite anxious and crazy to see the movie.

Meanwhile, the producer of the staggering 160 crore controvertial film Sanjay Leela Bhansali would have been quite a relaxed man today as his most talked about historical film has finally been released nationally. I am sure that in future Bhansali will never take the risk of making historical films after facing so much of hiccups, challanges and controversy over Padmavat. The way various states of the country witnessed open violation of law and order and incessant vandalism I don’t think that in the near future any producer will ever risk their time and money over historical films apprehending violence, vandalism and even threat to life.

What makes the situation even more worrisome is the fact that the political rulers sitting at the helm in the states instead of taking the responsibilities to curb violence and vandalism goes to honorable courts to curb freedom of expression and views by requesting the courts to ban the film rather than energising themselves and their govt machinery to curb the open vandalism. This is democracy and in an open loktantra you are not supposed to issue threats, burn vehicles, damage malls and create ruckus in the public creating loss to life and public property.

After all law also has its own course. If one is not happy with a film he is welcome not to watch it but how can he discourage others to shun the picture by way of violence and vandalism. This is not done in a democracy and the country with the rule of laws. Latest news say indicate that several leaders of Karni Sena have gone underground fearing arrests. However, the incidents of vandalism, tyre burning, protests on motorcycle processions and alleged killing threats are still on in various parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat by the Karni Sena volunteers and newly joined Mahakaal Sena.

Meanwhile, the leaders of both Congress and BJP Digvijay Singh and VK Singh has issued similar statements condemning the incidents of violence but emphasised strongly that no producer of the film could be allowed to play with or twist the historical facts of any event. The state minister of external affairs VK Singh said that if differences do exist between the protestors and the film makers they should be amicably settled but no body is allowed to twist the fact.

The most controvertial Magnum opus directed by the controvertial directer Sanjay Leela Bhansali having been banned in two states viz Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat where the government of BJP prevails, is all set for release in Britain as the British Board of Film Classification has given the film a go ahead and sources reveal that the date of release might be 1st of December, 2017.

The movie was slated for an all India release on 1st of December earlier but due to the enhanced controversy, media hype and threats of dire consequences to the director as well as the actors of the historical film the schedule of release was with held infinitely, as of now. The film made with the humongous budget of 180 crores is in controversy since the beginning as the Karni Sena headed by the the direct decendent of legendary Padmavat family, as claimed by him, Lokendra Singh Kalvi raised serious objections and organised protests all over the country including Rajasthan and Gujarat compounded with a press conference at the Press Club of India.

The matter became worse when some leaders of the Rajput Community in Haryana and other parts of the country issued fatwas of granting 10 crores to the one who would behead the director of the film sending shock waves all around. While there are charges and counter charges by the Karni Sena and various Rajput outfits and the makers of the film outrightly denying, putting the legendary Rajput queen in poor light, the protestors are hardly to relent saying that they will not agree in less than the movie going into dustbin. The director of the movie Bhansali has recently arranged the show for some selected senior journalists and writers and the editor in chief of India TV Rajat Sharma and veteran journalist Ved Pratap Vaidik openly came out in favour of the movie claiming that if the Karni Sena Chief Lokendra Singh Kalvi and those opposing the movie would see it for themselves, not only would they heartily embrace the Director of the film for showing Rani Padmavati in high esteem showing the bravery and valour of the Rajput queen Padmavati and Rattan Singh in correct perspective but for also highlighting Allauddin Khiljee as the brutal killer and a king with sexual lust.

There is nothing, not even the minutest of disrespect to the legendary queen as being propagated by the Karni Sena chief and other Rajput organisations. Despite all this what makes things worse and worrisome is the fact that whosoever is opposing the film have not seen it and are expressing their opposition on mere assumptions. They should have first watched the film for themselves and then arrive at the conclusion as to what exactly should be their future course of action instead of resorting to recourse for national protests and dire arbitrary threats of life to its makers and actors.

Sounds shocking that the issue is being politicised out of proportion and given a caste colour as elections in Gujarat are scheduled for next months and few other states are to go for election next year. The Rajput votes which is in abundance in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, its chief ministers have already banned the movie in two states and seems to be banned in other states as well.

Now, states like Uttarakhand are also witnessing such protests and the organisations like the Vishwa Hindu Parishad has also come into lime light sending clear signals that the issue has adopted religious and communal proportions. It is saddening to note that the state chief ministers instead of dealing with the maintenance of law and order situation seem to be more concerned in patronising the protestors and becoming judges themselves to decide the fate of the movie.

If it is so then what’s the relevance of the Central Board of Film Certification headed by Punya Prasoon Joshi an eminent literateur and film maker and his advisory council. It would have been in the fitness of the things, had the the organisors of the protest demonstrations demanding ban on the controvertial film would have first seen the movie for themselves or requested the CBFC to check the antecedents of the film and decide its future or destiny than to resort to such nation wide protests.

History has various interpretations and making of the film if plays with facts to hurt the sentiments of the community should definitely be banned. But one should first practically see it with his or her own eyes before arriving at any decision. However there are some historians who even say that legendary Queen Padmavati never existed. What do you say friends?




The english version of the book was released in 2016 and was later on translated in many regional languages. One of the best sellers, “Gujarat Files – Leepapoti ka Pardafash” have been brought out for the benefit of the vast Hindi readers of India after its English and South Indian lauguage editions did a bumper sale. The book comprising of the foreword of justice VN Srikrishna from Mumbai has pieces of appreciations from actor and writer Nasruddin Shah and various leading dailies of the country.

Rana Ayub a leading investigating journalist who worked with TEHELKA for a pretty long time had cladestinely changed her name and status for eight months incessantly and risked her life while investigating the antithesis of Gujarat riots, fake encounters and the death of the former Gujarat Home Minister Hiren Pandya.

This interesting read, Gujarat Files is in a way a concrete documentation of the complete investigated details of her deep efforts, commitment and perseverence during her eight month of investigative diggings in the Gujarat administration talking with and interviewing bureaucrats, senior police officers, politicians and people who really mattered with undercover secretive cameras and tape recorders.

Posing herself as Maithili Tyagi, a film producer of American Film Institute Conservatory, Rana Ayub while risking her life interviewed every important police officer and top bureaucrat who were working in Gujarat government from 2001 till 2010. The book based on the recorded versions of these officials caught on secret camera and tape unabiguously exposes their explicit involvement in Gujarat riots that claimed several innocent lives.

Conclusively, Gujarat files is a detailed exposure of brave and courageous woman journalist who left no stone unturned to expose the ugly face of the unholy nexus of politicians, senior police officers and bureaucrats who while deliberately restrained themselves to reveal the truth before the various Enquiry commissions but in cladestine and secretive conversations openly accepted the complicity of those at helm in Gujarat during 2001 to 2010. Costing rupees 295 the book keeps the reader interestingly intact and involved as according to its author the contents of this 210 page Book are entirely true, authentic and without any bias as she possese all the recorded version of the entire story and the transcript. The book has been published by the Gulmohar publication.


THE CHIEF MINISTER OF UTTARAKHAND Trivendra Singh Rawat has delivered a cheque of five lakh rupees to LOSA an  alumnus of old students who’ve studied in various schools in Lansedowne and the nearby periphery and are now settled in various parts of India including abroad in reputed positions as entrepreneurs, technocrats, army men, artists, theater activists, lawyers, journalists, beauty pageant, academicians, journalists etc. The chief minister himself is a LOSAITE having sought his college education from Jehrikhal degree college, Lansedown and  eminent singer of Uttarakhand Narendra Singh Negi and highest TRP gathering comedian Ghanna bhai too.  The organisation was founded few years ago with the sole aim to meet with old student and their families at a magnificient hilly town situated at the extreme height of around 6 thousand feet and the headquarter of Garhwal rifles founded in 1887 by the Britishers earlier known as KAALO DAANDO as a tribute to late Balbhadra Singh Negi who fought several war for the British and came out triumphant, once in a year. The Losaites and their families meet in June for two days at Lansedown and interact within themselves including organize felicitation function for outstanding students, personalities of eminence, cultural events, quize, play Tambola and arrange delicious lunches and dinners compounded with holding of seminars of local and national issues of significance like environment awareness etc. The book lauch functions also take place if necessary written by its any of the member, as happened this time last June when the book of eminent losaite and author Dr. Satish Kaleshwari titled SUNDA RAVA was released. Eminent dignitaries such as CM Uttarakhand and the first citizen of LANSEDOWNE Cantt the Brigadier inaugurates the LOSA event. LOSA stands for LANSEDOWNE OLD ASSOCIATION MEET. This year’s LOSA was unique in the sense that not only had CM Trivendra Singh Rawat presented a cheque of Rs five lakhs for various developmental works and as a support for poor students but its one of the members’ Akruti Gusain was also designated as Miss Uttarakhand and as one of the runner ups in Miss India beauty peagent contest, a student of Lansedown. The Army Chief of India Gen Bipin Rawat and several other icons also hail from one of the nearby villages of Lansedown. As per the statement of the Secretary and treasurer of LOSA M/S Janardhan Sharma and Rajeev Barthwal the Losa would be using this amount for the construction of toilets in Maleen Basties and up gradation of Narendra Club including for financing poor outstanding students. Narendra club was once built by the Tehri Maharaja. Wishing LOSA all good wishes in its future endeavors.