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1. Your dad is always your superhero no matter how much both of you fight.
2. You can always be wierd in front of him as he is the only one who understands you very well.
3. No matter how big the problem is,he is always there to save you.
4. Your dad and you are always in the same team just to leave mom alone and win the arguement.
5. He always encourages you, whenever you feel low.
6. No matter how bad you dress up, you will always be his princess.
7. He is the first love of your life. The perfect match for you.
8. He never shows but he is very possessive for you and loves you alot than you do!
9. He is your bachpan vala “tik tik ghoda forever”
10. He is the only one who never judges you, stops you and questions you for every small thing. Because he LOVES YOU ALOT.


Suddenly your boyfriend becomes your “official baby”, as if KUMBH K MELE MAI BICHAD GYA THA VO!


Your morning starts with wishing your boyfriend/girlfriend because you are the only official morning clock for them.


Suddenly your facebook status updates from single to in a relationship.


You have to update your boyfriend/girlfriend with each and every details and things happening around you.

The dangerous thing about being in a relationship is you can never hang out with your friends without your partner’s permission.


One of the funniest things you will realize that you suddenly become a “TOTLA” “MELE BACHE NE KHANA KHAYA”, “MELA BACHA KAISA HAI” and so on.


All your social media networking sites are full of pictures with your partners.


If you are busy talking on phone with someone else to “BETA TUMHARI TO LAG GAYI”.


Most common, in fact, comical thing is that the gender of your partner changes in front of your parents i.e Rohan becomes Riya and the cycle goes on.

But one fine day your relationship takes a new turn and comes on “PYAAR KA PUNCHNAMA MODE”.


You start realizing — mai to “BAN GAYA KUTTA”


And then when you have no option left you become a “GYAN GURU” k ye sab to moh maya hai bhai!