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While the nation celebrates the International Women’s Day, crime against women like obnoxious rapes and sexual molestations have almost become the order of the day with the graph of shameful rapes and subsequent molestations on the steady rise.

This seems to be disgusting. While the capital like Delhi is not able to control this increasing menace despite the best efforts of police, law enforcing agencies, NGOs, women bodies and powers that be, even the state symbolising itself as the land of abode of Gods like Uttarakhand is badly in the grip of this menace. The reason being that 90% of such cases of rapes take place in the same vicinity of the victim through her close accquaintance or those known to her like the neighbours, friends and the near and dear ones, even teachers.

But what is more horrifying is the fact that the cases of rapes of the incest and adoloscense are also on the rise with majority of the incidents not being reported due to the social stigma attached as parents are scared of disclosing such incidents for being outcasted from the society or with the fear of confronting problems in marrying them in future.

One such shockingly horrifying case was witnessed in Nainbagh, Garhwal, Uttarakhand about six months ago where a poor and haplesss girl of just thirteen years of age and student of class tenth in a local school was repeatedly raped by her own teacher who finally gave birth to an infant who is now six months old. The culprit teacher is behind the bars after being caught and medically examined.

There is every possibility of the culprit getting stringent sentence for life. The victim who belongs to a poor family has a doomed future with a six month old daughter having no source of income and resources to tame the future of the new born.

The former minister of Uttarakhand, a sports promotor and father of the international shooter Jaspal Rana, Narayan Singh Rana is currently trying to help the rape survivor with every possible financial help and other modes of support. She being an adoloscent had give up her education in between and her academic career badly affected.

In the absense of any monetory suport and social stigma attached, the victimised rape survivor is in acute socio financial doldrums with nobody except the former minister and sport enthusiast Narayan Singh Rana at their service, with financial support as a responsible elder.

In such cases of adoloscent rapes the department of women and child welfare, the state women commission, child welfare committees and the NGOs should wholeheartedly come forward to help the distressed victims with the maximum financial compensation including counselling to make the rape victim more confident to shape her future life with hope and optimism.

After the dreaded Nirbhaya episode in Delhi in 2012/13 the government of India had launched a Nirbhaya fund to come to the aid of rape survivors, The Nirbhaya Fund which started from Rs 1000 crores is now worth of Rs. 4000 crores.

If it can’t come to the rescue of such rape survivors that what’s the use of launching the fund and publiscising so much about it to gain political mileage. In India, particularly in rural areas, there are hundreds of thousands of such cases of rapes with incests and adoloscents with majority of the cases, either going unreported or not taken care of by the authorities, concerned. The rape survivors have no option but to remain confided within four walls resigned to their fate. The case of the 13 year old rape survivor of Nainbagh, Garhwal, Uttarakhand suffering for survival, is enough to bring home the point that the Nirbhaya Fund Corpus is just a name sake and nothing more.

The central and state governments should devise a law to take the entire responsibility of the survival and career making of the rape survivor and her children in their hands or adequately compensate them, financially so as to enable them stand on their feet, confidently. What do you say friends?


A shocking incident of an alleged rape of a domestic help by a manager, working at the residence of a Rajya Sabha MP and former minister, earlier close to former Andhra Pradesh chief minister and legendary actor N T Rama Rao and thereafter having joined Congress, have been reported two days ago.

An FIR has been registered at the Lodhi Estate police station and the police has been dispatched to Faridabad to arrest the culprit from where he is absconding currently. The alleged sexual assault of the maid servant took place two years ago in 2015 and the woman couldn’t report the matter as she feared for her life. According to the Deputy Commissioner of Police BK Singh a case of rape has been registered against the culprit and the police team has been send to Faridabad to arrest the culprit who lives there and is no more working at the MP’s house.

According to the FIR on the complaint of the victim who hails from Telangana originally, the alleged culprit namely Subhash Choudhary also duped her of Rs 25 lakhs which the former had to give her after Subhash’s brother who clandestinely got the thumb impression of her old illeterate mother on the sale deed in his name and did not give a single penny to her.

When the woman victim went to the culprit to ask for the money , Subhash allegedly raped her four times and threatened her with dire consequences. Since then he left the job and was staying at his house at Faridabad. According to the domestic help’s version, in September2015 while the culprit, the Congress leader was living at the MP’s bungalow at Lodhi estate, the domestic help told him about the sale of land at her native place as she needed the money.

The culprit said that since he is interested to buy that land he will pay the requisite amount of 25 lakhs to her. Subhash Chowdhary sent his brother along to the native place of the domestic help who got the thumb impressions of her mother on the sale deed and refuse to pay a single penny to her.

When the complainant confronted the culprit on different ocassions demanding Rs. 25 lakhs the cost against the sale of her land, she was intimidated of dire consequences and sexually assaulted four times. The police hunt is on for the culprit who happens to be a Congress leader and a former student and youth activist during the eighties living in Faridabad, Haryana.


In India our judiciary has always been in the forefront to come to the rescue of the depressed, oppressed and the needy and there has been hundreds of examples that despite the process of seeking justice being tedious, complex and expensive, the genuine justice seekers have usually and rather in majority of the cases been obliged by intelligent, outstanding and pro people verdicts.

Whether its the case of Nirbhaya or Jessica Lal rape and subsequent brutal murder cases or cases pertaining to hundreds of betrayed home buyers in Delhi and Noida to matters of human rights violations to punishing the higly influential like Subrata Roy, the CEO of mighty Sahara group who’ve cheated thousands of his clients etc the Indian judiciary have always been the God send device/institution for justice seekers though its also a true fact that hundreds of them are still at bay due to the expensive and tardy process of the system except the lucky ones.

In two such recent cases of pro people judicial dispensation, the judges of Accident Tribunal and Juvenile Justice Board have directed the authorities concerned i.e. an insurance company and the Delhi Commision For Women to pay the aggreaved parties a whopping compensation of Rs 68 lakhs and 28 lakhs respectively to the victims of accident having lost his leg and a child rape and attempt to murder victim of Delhi, respectively.

These two directions or verdicts are undoubtedly the classic examples of pro poor judicious justice dispensation which speaks of the fact that however protracted or tedious may be the process of acknowledging justice but its finally due for them and that too extremely favorably. Both these cases are best instances of judicial jurisprudence.

In the first case a 40 year old man namely Ashok Kumar Sharma met with an accident in Rajasthan in 2014 and had to get his right leg amputated, due to the rash and negligent driving of the truck driver.

His disability was 80% and was treated for more more than six months before getting his leg amputated. His family was obviously in immense financial despair and agony as the source of income has completely gvanished thus leading the poor and hapless family towards the brink of acute financial disaster and what not. The presiding officer of the Motor Claims Accidents’ Tribunal Jitendra Singh taking the extremely humanitarian aspect of the case into consideration passed orders to the insurance company for delivery of Rs 68 lakhs to the victim, the amount for which the truck was insured.

This adequate financial compensation would help the family survive by starting some business in the near future for their able sustenance as being 80% disabled now Ashok Kumar is not able to earn for his family in acute financial distress.

Similarly, in the second case the Juvenile Justice Board has directed the DCW to pay a hefty compensation of Rs 25 lakhs to the rape survivor who was subjected to rape and attempt to murder when she was merely five years old. The girl’s father was a rickshaw puller and earned a paltry sum of Rs 2 to 3 hundred a day. Since the state was not able to safeguard the the rape victim from the obnoxious brutal crime its the duty of the women’ s body to financially compensate for the loss of dignity and subsequent trauma confronted by the girl child and her poor dejected family said the Juvenile Justice Board Judge.


Woman has many definitions according to the mindset of people. I would define a woman as a multi-tasker capable of maintaining a balance between professional and personal lives similarly like a man. Hence, ideally the stress of survival for a man and a woman should be equivalent however; in the real situation life of a woman is not easy.

Yes, it is not easy to be a woman and I can provide several facts proving this but herein, I am giving ten momentous reasons to prove this:-

  1. When a girl is born, many times, the families are not happy. The birth of a girl is considered as a liability while that of a boy is considered as a moment of pride. This is the reason why female foeticide is prominent in the states of Haryana, Rajasthan and others.
  2. Even if the girl is not killed inside the mother’s womb, she is killed at every moment of life when the father considers her as a liability. Her pain is heartfelt when she is not allowed to play and study as her brothers and male cousins. She finds it is inhuman treatment when her parents ask her to do the household stuff because she is a girl. Yet, she gets accustomed to the circumstances.

Well! Because of these two main causes, the girls suffer other kinds of discrimination also. Coming back to them: –

  1. The girl has to get accustomed to the circumstances which she does not find favorable otherwise, she is considered as a characterless woman. The girls are considered as the reputation of the family and hence, their life is amidst numerous conditions while boys are free. The girl has to wear clothes accordingly otherwise she might be a victim of eve-teasing. It seems as if it’s the responsibility of the girl to protect herself from all the unwanted stuffs and the most of the times she should bear the nasty comments because she is a girl. Well! This is a norm but boys are often not punished for eve-teasing a girl except of the case, when girl rises the voice and make an official complaint strongly.
  2. Girl should not enjoy the late night parties or else her character is judged. A woman can neither come late to her house. A lady should not oppose the wrongdoers or else they can contaminate her character. After all, rapes happen in our nation but the problem is that the character of a rape victim is subjected to judgment but not the deed of the brutal rapist. A rapist can get married and start a family but a rape victim can’t.
  3. A normal woman should be a super-heroine. She should take care of her parents, her in-laws, her husband, her kids, her job, her house and everything else. And above all, if she misses even a duty, she can be a subject of humiliation, or harassment. She is neither safe in her house nor at her workplace. She can be a victim of sexual harassment at her workplace and if she oppose, her character is again at the stake of judgment. Same happens, even in her house wherein she could be a victim of domestic violence, emotional harassment, dowry harassment, marital rape and what not but being a woman she should endure every adverse circumstance.
  4. From her home to her workplace, she is not at all safe. The people tend to judge her character on the basis of her clothes, her lifestyle. Thus, she has to live her life according to her families’ and her society’s customs and she is not independent to live her life as she wants and if she opposes, than it’s not at all good for her.
  5. She should be educated, beautiful, intelligent, and must be earning well. Her parents must also give hefty dowry in order to get her married. When, everything is required yet, if a girl belonging to a typical Indian family wants to step out of her hometown for studies or job, her professional growth is amidst the constraints of the societal norms.
  6. Such is the mindset of our nation that we have help-lines to protect women and we have laws to provide justice but the basic necessities for a woman are considered to be the items of luxury. The Personal Hygiene Items for a woman are subjected to 12% of GST and are considered amongst the item of luxury while the Family Planning Items are considered as necessities and are tax-free. The hypocrisy of our nation is clear.
  7. Scientifically, the woman suffers the pain equivalent to the pain suffered during a heart attack during the five days of her menstrual cycle. And during pregnancy, the gestation period is also associated with unbearable pain with long-term consequences. Apart from this, the labor pain during the delivery of the child has an extremely high density. Every woman suffers this stuff in her lifetime and moreover, she endures and emerges out of it. Yet, she is considered to be fragile. The fact is that she is the strongest.
  8. The fathom of a woman’s heart is unbelievable. She is so much attached to her family and loved ones that she has stamina and power to sacrifice her career, her life. Yet, at any moment she can hear that she has not done anything.

Well! I was compelled to write this article due to the hypocrisies in our nation. We tend to respect and worship a woman Goddess Durga during Durga Pooja yet in reality; we tend not to respect the women in our lives. We tend to mistreat our mothers, sisters, spouses, friends etc by judging them at various moments of the life or by not encouraging them following their instinct. Herein, I don’t want to preach about equality or discrimination. All I want is that the readers must give a thought and feel the pain of the woman’s heart when she finds her life to be difficult because a woman’s life is not easy.



Rape is the most extreme and extremely violent form of control over female bodies and their personal space.

The mind-set in India regarding rape tends to put the blame on women. Many women do this too, because that is what they have been conditioned to do. The suggestion that female dress and behaviour ‘cause’ rape is outrageous. And more outrageous is the fact that this argument takes place in developed countries like the U.S. also.

Men sometimes try to judge a woman on the basis of what she wore, or ate, or drank, or where she was, etc. This judgment is then turned by men into surveillance of women’s bodies. Sometimes it converts into ‘male’ rape mind-set, which is basically a struggle for about control. Rapes do not to occur just because a man cannot ‘control’ himself, they occur because some men want to control women. Rape is the most extreme and extremely violent form of the control over female bodies and their personal space. Most disgusting is the fact that this is generally practised by many men in ‘moderate’ and ‘peaceful’ atmosphere of their everyday lives.

Most cases of rape take place because some men can’t accept the fact that women should have equal rights to dress, move, work, play or enjoy. Sometimes they take place because some men can’t accept a ‘no’ by a woman. Throwing acid is a common strategy adopted by ‘Romeos’ on a girl who does not show interest in him, or on a woman who rejects her lover. This is a very common part of this continuum of sexual assault.

The only way to stop rapes is to empower the agency of women and not hinder it at all. This includes, above all, the freedom to do with their own bodies what women wish in terms of dress, food, and even sexuality. Only then we will be able to free our society from this curse.


A woman was brutally gang raped for several hours in a moving car in Sohna and then she was thrown in Noida.

This horrific incident took place on Monday in the evening around 8pm. During this sinful incident the men were driving car for several hours on Sohna road and repeatedly raped the woman.

The car was drove to Uttar Pradesh and the girl was thrown out of the car near Yatharh Hospital in Noida. On Tuesday morning a woman passing by noticed the unconscious lady lying on the roadside and immediately called the police.

The police reached the spot and also informed the Gurgaon police about the incident.

She was taken to the hospital for medical examination and after that she was taken back to Sohna after completing the legal formalities in Greater Noida.

She is from Bharatpur in Rajasthan and came to Sohna few days back.

The police is investigating the case and searching for the suspect who is currently absconding.

Police is also checking the CCTV footages from the areas where the car might have passed through and cross verifying the woman’s statements.

These rape incidents are not stopping in Delhi NCR and the rapists are enjoying their life and are able to breath in open air as if there is no one to stop them. In both the states BJP government is there and one more thing is that the car crossed two borders and must have also crossed several check points – then how come the police did not get notified and the culprits easily crossed two states ?