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raj thackrey will allow akistani actors to work in India


Mumbai: MNS Chief Raj Thackery and known filmmaker Karan Johar met Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis on Saturday to discuss about the release of movie “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” in which Fawad Khan from Pakistan has also acted.

MNS has been creating lot of tension for the film maker that they will not allow the movie to get released because some Pakistani actors have worked in it and lot of hot debates about whether the Pakistani actors should be allowed to work in Bollywood is going on these days and has this topic has been discussed almost on all news channels after the recent Uri attack and India’s surgical strike.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is about to get released on 28th October and if MNS will create problem for this movie then all people who have invested in the movie will have to bear huge losses at-least in Mumbai.

This meeting was also attended by Mukesh Bhatt which was held at Chief Minister’s residence and the Government has told them they do not need to worry as all support will be provided by the Government for its successful release. Mukesh Bhatt also confirmed the same that they had a constructive talk with the Chief Minister for the release of movie “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” and this movie will be released as per the schedule.

In return Producer’s Guild has decided not to work with Pakistani actors and artistes in future. Karan Johar has even taken a one step further and would be run a special slate honoring the martyrs before the start of the movie, as a tribute to the Indian Soldiers who have sacrificed their lives and for those who are guarding our borders.

Producer’s Guild would also be contributing to the Army Welfare Fund as told by Mukesh Bhatt who further said that they will be doing so because “We owe this to the Army“,

Raj Thackrey has also confirmed that his party will let the movie release as per schedule and they will not oppose the movie release.

The movie will get released on time so it’s a good news for those who are associated with the movie but will this movie become successful as it all depends whether people would be going to the cinema halls to watch it because of the reason that it also featuring Pakistani actor Fawad Khan.

This movie is released now but after watching it you will find it sort of boring inspite of anushka sharma getting bald and good acting skills this movie is much slower and seemed streched.