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rahul gandhi claims PM is afraid of him


Yesterday Rahul Gandhi went to Dadri Mandi in UP and talked to various people. He said many things about demonetisation and PM Narendra Modi. He has been attacking Modi for the decision of demonetisation and even claimed in front of people that he wants only half an hour with PM in the Lok Sabha and he will separate milk from the water the only thing he wants is that PM Modi should come to the Lok Sabha and take part in the discussion.

Today he has taken one step forward and alleged that he has some personal information of corruption about Modi and he is afraid of that. He feels that if he will speak about it further than there will be an earthquake.

On this Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Ananth Kumar has said that Rahul Gandhi’s allegations are not true and baseless and also it is unfortunate that allegations were made out of a desperation and she should apologize for his statement.

Rahul Gandhi said “The Prime Minister is personally terrified of me being allowed to open my mouth inside Lok Sabha because I have information about the Prime Minister that is going to explode his balloon. And I am not being allowed to speak in the House.”

When he asked about the information he said that it was personal information about Modi and he will only state in Lok Sabha. It is a matter of personal corruption of the Prime Minister and he has detailed information. In fact they want to present it but the Prime Minister is not allowing them to speak.

Maybe this is a political gimmick by Congress Party to bring Modi in the Lok Sabha to discuss about demonetization. He further claimed that they want to have a debate over the matter but the Government is not interested and the Government has taken a decision against the poor people of this country and has destroyed millions of lives thus is answerable.

Rahul Gandhi thinks that demonetization is the personal decision of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and he cannot keep running away to pop concerts to public meetings. He owes this country an explanation because it is a democratic country.

It seems that the Congress Party and Rahul Gandhi are playing all tantrum to bring Narendra Modi to the Lok Sabha and have a debate over the demonetization but we feel that it is not the right way to do it and they should also obey the decision which seems to be right because not just Government Supreme Court also thinks that the decision is right.

Please let us your views over this matter