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It does not matter when you quit smoking because whenever you will leave this bad habit at any age you will get immense health benefits and better life so it is never too late.

Even a study has also confirmed that smoker can improve their life expectancy even they quit smoking tobacco at the age of 60s. This research was done at National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the US which included people aged 70 or older and were currently smoking were more likely to die than people who never smoke.

In this research data of more than 160,000 individuals aged 70 and over from the NIH –AARP diet and Health study was reviewed.

In 2004 and 2005 questionnaires detailing about their smoking use were filled and reported deaths were tracked until the end of 2011.

Further in this study participants still smoking in their 70’s were identified as current smokers, and former smokers were classified by the decade of life when quitting. The median age was 75 at the beginning of the research study and 56% participants were former smokers and 6% were current smokers. And males were less likely to be never smokers as males smoked more than females and males were more likely to started smoking before the age of 15 years.

So it was observed in the study that and average follow-up of 6.4 years, almost 16% of the participants died. While 12.1% of the never smokers died, 16.2 per cent, 19.7 per cent, 23.9 per cent and 27.9 per cent of former smokers who quit between ages 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, and 60-69 years died.

The death rate of current smokers was 13.1% and the mortality rates for women were lower than men at each level of smoking.

This study finally concludes that smoking initiation and cessation both are the key components of smoking duration, are important predictors of mortality in adults aged 70 years and older.


Want to quit smoking and have also tried several but unable to leave this bad habit tobacco intake. Do not worry a new study has been done on this topic in which it was found that hospitalization is the perfect time to help people quit smoking.

A professor from the Ohio State University, Sonia Duffy said that when people are hospitalized and motivated by Nurses to quit by explaining the harms of smoking on health and slow healing process.

According to this study if a patient no matter why he has been hospitalized has a small talk with a trained nurse may help to kick the cigarette butt. This study also showed that quit rate became almost double when trained nurse talked to the patient and explained why the patient should not smoke anymore. In this study 528 patients from five different community hospitals in the United States were looked at self- reported and lab confirmed quit rates 6 months after discharge.

Those people who had been treated at 3 of the hospitals and undergone a one hour training session on how to help people quit smoking had met with nurse at-least once.

In this case nurses and other hospital staff were trained to make sure that patients got the required help to quit smoking. Whether nicotine gums, nicotine patches or any other prescribed medicine they had every option so that when they left they had everything to combat this habit.

Duffy further told that after 6 months pf their release, 16.5 % of the smokers from the intervention hospitals said they had quit as compared to 5.7% from the other hospitals. Interaction between Nurse and patient in the programme worked well and called tobacco tactics lasted about nine minutes.

She said that if smokers in tobacco tactic hospitals agreed to try then the nurse worked with a doctor to make sure they had whatever tools were best suited for this type of addiction. In this programme nurses will undergo a programme in which some strategies will be taught that help smokers quit smoking.