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The shy one

Dance floors are difficult places for shy people. There’s not a lot of opportunity for them to show their talent. They are always ready with their excuse “YAAR VO NA PET MAI DARD HAI” “AREE TUM KARO MAI JOIN KARTA HOON”. They can be a KHATRO KE KHILADI but cannot be a AJA NACHLE types.


The crazy freak

For these type of dancers there is no limit and instructions  to show their talent. Their feet start tapping while listening to the music, and they suddenly become HRITHIK ROSHAN. They are not shy of the people around them, for them any move is their pet dance move . They are one of the “carefree dancers”.


The Bollywood fan

They are the type of dancers who have the capacity to change the normal  atmosphere to the Bollywood one. They be like “BADTAMEZ DIL MANE NA”. Every DESI AUNTY is their fan and people’s reaction after seeing their dance is like “HAYEE EKDM RANBEER JAISE NACHTA HAI”. Yess… they are exactly The Ranbir Kapoor types hot, sizzling and the perfect step matcher!!




They can match any step to any song and they are exactly the perfect dancers. For them dance is not a big challenge. They can do bhangra on Bollywood songs too, and moreover the expressions they give while dancing suits each lyrics to the best!!



The bhangra dancer

Well these type of dancers are sort of bhangra lovers they can relate any song to bhangra and can dance well on them, whether it is Bollywood, Bhojpuri or Haryanvi . They are never tired of their bhangra steps!!



The sweet couple

There is always a sweet couple who are ready to dance with the flow. A perfect dance from a perfect match. They are the romantic love songs type dancers and are like “HUM TERE BIN AB REH NAI SAKTE”. No dance form, no step and no judgement can decide the amount of love they show while dancing!!

Vasudha Mam 20161218_113930


The one who cannot dance

We often see these type of dancers who creates annoying steps on any kind of song!! They have no idea about what is going on and endlessly create funny steps, which don’t even match with the song!! Their attitude is like “ KARDUNGA TERI TAYE TAYE FISSS”. Funny dancers ever spotted!!