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The president of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum and journalist Sunil Negi has been chosen as the All India Achievers’ Pride of the Nation Awardee to be felicitated with this coveted honour at a function slated for dated 6th March at Hotel Samrat, New Delhi.

The coveted award is being bestowed on Negi for his outstanding translation of a book on the massive ecological catastrophe of June 2013 which occured at Kedarnath Valley and around claiming the lives of thousands and leading to myriad economic loss to the 18 year old Himalayan state of Uttarakhand. The following is the text of the statement released by the senior league journalist and director of AIAC Abhishekh Bachchan while declaring the name of Negi as one the coveted awardee:

The ‘doers’, the ‘achievers’, ICONS are the ones who achieve and excel in their chosen vocation and become Role Models worthy of emulation by others. CONGRATULATIONS Sunil Negi for successfully meriting a place for yourself amongst the esteemed ‘PRIDE OF THE NATION’ awardees. The coveted award will be conferred upon you soon under the aeges of ALL INDIA ACHIEVERS CONFERENCE in New Delhi.

Sunil is a senior league Journalist, author and a prolific writer who has carved a name for himself in the Media world. This award goes to him in recognition of his translated book in English “Havoc in Heaven” based on the tragedy that struck Uttarakhand. He has given a first hand account of the tragedy in which thousands of people lost their lives.

CUDOS Sunil, AIAC salutes your remarkable accomplishments and wishes you many more laurels and accolades. Sunil Negi currently contributes to the news portals newsviewsnetwork.com in english and Samacharhub.com in Hindi regularly.

It was indeed a moment of great privilege for Kalinka Charitable Trust and Uttarakhand Journalists Forum to have the pivotal presence of two important celebrities of their respective fields – one, an author and a politician of repute and another a empowered women who carved a niche for herself in the field of acting as a superstar and producer of several Garhwali films, particularly a super duper hit Subheru Gham.

Yes, I am referring here none other than the former Uttarakhand chief minister and MP Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, an author of several books and eminent parliamentarian as well who’d also made a recent foray in film production with his film Major Nirala likely to be released. Both these eminent personalities were chief guests on 13th January in a largely attended UTTARAYINI KAUTHIG held at Dwarka, New Delhi under the auspicies of KALINKA CHARITABLE TRUST where the singing legend and an iconic personality of Uttarakhand Garh Ratn Narendra Singh Negi and his efficient team of well studded musicians entertained thousands of his fan following.

The ocassion was special because on this very day of Uttarayini the producer, actor of eminence of Uttarakhand Film industry who’d also acted in several Bollywood and regional films like Bhojpuri, Nepalese, Punjabi and produced documentaries for Discovery channel etc was felicitated at the hands of the former Chief Minister, Uttarakhand and MP Dr. Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank as well as the Garh Ratn Narendra Singh Negi with the PRIDE OF UTTARAKHAND AWARD for her valuable and precious contribution in producing quality regional films and playing a vital role in preserving the culture, dialects and traditions of the Himalayan State.

Her home production SUBHERU GHAM, WAS FOR THE FIRST TIME SCREENED IN CANADA’S INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL AND WAS AWARDED AS ONE OF THE OUTSTANDING REGIONAL FILMS’, the first ever internatiinal tecongnition accorded to any regional film of Uttarakhand. Kudos to her. Good luck Urmi Negi.



It’s definitely a matter of immense pride for India to have been recognised by World bank for coming 30 points up this time from the previous 130 in the prestigious global ranking thus accepting the fact that India has definitely progressed by leaps and bounds especially in terms of creating an atmosphere of goodwill and confidence amongst the entrepreneurs, domestic and foreign to do business in India with ease and with no future hassles.

This outstanding achievement is surely an issue which is being politically exploited by the ruling party BJP in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh where hectic campaigning is on and elections are due for November and December. Well, while BJP led NDA is quite happy with this latest certificate of merit with country’s sensex and Nifty climbing high, the main rival Congress and its fire brand leader Rahul Gandhi and other anti BJP parties are least happy, by enhancing their tirade against the centrally ruled political dispensation accusing them of misguiding the people of the country by confining the survey to mere two states of Mumbai and Delhi and intentionally sidelining the other states where the situation is quite adverse and in jeopardy after the implementation of GST and demonetisation which Rahul termed as anti small and medium businessmen.

He outrightly and most vociferously while deploring this indicator of World Bank Ranking said that India does not need a certificate of baseless recognition from any international agency when its crystal clear within the country that small and medium entrepreneurs have been completely put into trouble and extreme inconvenience in conducting their respective businesses and about 4 lakh people, especially the youth and labour have become unemployed after the implemention of demonetisation and GST. Gujarat witnessed one of the hugest rally ever against GST denouncing the BJP led government at the Centre.

The point, is how can an international body set a benchmark of doing business with ease by just assesing the perception of business scenerio of Delhi and Mumbai leaving or excluding states like Chennai, UP, Gujarat, Karnataka, Punjab or Rajasthan etc including the derogatory after affects of demonetisation and even GST, which has literally put the lives of the billions of entrepreneurs and the workforce of the country in quandary.

According to the news, the evaluation for doing the ease of business ranking is very complicated. The benchmark based on the data from Delhi and Mumbai for the current year till June 2017, places India amongst the top ten countries who’ve improved excellently, having performed well in 8 out of the 10 business indicators.

This world bank’s ranking lifting India 30 points higher in a year is rated as one of the outstanding performances of the government under prime minister Narendra Modi’s efficient and dynamic leadership, claim the senior BJP leaders while the opposition parties call this just an eye wash to befool people and entrepreneurs of the country with skyrocketting inflation in petrol , diesal, LPG cylinder prices, finally leading to multiplying inflation in the prices of essential commodities despite lowering prices of international crude and the government’s financial coffers’ full of 15000 lakh crores after demonetisation as claimed by it.(BJP)

The increase in 30 point ranking of India will not only create a widespread positive environment in making India an international business hub by encouraging foreign investors put their billions of dollars in India but also help in enhancing India’s growth rate to the considerable level, thus opening doors for massive employment, say BJP leaders.