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When the political system of India is allegedly witnessing myriad unethical and corrupt practices and political leaders and big busnessmen invloved in dubious and obnoxious fraudulent activities of gigantic proportion with scams worth crores of rupees becoming the order of the day and the people hailing from the lowest strata of the society still reeling under abject poverty including acute exploitation at all levels, a former young jurist feeling the pain of the poorest of the poor and the hapless in failing to seek justice in extremely protracted judicial processes that hang on for years together, has taken a plunge into active politics yesterday on 1st of March, 2018 by joining a two and a half year old national party known as Azad Bharat Congress and being unanimously elected its national president.

Addressing a press conference in Press club of India, soon after retiring and taking the reign of this party, former Judge K K Sharma said that during the last 33 years of his carreer as a lawyer and district judge in Amethi,( the political constituency of the Congress president Rahul Gandhi) he has strongly felt and experienced that the poor, down troddens and the economically deprived people of Uttar Pradesh and elsewhere are the worst sufferers in acknowledging due justice who are constrained to run from pillar to posts to seek justice, but of no avail.

Expressing his immense dissatisfaction and regret over the tardy state of affairs in the delivery of due justice to the lower middle class and the grass root people of the rural areas, former judge Sharma said, there should be decentralised judicial system at the state and district levels of the country with setting up of maximum number of judicial benches so that the hapless and economically deprived poor people are not constrianed to approach distant courts to seek justice. Sharma said: during his judicial career of 7 years as the full fledged district judge he has worked very hard and dedicatedly and cleared thousands of pending cases, giving due justice to the have nots and had established a record to be included in Guiness book but was pre strategically denied the honour due to the conspiracy of the powers that be.

Believing in establishing communal harmony in the country, the president of Azad Bharat Congress said : the muslims of the country today are the most backward lot and need to be educated, given all the facilities and privileges due for them constitutionally and bring them at par to the other communities of the country enjoying the comforts and priviliges in all fields of the country. Believing in secularism and communal amity K.K. Sharma believes that the nation is today the greatest victim of huge unemployment and population explosion and Azad Bharat Congress will make it its main aim and objective to mobilise people of the country on widespread scale.

He was also concerned about the women security and dwelt at length on the empowerment of women saying that unless or until, the AADHI AABAADI i.e. the women of the country are not empowered socially, economically, politically and educationally we’ll not be able to do justice to the cause of women empowerment, the slogan which every political party raises during the elections but backs out after achieving political power.

On a question of political funding of his newly emerged party and the possibility of its countering the influence or impact of giant national and regional parties like Congress, BJP etc, Azad Bharat Congresse’s newly sworn president former judge K.K. Sharma said that his party believes in collecting funds through commen man and not from big business houses. He believes that there is no need for excessive funding to run political parties. Former judge KK Sharma announced that he would conduct the tour of various states of the country from March 15th and would mobilise people of the country to strengthen his new party so that it can prepare itself for the 2019 elections in limited but in the sure sort winning seats.


The president of India, Ram Nath Kovind today became extremely emotional and was seen wiping his tears in full public view with his hankerchief after he presented the mother and the widow of the Indian Garud Cammando of Indian Air Force late Corporal Jyoti Prakash Nirala, the most coveted award ASHOK CHAKRA posthumously on the 69th celebration of Republic day at Rajpath today.

This is for the very first time that that a Garud Commando of Indian Air force has been awarded the Ashok Chakra posthumosly. After presenting the honour to the late Corporal Nirala, president Kovind after being seated on the dias, looked too tense and emotional and took out his hankerchief to wipe the tears literally rolling from his eyes, focussedly shown by few television channels.

This rare scene of the head of the largest democracy of the world becoming emotional over the sacrifice of our young soldiers and IAF corporal in action has infact made every single citizen of the country emotional and passionate. Kudos to our true heroes because of whom about 135 crore Indians are safe and sound and leading their comfortable lives.

Primarily hailing from the Rohtas district of Bihar, the IAF Garud Commando Jyoti Prakash Nirala who was posted under operation Rakshak in IAF’s Garud’s special forces unit showed exemplary courage by single handedly eliminating three out of six hard core fully trained Laskare Tayyeba militants hiding in a house in Bindapore, Jammu and Kashmir.

In all six militants of LET were wiped out in this operation considered to be one of the greatest setbacks to the LET masterminds’ monitoring the operation from across the border. It was primarily due the brave and intelligent actions of Corporal Nirala that the 6 militants had no option to escape. They therefore became desperate and started throwing grenades on the ambush party while rushing out of the hide, fully terrified.

Nirala responded by retaliating and opening a heavy lethal attack on the terrorists. During the firing he gunned downed two terrorists on the spot while injured two other grievously. However, while valiantly fighting these terrorists he too was fatally injured and finally succumbed to the terroris bullets thus making a supreme sacrifice for the country.

He valiantly fought till the last and in turn preferred to martyr himself. The six killed terrorists on 18th November, 2017 included Owaid the nephew of Zakir u Rehman Lakhvi, the main sponseror and conspiracy hatcher of the Mumbai killings that happened on 26 /11 years ago.

Major Vijayant Bist has also been awarded the Kirti Chakra for exhibiting outstanding bravery while killing two hard core terrorists and saving the life of a colleague in an ambush he was leading in Chorgali forest, Uri, Jammu and Kashmir. Major Vijayant had spotted infiltration on June 6, 2017. Immediately engaging the terrorists, which led to an intense firefight, and a resulting infiltration into Goalta forest, he tracked and engaged them in a fierce gun battle on June 7.

While closing in on the terrorists, his comrade got injured. Despite the heavy fire, Major Vijayant crawled and pulled his comrade to safety. The terrorists continued to engage the patrol. Major Vijayant continued to press the escaping terrorists. He guided and motivated his team to continue searching for the terrorists for the next 48 hours under adverse weather conditions, displaying astonishing physical and mental perseverance. On June 9 the terrorists were sighted again. Major Vijayant neutralised one terrorist and engaged and killed another at point blank range. Salutes to these gallantary men who are are true saviours.


A well known socio political activist and entrepreneur by profession Vinod Nautiyal has been duly elected as the president of well know social organisaton of national level known as AKHIL BHARTIYA UTTARAKHAND MAHASABHA. The name of Nautiyal was proposed by the outgoing president of the organisation Shambhu Prasad Pokhriyal in a meeting held at Press club of India in New Delhi on 5th of November in the presence of several state presidents from Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Chandigarh and the national office bearers of the organisation.

Vinod Nautiyal has been elected president for the tenure of five years and have been assigned the responsibility to reactivate the units of the Uttarakhand Mahasabha in seventeen states of the country where the organisation was functional earlier but not reactivated a since a long spell however in five states the Maha sabha is actively functional.

Expressing his gratitude towards the outgoing president and various state chiefs Vinod Nautiyal assured that he will leave no stone unturned to ensure that the organisation is refurbished, activated and in majority of the states by revitalising it at the block and district level.

The main objective of the organisation is to bring different social organisations of Uttarakhand into its fold and enhancing its membership drive, right from the centre to state to district and block level and make it a chesive organisation to fight for maintaining the socio cultural entity of Uttarakhand in cities and metropolises of the country.

The organisation will convene and organise district and state level workers conference once in a year and also arrange seminars, round table talks and interactions at grass root level apart from fighting and struggling for noble causes and issues of significance including seeking justice in matters of exploitation and injustices meted out to the inhabitants of Uttarakhand in UK as well as in other states of the country.

It will also celebrate the anniversaries of the icons of UTTARAKHAND on the fixed dates and also draw the government’s attention on various socio economic issues for the betterment of Uttarakhand and its people. Akhil Bhartiya Uttarakhand Mahasabha is an All India social outfit of Uttarakhand and holds a good reputation amongst the Uttarakhandies in various states of the country. Sr. journalists Sunil Negi and Suresh Nautiyal have been appointed as advisors by the national president Vinod Nautiyal.
SUNIL NEGi, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum