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The CBI has claimed that the Gurgaon Police has significantly planted the murder weapon used in killing of Pradhyumn who was a student of Ryan International, a knife on school bus conductor Ashok Kumar.

The Delhi police declared the case solved within hours by accusing Ashok Kumar as the murderer.

Now after two months CBI has found that a 16 year old student of same school was the owner of the knife and he was responsible for the murder of innocent boy Pradhyumn just because he was not prepared for the coming exams and in order to get them cancelled he made a plan to kill someone so that exams can be postponed. The pressure of competition and exams has reached dangerous levels which is impacting the young minds of our Nation. Students are constantly under pressure of performance with so much of distraction from social media which has certainly changed the human kind from social animal to digital animal.

In this case according to CBI the juvenile bought the knife from a local shop and brought inside the school and the same knife was recovered by the Gurgaon police which according to them was brought by Ashok.

The juvenile guided the CBI to the local shop from where he bought the knife and told that he slit the throat of Pradhyuman within seconds and he did not even resisted because he did not get time to react.

The Gurgaon police claimed that the bus conductor carried the knife in a tool kit and brought inside the toilet where he killed the innocent Pradhyuman and then cleaned the knife. It was also claimed that he tried to molest the child which was totally wrong

The Gurgaon police pressurized Ashok so much that he ultimately confessed the ghastly crime which he never committed.

CBI has claimed that the knife is the only weapon which was recovered and used in the case and I was thrown inside the commode of the same washroom where the murder was committed but the Gurgaon police kept on this information and did not tell anything about it to anyone that this weapon was used in the crime and it was recovered from the washroom.

The Gurgaon police was under immense pressure of the public and Government so they framed Ashok in the case and claimed to solve the case same day.


So far the claim has been disputed by the family of juvenile. However, the CBI is strongly believing that the juvenile is responsible for the murder as he showed them the way to the local shop from he bought the knife and gave statement in front of his parent and a social activist.