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Some interesting things you can do next time when there is a power cut if you do not have power backup or ups installed in your home. Nowadays it is become very important to have ups installed as no one likes to sit in dark keep praying for electricity to come instead go for a power back up.

Still do not want to buy ups r any other power back up then you can do some activities which you used to enjoy earlier when you were young. You can arrange a candle light dinner with your spouse and enjoy it could be candle light lunch also. Do not fret or start fuming as this will not result in anything. Just thinking other way that you have got time to interact with your family members, share your thoughts and also listen to then what they want to say and feel for you.

There are lot more things which you can do during the power cuts at home and there is no need to go out somewhere to kill time or if you are not in a mood to spend your valuable time somewhere.

Power cuts gives you time to completely away from technology and things which eat most of your time. You can play board games with your kids, listen to them how they spent their day at school or college.

You can read books which you have been long waiting to finish. Clean your home or do that activity which you always wanted to do for long time.

If you have got ups installed at your home and you already have information about the power cuts then you can plan your activities accordingly as you can charge all your tech gadgets in advance so that maximum power of ups could be used for long hours.

If power cut is regular feature in your area then it is chance to meet real people and leave social networking sites to kill your time or you can go to park and enjoy the fresh air and if possible start bonding with other people as it will help you a lot whenever you are in need.
One more thing is that if you have kids or old parents at home then go for good ups and make them comfortable.

You can write down your thoughts on paper. How long has been since you wrote about your thoughts so pick up a pen and paper to write down what do you want to achieve or how you feel after achieving what you always wanted or anything you may wish to. This is the best way you can utilize your power cut time and connect with inner self.