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Delhi seems to have become a safe haven for criminals, especially the chain snatchers as incidents of chain snatchings and subsequent physical attacks are on rampant rise with shockingly the women being the victims.

Believe me, thirty percent of the cases of such incidents are either not reported due to the apprehension of reprisals from the culprits or with a belief that the ornament once gone would never be recovered.

Delhi being the capital of the country is already too busy a city with its population being rapidly multiplied and so is the law and order situation. The Delhi police has so many other functions to do like VIP n VVIP security and its involvement in dealing and resolving with other serious nature of crimes like murders, women security, cases of frauds, economic offences, law and order, general petrolling and cases pertaining to thefts, decoities, vehicle thefts and chain snatchings.

The staff strength too is not in commensurate with the capacity to cope with the deteriorating law and order situation in Delhi police with lots of vacancies still existing. The lack on the part of the law enforcing agencies to stringently deal with such criminals as chain snatchers and robbers makes their morale high and decreases the terror of law and law enforcing agencies like police, in their mind.

This therefore results in rapid increase in the crime statistics and subsequent in security amongst the Delhi citizens, especially the women who are the most suffered lot at the hands of the chain snatchers of Delhi, majority of who are reckless juveniles, below eighteen who even after being caught get free thus encouraged to commit more harsh crimes in future, finally shaping themselves as hardened criminals.

The horrifying incident of outer district in Rohini Sector 5 Market on 29th October between 7 to 8 PM is, though not new, but still an eye opener for Delhi police and mute spectators in which not only the diamond studded chain of a brave woman doctor of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital was forcibly snatched by two bike borne robbers but was also shot on her thigh twice profusely bleeding who were finally successful in absconding with the gold n diamond chain showing open rebuff to over 100 mute DARPOK and selfish locals.

Such tragic incidents are the order of the day in DELHI and the police authorities unfortunately are not able to counter them for the reasons best known to them. It’s really shocking to note that as per the latest statistics published in today’s HT in the last five years there have been a gigantic surge of 413% in cases of chain snatchings in Delhi. According to the latest data from 2013 to October 2017, about 37,557 cases of chain snatchings were registered, four times more than 7,309 cases registered in between 2008 to 2012.

One can just imagine the enhancement of moral amongst criminals commiting chain snatching in such a large number and the sagging morale of the police force to apply effective check on them.




The unmitigated harassment, victimisation, terrorising and killing practice of journalists in various parts of the country goes unabated with scribes in their line of duty compelled to live in the environment of fear and apprehension. While in some cases criminals n professional supari killers execute the diabolical murders of the progressive journalists on the directives of forces of religious fanaticism n bigotry, in some other cases the influential ones’ under fear of being exposed by the revelations of investigative journalist order the killings.

But in both the cases money power is involved and hands of blessings of the powerful is always a significant factor. But what if the police authorities who are supposed to be the custodian of law and order, on whose shoulders lye the responsibility to protect the people, themselves become hooligans and behave worst than criminals. On last Sunday, the 24th September the erroneous police officers in Kerala’s Varkala town allegedly assaulted and thrashed a journalist Sanjeev Gopalan and stripped him naked in front of his wife and daughter.

The victim 49 year old journalist’s fault was that he few months ago exposed the ill doings of some corrupt policemen through a story printed in a local newspaper. This shocking incident unambiguously indicate that any journalist in the country, particularly in KERALA is not entitled or eligible to expse the bad doings or corrupt activities of the policemen whether they are high ranking officers or an ordinary Sepoy and if he or she (journalist) is bold enough to do his duty as a free and fearless journalist, not only will he/ she be subjected to physical assault but would also be stripped either publically or in front of the family members.

Shocking and disgusting indeed. What makes things even worse when we find the police authorities showing little or no interest in grabbing the killers or assaulters of the journalists unless there is a massive outrage or coverage in the media. Sounds anguishing that except a very negligible few the police all over the couldn’t make much headway in bringing a single killer to justice in a decade or so during which over 70 journalists have been killed and around 146 injured, majority of them grievosly. In just two months time four journalists have been despicably killed in Bengaluru, Bihar, Tripura and Punjab namely Gauri Lankesh, (Editor LANKESH PATRIKE), Prashant Mishra (Rahtriya Sahara), Shantanu Bhowmik, ( Reporter of electronic channel DIN RAAT) and Mr. Singh(News editor INDIAN EXPRESS, (retd). All the above murders took place in the non BJP states.

This is a warning signal for investigative journalists in particular whose lives are always at stake usually while in the line of duty. The government should devise a specific legislation ensuring strictest punishment for the culprits compounded with safety measures and strong financial compensation for the survival of the family of the deceased scribe.


The capital of India Delhi is in the grip of cases of snatchings and the robbers and chain snatchers are having their fullest say with the law enforcing agencies though trying their best but not able to do much to bring these criminals in the legal net.

The newspapers these days are full of news pertaining to cases of chain snatchings and robberies and subsequent injuries to those who resist them. Delhi has been in the grip of such scores of unresolved cases as the majority of the victims particularly the women and their families desist from lodging the complaints about (for) the fear of either reprisal or revenge by these criminals or noncompliance by the police considering such complaints of no relevance.  

Just yesterday on 29th August a woman from Haridwar, Uttarakhand who had come to Noida to pick up her ailing daughter while going towards Railway station behind Red Fort along with her daughter who worked as a medical transcriptor in a Noida hospital was not only  grievously attacked but was made to fall down from the auto seriously injuring her head and coming back to senses the next day in a hospital and her purse with important pan and ATM cards, documents, several thousand rupees etc was snatched by these criminals who followed their auto on bike on the way. Such obnoxious and dreaded incidents of chain and purse snatchings in almost all the districts of Delhi has become too common and the women are not safe at all as those who retaliate or confront them bravely are either stabbed or grievously injured or avenged later on. The cases of such nature are on the shocking increase in Delhi and the concerned law enforcing agencies, though claim of doing their best are finding themselves as failures to catch hold of these criminals, who are multiplying in abundance in the capital city of India like parasites on our system.  

It may be recalled that the Delhi police are already short of staff and police personals and as compared to the staff strength in other states and countries of the world they have comparatively quite less number of police personals. Moreover, the majority of them are involved in the VIP and VVIP securities having little space to deal with the cases pertaining to dreaded crime and women assaults. Delhi has been witnessing the shameful cases of rapes, women assaults, robberies and chain snatchings including gangsterisms and murders for long and it is not that the police is not doing anything. But the shortage of staff, lack of adequate training to resolve cases via proper and intelligent investigation and involvement of the majority of the police force in VIP security is one of the prime reasons’ for the increase and subsequent less resolution record of Delhi Police.

Moreover police being in the control of the central government makes the state government helpless in dealing with them directly. The crux of the matter is the law enforcing agencies should tighten their belts and make sure that cases of the chain, mobile, purse snatchings and subsequent physical attack on Delhites, particularly the vulnerable women should be dealt with severely and criminals brought to justice at the earliest.