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While the campaigning in Gujarat elections due in December 9th and 14th has reached its peak with both Congress and BJP throwing myriad accusations against each other the battle on twitter handles of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and prime minister Narendra Modi has also become too hectic and no less than a fierce fighting of words and allegations against each other through the followers of respective parties active on twitter.

Though the following of Nehru Gandhi family scion and vociferous leader Rahul Gandhi having 40 lakh followers on twitter is no match to prime minister Narendra Modi’s 36 million ardent fans and followers but during the Gujrat election’s hectic campaigning the way former’s twitter activity has increased manifold with encouraging response from his followers including ressitence from his political opponents, Rahul Gandhi was compelled to post a recorded picture of his voice playing tricks with his intelligent pet Pidi exhibiting that its he only who handles his twitter handle and nobody else.

Actually , according to sources the way their is a dramitic rise in the following of Rahul Gandhi after his hard hitting writings on his twitter handle on various issues challenging BJP and its leaders politically, particularly in the context of Gujarat elections, some of his opponents and critics have been constantly asking and saying that its not Rahul Gandhi but somebody else, i.e. hired professionals who tweet intelligently on his twitter handle, meaning that its not in Rahul Gandhi’s capacity and ability to tweet so intelligently n intellectually.

Feeling worried and challenged, Rahul wasted no time and put a recorded visual on his twitter account in response which shows Rahul playing tricks with his intelligent pet dog Pidi n talking to him. On the top of the recorded pic he tweeted, ,” PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ASKING WHO TWEETS FOR THIS GUY.. I am coming clean..IT’S ME..PIDI. I AM WAY .. then him. Look what can I do with a tweet.. oops..treat.

It’s in a way a huge satire for those or ridule of them who are questioning and challenging his capacity and capability to handle his twitter handle intelligently as he’s been doing since long. Rahul’s planting of this pic has become sort of viral with leaders of both BJP and Congress busy accusing each other in TV debates as well as telivision bites. Sounds interesting. The office of the RG twitter handle acknowledged 16000 likes, nearly 7000 retweets and 3000 comments by now, with more responses following.



I remember, at office, while chit chatting over a coffee a topic of spouse or life partner came, and suddenly, someone said it’s better to have a pet than a partner. Everyone laughed.

Later, I read somewhere, now day’s people also assess the compatibility of pet according their zodiac sign. Isn’t it interesting?

Like we search for compatibility in our partners, we should not overlook the same while selecting a pet. This might sound a bit funny but even the Hindu Puranas and Vedas have considered these animals as a sign of fortune, good luck, wealth and well-being. So, let’s find out which pet suits you best as per your zodiac.


Aries personality traits include adventurous, courageous and high energy level. The perfect match is none other than a Dog; ideally a Labrador. They are dynamic and accommodating, and abhor mundane lifestyle; simply like a genuine Arian!



Taureans are reliable and patient. They are affectionate and only connect with people, they are comfortable with. So, a cute cat is best for this zodiac’s pet companion. These feline species love to adore and shower their affection to their masters.



Geminians are quite communicative and lively. They love to explore the world with their wings. Nothing would match their spirits better than a parrot. This chatty and intelligent pet brings prosperity and wealth to home.



Cancerians are sensitive and emotional. They also have raging mood-swings. A hamster pet is a bang on to match this fragile zodiac. These are loveable, delicate and cuddly. Also they would always be by their owner’s side.



People with Leo sign loves magnificence, so only a royal pet will satisfy them. They would love to keep a Lion as a pet; a horse is their second choice. The animal is loyal, regal, and fierce that exactly matches a typical Leo in all possible way.



A Virgo is a shy and modest by nature, even fussy and finicky at times. So, a pet who expresses its affection through mess is definitely not a good option for a freaky Virgo! Hence, fishes would be a perfect choice. They need minimum care and never create disturbance at home.



Librans are known for balance in almost everything, Librans are charming, urbane, and sociable. They are fond of beauty around them. So, it is obvious for them to have an attractive pet such as a Russian Blue or white Persian cat. These pets bring prosperity and good luck with them.



A Scorpion admires for being determined and unique. Their zodiac symbol itself is scary; hence these people would never like a gentle and homely pet. They would prefer for a pet who keeps all negative energies away and all people from barging into their lives. Hence, a snake and a scorpion invite good luck for them.



Sagittarians love their independence and freedom, and do not prefer to be pushed around. They are fond of traveling and would never like a pet that needs regular attention and care. So, a pet like a turtle or a fish that requires a minimum care would be a perfect option for them. These pets fend off negative energy.



They are reserved, disciplined, and hard working people. They prefer to pet bigger animals, so cows are best choice of pet for them. Cows repel the affect of a malefic planetary motion.



Aquarians do not prefer to be restricted by responsibility of a pet. However, if given a chance, they would prefer to raise a pair of ‘love birds’. These birds bring stability and boost love life and good luck.



Pisceans are sensitive, selfless, devoted and unworldly. So, a cute furry rabbit would be a perfect match for a Piscean. The soft and cuddly pet would connect with them with pure love and affection.