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INDIA, though traditionally conceived as a conservative country, is slowly opening its doors to western ideas and lifestyles, one of which is the concept of live in relationships. It is an arrangement under which the couples which are unmarried live together to conduct a long- going relationship similar to a marriage. A live in relationship provides for a life free from responsibility and commitment unlike as in a marriage. Living-in is a convenient sub-martial relationship that may or may not lead to a legal marriage. But it leaves open the option of parting ways without undergoing the hassle of divorce, which may be compounded by a costly settlement obligation.
There are multitudes of reasons for the increased preference of couples to have live in relationship instead of a much- accepted matrimony. The basic idea behind conducting a live in relationship is that the interested couple wants to test their compatibility for each other before going some commitment. It may also be that couples in live-in relationships see no benefit or value offered by the institution of marriage or that their financial situation prevents them from being married on account of marriage expenses or to establish financial security before officially tying the knot. Certain individuals may also prefer to be in a live in relationship because in their opinion, relationships are their personal and private matters that ought not to be controlled by religious, political and/or patriarchal institutions.
Live-in relationships in India are often seen as a taboo and a sin. None of the statues dealing with succession or marriage such as the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, the Special Marriage Act, 1954 or the Indian Succession Act, 1925 and so on recognize live-in relationships specifically. Women in such relationships don’t possess any substantive rights under any law.
In the absence of any law to define the status of live in relationships, the Courts have time and again flexed their hands and accorded interpretation to this complex issue. Living together has been long considered to be presumption of marriage until some facts proven it to be otherwise under Section 114 of the Evidence Act.
The year 2010 was a significant year in the legal sphere related to live-in relationships, with the judiciary in both the Supreme Court and the High Courts delivering numerous decisions on the legal status of live-in relationships.
The live in relationship may be immoral, but is not illegal. Even the Judiciary has accorded legality to the concept of live in relationship and has protected the rights of the parties and the children of live in couples but there are certain grey areas which have not been adequately addressed. However, there is no law which makes a live in relationship illegal. The concept of live-in relationships have come out of the closet and even found partial recognition in law. There has been a huge societal change in the attitude towards live-in relationships for instance the case of multinational companies providing health insurance benefits to domestic partners of the employees.
Though the debate rages on in public forum with recommendations and opinions yet coming in from various authorities and Commissions to either amend the existing laws or desist from doing so, there have been no amendments to the existing personal law. It is thus, worthwhile to examine whether or not, live-in relationships can find their place in personal laws in the country.
The law needs to ascertain and clearly specify the length of time of cohabitation which will enable the person to be qualified as live-in partners in order to attain benefits flowing from such a relationship. It needs the immediate attention of the lawmakers to make it clear through suitable legislation otherwise different couples may be subjected to different yardsticks when they seek their rights. After all, live-in relationships are based on informal understandings.
Live-in relationships have been accorded a legal status by the Courts subject to certain conditions which are ambiguous and need further clarification. Until such clarification is notified by the Legislature, legalized live-in relationships appear to be a reality in the background of the judicial decisions, but they are ex facie a distant dream.



In our society usually people think that those speak more are successful and you may have also noted on many occasions that extroverts are preferred more as compared to introverts. It is also believed that bigger the personality the more likely individual is to succeed in life and this is not true for introverts. But there are lots of traits of introverts which gets unnoticed by people and are actually major contributors to achieving success.

Let us checkout some traits of introverts which are major contributors to success.

Introvert people are highly creative

Introvert people are found to be highly creative and they exactly know how to utilize this capability as well. This ability helps them to think out of the box solutions for the problem which can sometime save lots of money and time. Most of the inventors were also introverts who had given innovative solutions which could save large population with fresh ideas.

Introvert people are great listeners

Introvert people do not speak much and mostly quiet but this does not mean that they are not attentive while extrovert people steal the limelight but chances of missing important information are also more in their case. Introverts quietly work after observing with detailed notes. So whether it is a personal or professional situation introvert people have advantage of listening to others and notice even small details to act in a better way and find a solution to a particular problem.

Introverts are independent

The general tendency of introverts is being alone as much as they can and this quality makes them highly independent. So whether they are doing something personal or official work they do not have any social distractions and due to this they are able to focus on their work. They make great team members who become invaluable with time and their performance.

You can trust introverts

You can definitely rely on introvert people and can share confidential information with them because there are very less chances that they would be spilling beans as compared to extroverts. Creating trust is important for success in life whether in personal life or professional life.

Introverts are self – aware

Introverts know themselves better than others because they are often in tune with how they represent themselves and thus are likely to use this to their advantage. They are best presenters during a work meeting or realizing their faults in the personal relationship.


Trai has published a data about the 4G speed of Reliance Jio and shockingly it was found in the report that Reliance 4G speeds was much slower than speeds of Air-tel, Idea and Vodafone. The 4G speed of Airtel was 11.4 megabits per second, Reliance communications was found at 7.9 Mbps, Vodafone at 7.3 Mbps, Idea at 7.6 Mbps and Jio was had speed of 6.2 Mbps.

Trai is also thinking to take action against call failure and call drop of Reliance Jio network.

Reliance Jio is not agreeing with the data released by Trai and told that they have performed their internal analysis of the same and based on this analysis, they believe that the comparison of Jio speeds with other operators has an inherent bias against Jio data usage.

Reliance Jio has also claimed that the data speed on the Company’s network was being measured after consumer exhausted the daily fair usage policy that is limit of 4GB data downloaded per user and after that the speed limit falls to 256 kbps.

People who have bought Reliance Jio are complaining that it is not working fine because places where the signals are weak internet is also slow and customers are not able to call and even if the call gets connected the quality is not good. So signal strength in Jio is an issue which the company should resolve as soon as possible otherwise there is not much of the Jio SIM.

But the question is that what action Trai will take against the Jio if they continue to provide slow speed of 4G because for three months they are providing free internet and voice calls means that they are not charging anything from the customers and even if they will start charging after 3 months then they should be able to provide the good 4G speed.


London: A study has found that the way people walk can give significant signs about their aggression levels. This type of study about the connection of aggression and walking style has been done for the first time and it has revealed many other interesting facts about exaggerated movement of both the upper and lower body indicated aggression.

A lead researcher from the University of Portsmouth in Britain told that when walking, the body naturally rotates a little, as a person steps forward with their left foot, the left side of the pelvis moves forward with the leg, the left shoulder will move back and the right shoulder forward in order to maintain the balance of the body. An aggressive walk is one where this rotation is exaggerated.

According to this study people generally know that there is a relationship between swagger and psychology. However, the research has also provided some empirical evidences which confirm that personality is indeed manifested in the way we walk.

It was further clarified that the potential relationship between an individual’s biological motion and their intention to engage in aggression could be used to help prevent crime.

This research can really help in reducing the crime rate around the world because if the CCTV researcher could be trained to recognize the aggressive walking style then they can easily recognize impending crimes.

In this study 29 people were asked to participate and they were asked to walk normally and on treadmill at their natural speed. The researcher also used a standard personality test called the “Big Five” to assess personality traits including openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness and neuroticism.

Motion sensor technology was used to capture the walking style and after recording them researchers analyzed thorax and pelvis movements.