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In Bhartiya Janata Party since it came to power in 2014 with prime minister Narendra Modi’s Charisma, while there have been tremendous support for Modi within and outside the Party with his one time rivals like Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley slowly and gradually becoming his biggest admirers and trusted people after the latters’ induction in the Union Council of ministers given the charge of plum portfolios like finance and external affairs there is no dearth of opposition emerging from within as well, though slowly and steadily.

Today the Modi charisma though still on the hype but is partially on the down slide as well to an extent as he is being dubbed by his ardent opponenrts, particularly, the Congress as the rhetoric PM loading people of the country with excessive promises but doing little or negligible on the ground. During prime minister Narendra Modi’s three and a half year tenure as a most popular and gutsy leader while on the one hand he had been appreciated and lauded for his actions on foreign diplomatic front having toured several countries of the globe and resolving vexed issues like Doklam stand off, maintaining healthy bilateral trade and security relations with super power like US, Japan, countries of the middle east, China and SAARC nations, and establishing its leadership supremacy in UN by winning the election for the judgeship of International Court of justice defeating UNSC’s powerful member, Britain compounded with surgical strikes demolishing terror sanctuaries across the border etc compounded with incessant victories in several state elections thus ruling in 18 states of the country on the other hand he has been horribly condemned and criticized by his seasoned opponents like former finance minister Yashwant Sinha and ex Minister in the Vajpayees’s govt, senior journalist Arun Shouri as well as the former minister and actor turned politician Shatrughan Sinha on the issues of demonetisation, GST, inflation, his foreign visits and various policy matters terming them as anti people and utterly lop sided.

The former deputy prime minister Lal Krishna Advani, his one time God father and the senior leader and former union minister Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi too had been cut to sizes politically under the guise of having crossed 75 years of age and therefore of no use to the party. Political analysts say that while Narendra Modi is still extremely popular amongst the masses in the country but on the issues such as lynching of minorities, inflation, ill effects of demonetization, attacks on journalists and on GST implementation etc including his being tamed as the leader symbolising rhetorics have to some extent tried to put dent to his image. While the analysts claim that Modi may still have the upper hand in the 2019 elections due to the supposed wave of religious polarisation of majoritarianism and other factors such as weak leadership of his chief opponent Rahul Gandhi but the recent exposure in caravan about the suspicious death of the Mumbai High Court judge looking after the BJP chief Amit Shah case and the case of his son’s bank account that multiplied from 50 thousand to 80 crores in a short duration, if blown out of proportion may definitely bring his and the party’s image to the downslide tremendously.

The increasing pressure of Rahul Gandhi, Hardik Patel, Jignesh and Kalpesh Thakur have already compelled Prime minister Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah to shift the entire union cabinet to the poll bound Gujarat which unambiguously speaks of the fact that the graph of the current political dispensation and its leader at the centre who once ruled Gujarat as its two time CM is in greatest jeopardy atleast till the final results of the state are finally declared.

It may therefore conclusively be said that its not only from the Congress Party or its leader Rahul Gandhi through whom the BJP in Gujarat is confronting challenge of the greatest magnitude despite its chances of victory on Gujarat pride factor, Modi being the PM of the country but within the party too the one time invincible PM is being challenged by the likes of vociferous and oratorically highly skilled Yashwant Sinha, veteran journalist Arun Shourie and the actor turned former minister Shatrughan Sinha. While the patriarchs of the party like LK Advani and Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi are mum publically but it is reliably learn that they leave no stone unturned to criticize the party and government leadership as and when they get the chance to do so but within the four walls and amongst the party distractors. It seems that despite so much of over confidence all is not well within the ruling party. What do you say friends?



All bottlenecks have finally been cleared for the much awaited supreme post of the 131 year old Congress Party for the Gandhi family scion Rahul Gandhi, that freed India from the colonial cluches of the imperialist British. The timing for the crowning has been chosen at a time when elections to the Gujarat Assembly are on the peak that involves the prestige of prime minister Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi equally. However, the Nehru Gandhi’s crowning as the party president will have any positive impact on the results of this much hyped election is still to be seen after the polling on 9th and 14th December respectively. Rahul’s much awaited elevation to the top most slot of the Congress Party that ruled the nation for more than six decades is significant because the entire CWC, the largest decision making body has cleared his name for his election as nobody else in the party seems to have the political guts to challenge his leadership by contesting against him.

There is every possibility of the Congress Vice President becoming the party chief on 5th December. Since joining the active politics after her mother Sonia Gandhi’s deteriorating health condition Rahul Gandhi has travelled a long distance fighting all odds within and outside party by some of his detractors though nobody came to the fore to oppose his leadership except the non heavy weights like Gufran Azam the former MP of Congress who opposed his leadership openly finally having been expelled from the party. Dynastic politics of Congress confined to the Nehru Gandhi family has always been the main election plank of the anti Congress opposition parties mainly the BJP apart from corruption which helped them return to power but minus Nehru Gandhi family members the Congress party holds no significance as right from the pre independence day from Moti Lal Nehru great grand father of Rahul Gandhi to Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru to Indira Gandhi to Rajiv Gandhi to Sonia and now Rahul himself the Congress has ruled this nation for sixty protracted years sending a clear message that despite tons of criticism and opposition to the dynastic character of Nehru Gandhi family, the people of the country has by and large voted for them and primarily this factor has never produced any leadership alternative that could challenge this inheritence, within the Congress party. It is only because of this continuing political inheritence that the Congressmen and the rank and file of this 131 year old party have finally compromised to follow them undisputedly. And Rahul Gandhi despite so much of political incompetence as compared to prime minister Narendra Modi in popularity, oratorical skills and other positive factors, with no immediate hope of becoming the national political alternative is widely accepted in the party as their undisputed leader. On Rahul Gandhi’s elevation as party president which will be formally finalised on 5th December, the Congress’s arch rival BJP got the golden opportunity to widely oppose his crowning by charging allegations of dynastic perpetuation thus making ridule of the democracy.

In their statements criticizing the Congress’s move to crown Rahul Gandhi as the party president the BJP leaders say that while in their party a block or booth level ordinary grass root worker can become the national office bearer or the party president even a prime minister of the largest democracy of the world, in Congress except the scion or members of the Nehru Gandhi family can be the only one for whom the top slot of the 131 old party is reserved even if they don’t deserve it. Nobody in the Congress, either have the guts to challenge them nor are they given opportunity to reach the top slot. Is it not the open defiance or like ridiculing the democratic traditions of the country ask these BJP leaders. It may be recalled that after the tenure of PV Narsimha Rao when the Congress Party acknowledged the majority Sonia Gandhi refused the post of prime ministership despite her being the unanimous choice and the former Governor of RBI and fr finance minister in Narsimha Rao government was crowned as the proxy prime minister. Since then Rahul Gandhi activated himself in the party affairs. Had he desired, he could have conveniently been the prime minister by replacing Dr. Manmohan Singh after few years or could have joined his cabinet as one of the powerful minister but Rahul being modest always preferred to learn politics and involved himself in strengthening the party organisation as well as the frontal units like Sewa Dal, NSUI n Mahila Congress before reaching the top slot either in the party orthe government.

Rahul campaigned extensively in all the states’ and national elections all over India and established one to one interaction with the peoole in the rural areas of the country. When Dr. Manmohan Singh’s government was ruling the nation Rahul Gandhi was greatly instrumental in the enactment of Laws related to land reforms and land bill giving farmers their due for the land acquired by the government for industrialisation or contruction activities. He also gave relief to the farmers of the country by waving off the farm loans to the tune of about 70000 crores during the Congress led UPA government. He went to Dalit houses and had meals there to impress the dalits of the country and even did SHRAM DAAN by working with labourers in various projects, of course symbollically. He was also instrumental in the introduction of MNREGA during the UPA rule that gave employment to millions of the poor nationally, at least three months in a year. Though Rahul’s efforts as the national campaigner of the Congress party has not yeilded any fruitful results, after Congress losing several states at the hands of the BJP which is now ruling in over eighteen states, his actions, energy, potentiality and special knack as a leader on the move have always kept the party leaders, workers and youths encouraged.

Over the past months Rahul Gandhi has shouldered the responsibility of being the chief campaigner, exhibiting a special confidence in his oratorical skills in public meetings as well as in the social media that has put the national leaders of BJP in a position of unease. The Congress party has not seen any election to the post of its national president since the last 17 years when in 2000 the then deviated Congress leader Jitendra Prasada contested against the then Congress president Sonia Gandhi. This time it seems Rahul Gandhi’s election would be unanimous and on 5th December he will take charge as the Congress president with his mother as a chief patron of the party to bless him and the 131 year old party.










The Congressmen are the happiest lot today. The main opposition party, the Congress and its senior leaders are losing no opportunity to politically exploit the situation to their outright political advantage and the situation has been created by none other but the most vociferous and knowledgeably eloquent, an economic expert and the former finance minister of India and BJP’s controvertial leader these days, Yashwant Sinha.

Having served as a high ranking bureaucrat to the rank of Secretary and an IAS now retired, before joining active politics, Sinha has in an article just two days ago published in prestigious English daily, The India Express has articulated ( to be precise) that the private investments have shrunk to the worst during the last two decades, industrial production to has gone down considerably with the agricultural sector in total disarray compounded with the worrisome condition of the construction industry that guarantees good amount of employment with service sector higly discouraged and the exports being dwindled. Other key sectors too being in  in a worrisome phase.

The article criticizes the demonetisation and GST execution, terming them as a failure and the main reason for the lowest growth rate leading the people of the country in the state of quandry and unmitigated financial mess. Though the union home minister Rajnath Singh and Railway minister Piyush Goyal have worked as prime ministers best trouble shooters by ably, timely and efficiently countering Sinha’s anti Modi lambasting,  the Congress too lost no opportunity to exploit the situation to its maximum advantage by not only congratulating the prime minister’s bete noire Yashwant Sinha for bravely standing up to raise his voice on the ugly shape of the Indian economy, post demonetisation and GST but also said what Congress party as an opposition political outfit have been saying every now and then in the context of the ill effects and downfall of the country’s economy has now been publicly vidicated by its own former FM and an important leader.

In a statement former finance minister and senior Congress leader P Chidambaram said that we are happy that BJP’s own leader and ex finance minister Yashwant Sinha has echoed the same sentiments what Congress party has been crticizing tirelessly for long but the BJP and the government were not prepared to listen. He added that Sinha has also expressed the same views as that of the Congress Party that the exports have dwindled and the condition of our economy has gone from bad to worse.

The former Uttarakhand chief minister who lost from both the assembly constituencies in Uttarakhand, has also tweeted to congratulate Yashwant Sinha for standing with the Congress Party’s post demonetisation criticism of NDA and said that the country’s economy is indeed in a shattering state with a bleak future ahead.



Well birthday is a special moment ,a day, a time or a best part of life, everyone has a different level of excitement for his/her birthday. Most important thing about birthday is being around awesome surprises and getting everything we were expecting. Whether a boy or a girl everyone of them expects their friends to reach home at 12 and surprise them with a cake.

The funny thing about this is everyone knows they will be surprised and acts like they were unaware about the plans.



Birthday wishes become more special when your special someone adds a bit of sweetness to it. We always expect our best friend or our mom and dad or the special someone to wish us first. The feeling of experiencing this moment is so special that it automatically brings a big smile on our face!




Checking facebook timeline and whatsapp wishes is one of the interesting tasks to do on your birthday. Sometimes it’s boring too but it’s fun having loads of wishes and feeling like a king/queen.

One of the annoying things we face when our “bhabhi ki chichi ki beti posts an annoying picture of ours on our timeline and inspite of getting a surprise we get a big shock”.



We want or not we have to face it and fight with it. Most irritating and funny part of birthday is dressing up nicely and end up being a “ghost”.



Well its somehow a special moment one dies to experience, there lots of memories and stories behind it.


IMG_20170719_145929 (1)

It’s not the gift but it’s the memories we collect and thoughts we count. Sometimes the most  shocking surprises are the most beautiful surprises and having them on your day is something out of the box…




It is the biggest reason for which we get properly dress up. We capture best of moments in one picture and cherish them later seeing them. Because birthdays are incomplete without capturing every moment and selife is a “NECESSITY’




It’s sort of a sad part of the day too because at last your birthday is gonna end but it brings excitement too, reading the messages and taking all the wishes make us feel on the top and thanking all the people makes the birthday girl/boy feel more good and exciting, talking to everyone about your birthday telling them each thing you had and sharing all the special moments with everyone gives us a chance to live those moments again!


I also feel the same on my day hope you could also relate to these things.