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Partners In Crime

white water rafting

NewDelhi, July 26:Forget Candle light diner, a movie, coffee dates  are OLD! You’re are thrill-seeker, and you looking for same in your partner.

Adventurous date releases endorphins that can add to the excitement of the date. Mostly these kind dates take place in natural setting that creates a beautiful backdrop for reconnecting with your partner in crime.

Here are 5 date ideas so add some spice to your love life, and let the adventures with your boyfriend begin!

Cliff Jumping

cliff jumping

Wonderful way to experience thrill is to get yourself busy in cliff jumping. Leave death-defying heights to the Red Bull athletes. Go take the plunge—live life on the edge together!

 White water rafting trip

white water rafting


Another thrilling option is White water rafting trip, Paddle your way through some amazing watery terrain. If you and your partner are both experienced rafters, you both enjoyed like a hell.



Camping is another good option, take you buddy out for a camping location and do the talks, lighting a bonfire, barbequing food, romantic dance and many more.

ICE skating

ice skating

If you and your partner skateboard, then you should try for a ice skating once a while in life. It Is one of the best way to maintain the bond between them. Believe me doing this you can enjoy the amount of care and love they showered you.




The first getaway choice for people living in the crowded nearby city.Flying in the air with your partner is something which you enjoys the most.

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